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Bizzaro Bridal Couture
Earlwood NSW   
Bizzaro Bridal is a high-end couture bridal studio specialising in personally designed wedding gowns to suit each brides individual needs and style.... more

ABIA Member
25-50 Years  

ABIA Awards
31 x Awards

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ABIA Awards

Year Ranking Category Events Award Rating
2017 Winner Designer Couture Gown 21st New South Wales ABIA Awards 99.90%
2017 Runner-Up Jewellery Fashion 21st New South Wales ABIA Awards 97.32%
2017 3rd Place Bridal Accessories 21st New South Wales ABIA Awards 97.64%
2016 Finalist Bridal Accessories 20th NSW ABIA Awards 97.97%
2016 Finalist Designer Couture Gown 20th NSW ABIA Awards 99.86%
2016 Winner Jewellery Fashion 20th NSW ABIA Awards 97.00%
2015 Winner Jewellery Fashion 19th NSW ABIA Awards 96.53%
2015 Finalist Bridal Accessories 19th NSW ABIA Awards 97.33%
2015 Winner Designer Couture Gown 19th NSW ABIA Awards 99.87%
2014 Finalist Bridal Accessories 18TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 96.27%
2014 Winner Designer Couture Gown 18TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 99.61%
2013 Finalist Bridal Accessories 17th NSW ABIA Awards 96.83%
2013 Winner Designer Couture Gown 17th NSW ABIA Awards 99.80%
2013 Finalist Jewellery Fashion 17th NSW ABIA Awards 97.16%
2012 Winner Designer Couture Gown 16TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 99.90%
2012 Winner Jewellery Fashion 16TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 97.54%
2012 Winner Bridal Accessories 16TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 96.67%
2011 Winner Designer Couture Gown 15TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 99.74%
2011 Finalist Jewellery Fashion 15TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 96.41%
2010 Winner Jewellery Fashion 14TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 97.08%
2010 Winner Designer Couture Gown 14TH NSW ABIA AWARDS 99.64%
2009 Winner Designer Couture Gown 13th NSW ABIA AWARDS 98.45%
2009 Winner Jewellery Fashion 13th NSW ABIA AWARDS 96.37%
2008 Winner Jewellery Fashion 12th NSW ABIA Awards 96.77%
2008 Winner Designer Couture Gown 12th NSW ABIA Awards 99.64%
2007 Winner Designer Couture Gown 11th NSW ABIA Awards 99.43%
2007 Winner Jewellery Fashion 11th NSW ABIA Awards 96.61%
2006 Winner Designer Couture Gown 10th NSW ABIA Awards 99.33%
2006 Winner Jewellery Fashion 10th NSW ABIA Awards 96.62%
2005 Winner Designer Couture Gown 9th NSW ABIA Awards 99.43%
2005 Winner Jewellery Fashion 9th NSW ABIA Awards 95.73%