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ABIA Awards

Year Ranking Category Events Award Rating
2017 Winner Transport 19th QLD ABIA Awards 99.62%
2016 Winner Transport 18th QLD ABIA Awards 99.50%
2015 Winner Transport 17TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 99.36%
2014 Finalist Transport 16th Queensland ABIA Awards 99.35%
2013 Finalist Transport 15th Queensland ABIA Awards 99.11%
2012 Finalist Transport 14TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 99.05%
2011 Winner Transport 13TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 98.96%
2010 Winner Transport 12TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 99.16%
2009 Winner Horse-Drawn Transport 11TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 97.95%
2008 Finalist Transport 10TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 95.24%


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Details Review
Wedding ID: 425526
Nomination Date: 08-02-2018
Could not have imagined better service. They truly went above and beyond. So kind and absolutely just amazing. I was a very very happy bride! Our wedding day was perfect and they certainly played a big part of that!
Wedding ID: 423952
Nomination Date: 04-02-2018
Customer service was excellent. The drivers were professional and friendly, and they timed our arrival at the church perfectly, literally to the minute!
Wedding ID: 423888
Nomination Date: 15-01-2018
All dealings with the firm were excellent. We chose "older" cars which presented beautifully. Attention on the day by the drivers was great. It was a stinking hot (35C+) and humid day and we had a longish trip to the venue. The older air cons only just hung in there but we arrived without sweat marks!
Wedding ID: 420795
Nomination Date: 12-12-2017
Great company to deal with and Errol the driver was fantastic on the day. Sprinter is new and clean!
Wedding ID: 423875
Nomination Date: 04-12-2017
Created the atmosphere from the very beginning for an elegant wedding. Your service was exceptional and the bride was ecstatic with her entry to this very special occasion in her life - Thank you Tic Tac Tours
Wedding ID: 423874
Nomination Date: 03-12-2017
We hired a classic car for our wedding and a luxury car to pick us up after our reception. Unfortunately the car we originally chose for our wedding had to be taken off the road for maintenance, but Tic Tac were quick to advise of the situation and immediately offered a suitable alternative without us having to ask for it. Both cars were very well maintained and presentable both on the inside and outside. Our chauffeurs were Kevin and Rebecca, and they were both professional and friendly, and also arrived a little bit earlier than expected which gave us peace of mind. Just want to give special mention to Kevin - as a nervous bride-to-be waiting to walk down the aisle, Kevin was very caring and gave some good advice; he went out of his way to try to help calm the jittery nerves, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Tic Tac for the wonderful service that was provided to us before and during our special day.
Wedding ID: 420756
Nomination Date: 13-11-2017
Keith was just lovey!! Was so nice driving in such a well kept Rolls with an excellent chauffeur on the day! 
Wedding ID: 422904
Nomination Date: 11-11-2017
Honestly cannot rate them highly enough. The cars were simply amazing and the beautiful drivers were even better. Absolutely made our day!
Wedding ID: 418712
Nomination Date: 05-10-2017
Tic Tac Tours were very efficient, organised and professional. We had a smooth ride to and from our wedding and our wedding guests all enjoyed the coach rides that we offered as well.
Wedding ID: 418406
Nomination Date: 25-09-2017
The staff was friendly and helpful, accommodating to our needs. We would recommend tic tac tours to our friends 
Wedding ID: 418413
Nomination Date: 18-09-2017
Fantastic from start to finish, super attentive and worked with our every desire. The car was simply stunning and a HUGE hit at the wedding.
Wedding ID: 417442
Nomination Date: 14-09-2017
Absolutely perfect. The staff was wonderful and very kind. Limo was nice and spacious. Would definitely recommend to everyone :D
Wedding ID: 415860
Nomination Date: 04-09-2017
Very professional, happy to accommodate . Kevin the driver was lovely and very helpful. The car was a perfect touch to the day and looks amazing in the photos
Wedding ID: 408614
Nomination Date: 29-07-2017
It was all arranged last minute due to other transportation falling through. They were very helpful and saved the day. Our driver was absolutely lovely and did a fantastic job! 
Wedding ID: 404557
Nomination Date: 03-07-2017
Tic Tac Tours - Drivers were very professional and were great to work with. They helped and accommodate the bridal party in a well behaved behaviour
Wedding ID: 408693
Nomination Date: 06-06-2017
The team were simply fabulous. On the day they were on time , the vehicles were amazing and they were so professional and relaxed. They made their part of our big day just so easy. Thank you!
Wedding ID: 388495
Nomination Date: 05-06-2017
Easy to communicate with planning via email including changes to plans and stops. Drivers were professional and very helpful and happy.
Wedding ID: 408615
Nomination Date: 05-06-2017
Great service, the driver was very nice and professional. He was on time and right where we needed him to be.
Wedding ID: 408628
Nomination Date: 05-06-2017
Tic tac tours have been amazing. We have hired them on two occasions now and on both they have exceeded all expectations. The staff are really helpful during the booking process and the cars were faultless on the day. The drivers have a very professional attitude and are eager to please. I would not consider using another limo service ever again and look forward to the next time we hire tic tac tours.
Wedding ID: 412196
Nomination Date: 04-06-2017
Beautiful car and a great chauffeur. He was very patient with us as we were running behind and even got out of the car to open the main gates to the venue when the venue had accidentally locked them. Loved to hear the stories of who had been in the car. My Dad LOVED the car and hasnt stopped talking about it. A real highlight
Wedding ID: 402503
Nomination Date: 04-06-2017
If you're planning for a style arrival at your wedding venue this company can help you day..i would recommend to use the company
Wedding ID: 392911
Nomination Date: 04-06-2017
They were very professional, arrived on time to pick up the bride and maintained the professional throughout the day. Really friendly and they ensured that my dress didn't get dirty when getting out of the car.
Wedding ID: 407891
Nomination Date: 17-05-2017
Can not recommend tic tac tours enough! Arrived promptly to location to collect bridal party and then returned for dad and myself - I then received a call from my mum saying family were running late and to delay - driver was happy to take us for a ride around the location. Upon arrival, he opened the door and laid out the carpet. I was extremely nervous and he calmed my nerves by joking with dad and I. Waiting to enter the chapel, he also assisted the staff with making sure my drsss and train were correct and helped us up the stairs. After the ceremony, he congratulated my husband and he honestly seemed genuinely happy for us. He was extremely profession the whole time and made it seems so easy. Highly highly highly highly recommend!
Wedding ID: 407888
Nomination Date: 28-04-2017
Everything was perfect with Tic Tac Tours. The Car was extremely well presented, the driver was great, they picked the groom up at the designated time, was early for the bride, but gave the bridal party a drive around Coolangatta to fill in time. Everything went to plan and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Wedding ID: 392186
Nomination Date: 19-04-2017
We hired two limos. One driver was amazing, nice and early and very amicable. The second driver however had forgotten to get the ribbon for the car and was late, making me 20 minutes late to the church. Overall though, the service was great, the cars were lovely and I was happy with the service.
Wedding ID: 408646
Nomination Date: 18-04-2017
Considering it was extremely late notice as other options fell through at the last minute, Tic Tac was so accommodating & helpful, & it ended up that the Miss Daisy was the absolute perfect car, even fitting with the colour scheme. Our driver was Kevin I think, & he was so friendly, courteous & helpful, the whole wedding party were impressed. Thanks Tic Tac!
Wedding ID: 408654
Nomination Date: 18-04-2017
Everything about the service was great! The communication was essesntial and everything from the initial booking to the day of my wedding went without any issues.
Wedding ID: 408617
Nomination Date: 18-04-2017
Prompt in their response, punctual, incredibly helpful, staff were wonderful! I had a month to plan my wedding.... They made it so easy for me
Wedding ID: 403662
Nomination Date: 28-02-2017
Great service and loved the small gift at the end of the night. Was very aware of timings and a great driver
Wedding ID: 400726
Nomination Date: 20-02-2017
These guys are absolutely amazing to work with and the cars are beautiful. The driver was polite and put me at ease. I just wish the the car had air conditioning but even without it I would highly recommend!
Wedding ID: 400858
Nomination Date: 15-02-2017
The staff at Tic-TAC-Toe were very polite & helpful. Unfortunately the car I wanted had mechanical which was a little disappointing however a different car was provided without hassle. The driver was absolutely amazing and very co-operative & patient.
Wedding ID: 402501
Nomination Date: 13-02-2017
Tic Tac Tours & Premier Limousines were nothing but professional with the highest standard of customer service. They made the process stress free and one less element to worry about as i could trust them. It made our day that much more special thank you.
Wedding ID: 400857
Nomination Date: 14-01-2017
We have had the most amazing experience with Tic Tac Tours - everything ran like clockwork, the driver was extremely helpful in every way, very polite and articulate - pretty quickly became part of the wedding crew. The selection of cars was very broad and the cars we chose were incredibly stylish, clean and well maintained. The pricing was very reasonable and we would recommend TTT to anyone who wants an outstanding wedding car hire experience.
Wedding ID: 400851
Nomination Date: 13-01-2017
It would have been nice if they had provided complimentary bottled water as it was a warm day.
Wedding ID: 399299
Nomination Date: 19-12-2016
Staff were outstanding leading up to the booking. Driver was early and lovely. Car was immaculate.
Wedding ID: 392770
Nomination Date: 27-10-2016
Really loved the service from the team at Tic Tac Tours. They made everything from planning to the day a breeze. I have no complaints or a single bad thing to say about them. The cars were beautiful, well looked after and clean. The drives were great, very professional, knew where they were going and had a very calm driving demeanor. which helps when you're a slightly stressed bride running classically late to the ceremony. You can tell they love what they do and they love sharing their passion with others. No wonder they have won so many awards. Highly recommend.
Wedding ID: 395689
Nomination Date: 25-10-2016
We had a lovely experience with Tic Tac Tours on our wedding day, superb and friendly service!
Wedding ID: 392771
Nomination Date: 28-09-2016
Awesome communication, the car was immaculate and the driver couldn't have been more willing to do anything that would make our day so special
Wedding ID: 388496
Nomination Date: 19-07-2016
Tic Tac Tours added to the amazing experience of our wedding day. Everything from the quality of their vehicles to the level of care and customer service was absolutely professional and amazing. Thank you!
Wedding ID: 385143
Nomination Date: 03-06-2016
Very pleased with the way the whole day went. Problem free. Tic Tac were great
Wedding ID: 386533
Nomination Date: 31-05-2016
So happy with how everything turned out on our wedding day. Our driver Vic was exceptional and made our wedding experience phenomenal
Wedding ID: 386534
Nomination Date: 30-05-2016
Fantastic and Professional service, would recommend to everyone. Thank you Cathy for all of your help!
Wedding ID: 383054
Nomination Date: 15-04-2016
Beau and I only have the highest of commendation towards Tic Tac Tours and there classic car service they provided to us on our wedding day. We can not praise Cathy and Paul enough. There cars are not only magnificent interior and exterior but there service they provide is incredibly professional. Paul arrived early to our location and was so kind and accommodation to myself the bride and my bridal party and also patiently did loops while we awaited late guest attendance so I wasn't arriving to early. The history of the cars we also got to learn while driving added a lovely touch to our special day. The knowledge with the wedding venue and locations for photographs was brilliant. They truly made the day completely about Beau and myself just through little gestures. To say we were happy would be an understatement.
Wedding ID: 378114
Nomination Date: 22-02-2016
Absolutely beautiful and unique car. We felt very special to travel in it. It arrived on time and the service was 5 Star.
Wedding ID: 378105
Nomination Date: 21-02-2016
Premium service! Made me feel amazing for hens and wedding day! I will never forget being picked up after our wedding by a most courteous driver! Thank you
Wedding ID: 378109
Nomination Date: 21-02-2016
They were wonderful. The driver was soo lovely and professional and it was a lovely way to arrive to my wedding
Wedding ID: 375123
Nomination Date: 18-12-2015
The bride and groom were delighted with the service and quality on the day. the car was stunning, beautifully and tastefully decorated and spotlessly clean. The driver was friendly and obliging throughout the afternoon.
Wedding ID: 375119
Nomination Date: 15-12-2015
The staff were so AMAZING and friendly. Even took a photo for us together after being just married in the car which was a beautiful and private moment (they suggested). The car was a dream and the perfect vintage that we wanted. We all fit in perfectly and they even had drinks on standby for us. Definitely recommend!
Wedding ID: 374133
Nomination Date: 27-11-2015
We were both so impressed with the level of service we received. Our driver was very professional, very timely and knew the best drop off points, parking and how to get the bride in and out of the car. Great service! One of our stand out vendors for our wedding.
Wedding ID: 370372
Nomination Date: 26-10-2015
Friendly and prompt to reply to inquiries. Fees were very reasonable but uncompromising on service on the day itself. Everything went without a hitch, except us as a couple got hitched, which couldn't be more perfect! Our driver was friendly and professional. We enjoyed having him for the day and he did the job perfectly! The only feedback I would give is that prior to the day I would have liked the driver's mobile phone number so I can contact the driver on the day itself instead of having only the office phone number.
Wedding ID: 370373
Nomination Date: 23-10-2015
Amazing value for money, cery professional and kind stuff. The minivan for our guests was spot on! Highly recommend
Wedding ID: 370365
Nomination Date: 23-10-2015
The vehicle was very clean, the driver was on time and knew where he was going. The driver was also very polite.
Wedding ID: 359860
Nomination Date: 23-06-2015
Tic Tac Tours went above and beyond for our wedding in May and we could not have been happier with the service we received, the quality of the product or the extra little touches which they included! We had last minute additional requests (extra limo for hens night, mini bus to transport family who's other booking had fallen through) which were treated with an amazing customer service attitude and kindness! On the day when the groom's family were running late our driver offered to drive dad and I around the block and gave us a little mini tour of the Brisbane CBD! I cannot thank or recommend this company highly enough and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any bride who wants a stress free experience and gorgeous cars!
Wedding ID: 362022
Nomination Date: 14-06-2015
would give them a higher score if possible, fantastic simple and easy to deal with especially with only extremely short notice.
Wedding ID: 360269
Nomination Date: 09-06-2015
Excellent service. Showed up on time for every stop and both drivers were very professional, yet easy to talk with, which calmed any nerves. Also, easily adapted to a situation where the bride needed to be brought to the church a little late, because to person with the music was still on the train.
Wedding ID: 361590
Nomination Date: 26-05-2015
The Driver was very professional in his manner and well presented. A great experience thank you!
Wedding ID: 361591
Nomination Date: 26-05-2015
The vehicle arrived on time. Was clean and neat. Had a champagne chilling in car including non alcoholic for after wedding. Was everything I imagined and more.
Wedding ID: 351606
Nomination Date: 25-03-2015
Wonderful company to deal with. Went all out to assist and made journey to venue a wonderful experience!
Wedding ID: 351595
Nomination Date: 15-02-2015
Could not fault then in any way. Driver was in time and very helpful with us and my one year old daughter and my enormous wedding dress..
Wedding ID: 344289
Nomination Date: 23-01-2015
This company made my wedding day so much easier to plan, lovely people, great service and a genuine wedding company that want to make your special day just that!
Wedding ID: 350636
Nomination Date: 16-01-2015
The tic tac tours team were all very nice and extremely pleasant to deal with. The were punctual and very helpful on the big day! They are wonderful people who I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!
Wedding ID: 350319
Nomination Date: 10-01-2015
The driver was not only professional he was funny and really added to our special day
Wedding ID: 344273
Nomination Date: 02-11-2014
Although we spent a significant amount of money on transport, we were pleased with the service. We are happy to reflect on the day knowing that the cooperation of the driver contributed to making our day that much more happier.
Wedding ID: 344251
Nomination Date: 25-10-2014
The car was amazing. Our driver added to our day. The guests are still talking about the car.
Wedding ID: 337400
Nomination Date: 02-07-2014
Tic Tac Tours were fantastic on my wedding day, very much made my trip to the wedding stress free
Wedding ID: 337922
Nomination Date: 01-07-2014
Perfect in every way. All the little details made a huge difference from the red carpet to the wheel covers to protect my dress. Our driver was the complete gentleman.
Wedding ID: 335282
Nomination Date: 04-06-2014
Our wedding day was excellent and the wedding car made it even more special. Tic Tac Tours were great to deal with. We definately made the right choice.
Wedding ID: 332751
Nomination Date: 02-05-2014
Fabulous service, excellent quality car made the day extra special. Just wish they did more over the phone service rather than by email.
Wedding ID: 332898
Nomination Date: 02-05-2014
This company goes above and beyond for you on your wedding day, I will be passing it on to all my friends getting married.
Wedding ID: 332774
Nomination Date: 02-05-2014
This company was amazing! They worked really hard to organise the bookings and then on the day the staff were AMAZING!!
Wedding ID: 332757
Nomination Date: 30-04-2014
Staff were excellent and very helpful. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone requiring a wedding vehicle. Top rate.
Wedding ID: 327431
Nomination Date: 09-03-2014
Tic Tac Tours were incredibly helpful right from my initial enquiry throughout changes and to the final service delivery. The driver was professional and polite and helped the day run smoothly. I cannot recommend tic tac tours highly enough.
Wedding ID: 320946
Nomination Date: 09-12-2013
Absolutely fantastic! They were so helpful leading up to the wedding and the drivers were so lovely and very helpful on the day. Great value for money! it was the cheapest deal i could find.
Wedding ID: 313727
Nomination Date: 04-11-2013
Thank you Tic Tac so much for being a part of our wedding. Attached are a few shots of our day if you were interested. Our experience with your company has been effortless, but we'd really like to thank Paul for his time for most of our day. It was a long day, but Paul was there for every thing we needed and made the logistics side of our wedding impeccable. Transport might seem like a small part of a wedding, but it was very important to me to have it go right, and it was absolutely perfect. Paul was just amazing. Lyndsey was also great for our honeymoon transfer :)
Wedding ID: 317432
Nomination Date: 01-11-2013
I think that tic Tac tours is a top supplier as they made sure I was happy with everything. The driver was amazing and made our day even more special
Wedding ID: 310149
Nomination Date: 29-10-2013
All of our suppliers were really great, but the ease of service and understanding I experienced with Tic Tac Tours was fantastic. The driver in particular was professional and compassionate during a time that was stressful and highly emotional.
Wedding ID: 311535
Nomination Date: 10-10-2013
Amazing service from Tic Tac Tours. Driver was fantsatic and the car was just what we wanted. Couldn't have asked for more!
Wedding ID: 309426
Nomination Date: 10-10-2013
Excellent service, going that extra mile to help make things run very smoothly. Very professional!
Wedding ID: 313843
Nomination Date: 08-10-2013
Tic Tac took the time and effort before the event to liaise and do a site visit of the venue to ensure that everything run smoothly on the day. There was major traffic delays on the day which Tic Tac kept us informed of with updates.
Wedding ID: 311518
Nomination Date: 29-09-2013
Everyine we delt with from Tic Tac Tours were very nice and informative. The car was amazing. Exactly as promised and the drive was very nice and made everyone feel comfortable. The price I believe was fitting for the car.
Wedding ID: 310146
Nomination Date: 28-08-2013
I couldn't recommend the company more highly, our driver was a pleasure to deal with and added to the delight of our day, a real gentleman and couldn't do enough for us. We really appreciated such a lovely car and kind service on our special day. Thank you
Wedding ID: 305185
Nomination Date: 15-05-2013
Tic Tac Tours made our Wedding day perfect. The Bride felt like a princess as she made her way to the church in the grand Daimler Majestic! The driver was friendly and very professional. We found Tic Tac Tours had a great package as not only did the girls get a nice ride to the church, but also the boys had a ride in the Daimler to church before the girls and there was plenty of time after the ceremony for photos with the car.
Wedding ID: 305179
Nomination Date: 06-05-2013
All the way through from initial enquiry, periodic payments, the verification to timing just prior to the wedding and the services of Kevin, our driver, the attitude was nothing but exceptional, professional and curtious.
Wedding ID: 302651
Nomination Date: 18-04-2013
Everything was organised perfectly for the day, and the limo driver was very kind and very helpful. Thank you for the excellent service!
Wedding ID: 295030
Nomination Date: 17-03-2013
Right from the first contact through to the time that the driver and Limousine completed the day with us, our every need and request was attended to in a professional and caring manner. We really appreciated the friendliness of the driver and that he was so helpful hepled us all stay relaxed with his gentle nature. You helprd to make this day all the more special. Thank you so much.
Wedding ID: 299176
Nomination Date: 04-03-2013
great service driver was very accomadating for myself and the bridal party. Great serivce highly reccommended.
Wedding ID: 299177
Nomination Date: 04-03-2013
These guys were great, they went above and beyond and made our wedding day very special. I couldn't recommend them more highly.