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Wedding Photography & Videography in Sydney


"Not your ordinary photographer. In pursuit of powerful, original photos. Real moments."

If you're seeking Wedding Photography or Videography in Sydney and its surrounds, look no further!

Meet our featured vendor Litrato, a Sydney Wedding Photographer and filmmaker with extensive experience in the industry.

Read our Q&A with Litrato below to find out why they love to shoot weddings and to see a sneak peek of some of their stunning work.

Wedding Photography Videography Sydney Litrato

Tell us about Litrato.

We offer Wedding Photography and Videography services. LITRATO means photograph in Filipino.

What locations do you service?

Sydney, Australia, and beyond!

Wedding Photography Videography Sydney Litrato

What do you love about weddings?

I love how I can capture special moments in people's lives and create them with my artsy style of photography. I feel happy when I see my clients smile and satisfied. It feels satisfying when I capture their moment that may be gone forever.

Wedding Photography Videography Sydney Litrato

What's your role at weddings and what makes you different?

As a professional wedding photographer, I document the event and capture reportage-style shots of loved ones and guests that will last a lifetime. From candid family portraits to beautifully composed formal shots, I'm always a constant presence at the event capturing every beautiful and joyous detail. I discreetly watch the couple and their guests interact with each other, taking pictures of the happy couple and their guests to create a lasting memory of their special day from bridal preparations to the couple's farewell at the reception.

Wedding Photography Videography Sydney Litrato

What's your advice to couples planning a wedding?

Make sure you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. You'll spend more time with them than anyone else on your wedding day so make sure you like them! Remember that it's your day.

Go for photography that is more than weddings. The proof is in the portfolio - always ask to see the whole wedding gallery. That's where you can see the quality. If you love photos where people look very relaxed, find out if a photographer delivers those. If you love family photos, see if they are included in the full wedding gallery. You can never go wrong with an experienced photographer. Dare to be yourself on your wedding day.

What was your favourite wedding?

Destination weddings are my favourite.

Wedding Photography Videography Sydney Litrato

If you've fallen in love with the gorgeous work of this Sydney Wedding Photographer and Videographer, be sure to contact Litrato using their website or Instagram page.