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Wedding MC Ideas & Tips with Gary Lowe

Brisbane Wedding MC

Struggling to know what you want from your Wedding MC? Or perhaps you've been asked to be a friend's Wedding MC? 

Fear not, as Brisbane's professional Gary Lowe MC is here to help!

Scroll below to read Gary's expert advice from many years in the industry as a Professional MC in the form of a handy guide and some of his top tips. Take it away, Gary!

Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe

Let's first discuss Gary's MC Guide, this is a guide that provides a framework with what you should be mindful of when MCing a wedding. After the below guide, we get to discuss The Standard, which is the way an MC should present and the non-verbal mannerisms they should exercise.  This is important information for both professional and learning MC's.

Get out your pen and paper, because you're about to hear from the Great Gary himself and his exclusive tips supplied to ABIA below. 


MC Gary's 6 Guidelines

"I don't like to call these 'rules' as I never ever make impositions on a wedding. However these are the 6 guidelines that EVERY Master of Ceremonies should abide by, whether they are a professional or not. "

You won't find these on Google, you won't find these in any book - in fact this content is exclusive only to ABIA and has never been printed anywhere else.  

I have crafted MC Gary's Guide over many years and hundreds of weddings as a Brisbane wedding MC

So here it is:

•    The wedding couple always get what they want
•    It’s not 1912, throw tradition out the window 
•    The role of the MC is to maximise the value of all of your vendors 
•    Meal timings must be adhered to, work within the venues service 
•    If your MC is sitting down enjoying a meal and socialising, they aren’t an MC 
•    An MC never tells, they only offers suggestions and recommendations


The wedding couple always get what they want

This is the most important guideline that an MC should follow.  The couple are everything and their vision for their wedding must be realised on the day exactly how they dreamt it would be.  When it comes to how I MC, impossible is nothing; the wedding couple get what they want.

It’s not 1912, throw tradition out the window

The bride's mother (generally) isn't making the wedding dress for the bride.  People don't bring toasters, blankets or cutlery as gifts.  Throw the rule book right out the window!  Can you believe that 'traditionally' brides weren't 'allowed' to give speeches?  Thank goodness it is now the 21st century, and a bride or groom is welcome to speak at their own wedding.  

If you want to do a bridal waltz 10 seconds after your grand!  If you don't want to throw a bouquet...also cool!  In 50 years time when you look back on your wedding day I don't want you to look back and think "gee I'm glad we adhered to tradition".

I want you to look back and say "yep, we did our wedding our way and it was for us".

This guideline gels perfect with guideline number 1 about the couple getting whatever they want.


Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe

The role of the MC is to maximise the value of all of your vendors 

This is important.  The role of a professional MC is to juice every single drop out of your vendors, so that you are getting maximum value from your investment in them.  

Scenario:  You've invested in a professional DJ or band, but unfortunately you have chosen drunk cousin Vinny to be your MC.  So everything runs over time, and instead of having 2.5hrs to dance, celebrate and mingle you only get 1 hour because cousin Vinny was too busy partying, eating, drinking and socialising to keep the wedding on schedule.  You haven't maximised the value of your DJ or band.

Scenario: Auntie Mary grabs a microphone and commences introducing people up for speeches.  However she hasn't given the photographer and videographer 10 minutes notice that this is happening.  The photographer who has been on their feet all day is outside enjoying a nice drink of water and catching some air, they need to come dashing inside as they have missed the start of speeches because nobody told them. The videographer hasn't got their lights up yet so the video is being shot in the dark and because they weren't given notice they didn't have time to attach the recording device to the mic.  You haven't maximised the value of your photographer and videographer.

The list honestly is endless and I could go on and on with a million scenarios for how MC's tie into every single vendor at the reception.  The investment in a professional MC goes far beyond just the MC; it is actually an investment in every single vendor, so be sure to take this into consideration when looking for a Brisbane Wedding MC.


Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe


Meal timings must be adhered to, work within the venue's service 

The venue isn't your house, it's the venue's - you're just MCing in it. Generally, an inexperienced MC can have zero regard for the venue and then runs their own race and works against instead of collaboratively with the venue.

The MC should work around the venues timings and service, not the other way around.  The kitchen work to precision and the staff know how long it takes to serve and clear at their own venue.  You will have a smoother running wedding (and more enjoyable!) if you exercise this courtesy to the venue and don't try to dictate to them when their meal times should be.


If your MC is sitting down enjoying a meal and socialising, they aren’t an MC 

Never ever will an MC doing their job have time to be sitting, enjoying their meal at a table, kicking up their feet.  There is simply far too much to do and too much to prepare for.  

If you see someone dancing, socialising, drinking, eating entrees, mains, desserts etc,  you do not have an MC, you have a guest.  

Guests DEFINITELY should be doing these things! They are there to celebrate and party. The MC is not there for that, they are there to ensure your wedding is running the way it should.


Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe


An MC never tells, they only offers suggestions and recommendations

If an MC is telling you what to do, it is no longer your is theirs; this is not acceptable.

Absolutely you should leverage from the experience from a professional MC and ask them for recommendations if you are unsure.  

Likewise the MC should provide suggestions and recommendations when they identify things that might take away from the guest experience.  An example would be that you have 8 people back to back to do speeches.  A speech usually goes for 3-4 mins with a 1 min transition in between, so that's 5 minutes per person, with 8 people is 40 minutes - far too long and you will lose your guests.  So the MC might say something like "So Charlie and Jordan you might want to consider having 2 lots of speeches either side of mains.  This will help break up the speeches and make them a little more digestible for your guests.  This of course is completely up to you and I offer this purely as recommendation."

Might, consider, recommendation.  The MC can offer expertise, but must support the wedding couple ultimately in any decision they make.


Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe

The MC Standard (by Gary Lowe)

- MC must arrive 1 hour before the guests go into the venue 
- MC must be equally best dressed in the room (but not upstage the groom)
- Always carry the microphone


Arrive early

This gives you an opportunity to meet with every single guest individually, which you should do!  It also allows you to meet with all the vendors and go through the run sheet etc.  There is an extensive checklist of things that an MC should do during this period, but that is another lesson for another day.


Being best dressed + carry the microphone

This sends a strong non verbal message to all of the guests that you are in control.  When you do go for that mic to say your opening words they will note some aspects immediately which will make them pay attention to you even before a word is said:

1.    You have introduced yourself to them before the start and told them you are the MC
2.    You look like an MC, you are cool, calm and collected
3.    Every time they see you, you have the mic in your hand.  You are the person in control.

So with a bit of practice, you should be able to simply say "Ladies and Gentlemen", you will pause, they will stop talking and then you roll into your opening.  

There is nothing more amateur than an MC yelling "Can I have your attention please" or "quiet at the back"!  This is a poor standard of MC and isn't elegant or befitting an event as important as your wedding.


Brisbane Wedding MC Gary Lowe


Thanks to Gary Lowe MC Services for this wonderful guide on all things MC! If you're looking for a Brisbane Wedding MC, get in touch with Gary for a professional Master of Ceremonies who will keep your day running smoothly.

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