Harness the Power of Reviews


Right now, couples are facing a crisis of trust! The wedding marketplace is saturated with ads, multiple social media platforms, and unsolicited advice from family/friends, leaving engaged Couples overwhelmed and often indecisive. Vendors, now more than ever, need to find ways to build credibility with potential customers. This is where reputation marketing comes in. 

Reputation marketing leverages social proof and customer opinion to help form a positive impression of your brand. Opinions and experiences from real couples in the form of reviews can present the most compelling argument to engaged couples searching for vendors. In fact, our surveys indicate that nearly 85% of wedding customers read reviews before booking their vendors.

New reviews = fresh content = more traffic = more visibility = more new business. It’s a tried and tested formula that can’t be underestimated in any industry and ABIA will continue to invest in ways and technologies to capture and best display reviews. Whatever your platform or method for collecting reviews, we highly recommend that you set yourself a small target in 2022 to grow and promote your portfolio of customer reviews!


3 Tips to Help You Reset & Refocus in 2022


Project Professionalism

It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations and ignore the branding aspect of your business, but image is important, especially in the wedding industry! Looking professional and presentable doesn’t mean you have to be formal or serious. You can (and should!) be exactly who you are. The unique character of your business will depend on what you sell, your type of clientele, and what you value. If that means you’re innovative and playful, go for it! Just be consistent with your image anywhere you go. Take the time to audit your website & branding, and ask yourself these basic questions;

  1. Is my branding cohesive? (i.e., am I using the same logo, colours, and graphics across all of my branding and marketing material)
  2. Are my images the right size, and quality, and do they look professional? (we cannot stress the importance of using professional shots for websites and marketing material, in addition to crediting your photographers) 
  3. Have I recently swept my content for spelling or grammar errors?
  4. Is my service location displayed on my homepage? (seems obvious, but many websites leave it out)
  5. Have I designed my website to cater to my clients' needs, not my needs? (always put yourself in your customers' shoes)
  6. Is it time to update my cover photo, bio, and email signature?


Show Yourself

In the Wedding Industry, your humanness is one of your biggest selling points and therefore it’s vitally important that you let couples know who exactly is behind your brand. A powerful way to connect with your audience on an emotional level is to share your brand story. Tell Couples how and why you started your business, why you love weddings, and what your purpose is. Couples who share the same values will be instantly drawn to your brand and are far more likely to book your products/services. Another great way to show authenticity is to share glimpses of your life as a business owner – typically on social media. Behind-the-scenes videos, education, or tips and tricks based on your experiences are great examples that people love.


Get Press and Feature It

Getting published by credible third parties establishes you as an expert in your field. From real weddings to useful ‘how-to’ articles, an editorial can benefit your wedding business by linking your brand, product, or service to a larger trend or industry focus while showcasing you, the wedding vendor and entrepreneur.

What do you do if you can’t get featured? Start by publishing your own content on your blog or website. Write articles and link to resources that will help couples with their wedding planning to establish yourself and your business as a trusted resource.


Need help? Reach out to the team at ABIA Weddings who can help you create and publish content for your next featured article – read previously featured articles here