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Temelli Jewellery
Melbourne VIC   
Temelli Jewellery is your boutique of exclusive design, quality jewellery and custom made fitted wedding bands and quality diamond engagement rings. We are able to make sure your jewellery rings will be the most beautiful item you treasure.... more

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ABIA Awards
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ABIA Awards

Year Ranking Category Events Award Rating
2015 Winner Rings 17th VIC ABIA Awards 95.33%
2011 Winner Rings 13TH VIC ABIA AWARDS 96.84%
2010 Winner Rings 12th Vic Annual Bridal Industry Awards 96.95%
2009 Winner Rings 11TH VIC ABIA AWARDS 97.08%
2008 Winner Rings 10th VIC ABIA AWARDS 97.49%
2007 Winner Rings 9TH VIC ABIA AWARDS 97.87%
2006 Winner Rings 8TH VIC ABIA AWARDS 95.17%
2005 Finalist Rings 7TH VIC ABIA AWARDS 93.06%