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5-10 Years  

ABIA Awards
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ABIA Awards

Year Ranking Category Events Award Rating
2018 Finalist Decorations & Styling 20th QLD ABIA Awards 98.68%
2017 Finalist Decorations & Styling 19th QLD ABIA Awards 95.63%
2015 Finalist Decorations & Styling 17TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 98.30%
2015 Winner Wedding Planner 17TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 98.41%
2015 Winner Hire & Furniture 17TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 97.30%
2014 Finalist Hire & Furniture 16th QLD ABIA Awards 96.73%
2014 Winner Wedding Planner 16th QLD ABIA Awards 99.37%
2014 Finalist Decorations & Styling 16th QLD ABIA Awards 97.95%
2013 Finalist Decorations & Styling 15th QLD ABIA Awards 98.19%
2013 Finalist Hire & Furniture 15th QLD ABIA Awards 96.00%
2013 Winner Wedding Planner 15th QLD ABIA Awards 98.80%
2012 Finalist Wedding Planner 14TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 98.07%
2012 Finalist Decorations & Styling 14TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 97.30%
2011 Finalist Decorations & Styling 13TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 96.81%
2011 Finalist Wedding Planner 13TH QLD ABIA AWARDS 95.29%


94% and below

Details Review
Hire & Furniture
Wedding ID: 440737
Nomination Date: 16-09-2018
Circle of Love Weddings are amazing! We hired an arbour and it looked fabulous and staff were incredibly friendly and helpful
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 440737
Nomination Date: 16-09-2018
Jo from Circle of Love Weddings was AMAZING. She took all the stress out of having to decorate and style our ceremony and reception. She made it look incredible - we cannot thank her enough 
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 432437
Nomination Date: 08-05-2018
Kelly was simply the best helpful accommodating and quick to reply to any questions, would definitely recommend and my arbor was perfect
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 432290
Nomination Date: 01-04-2018
We had the pleasure of working with Jo for our wedding and she was an absolute dream to deal with. I changed our order of furniture SO many times and she never made me feel like a hassle. She set up everything so beautifully at the park for us and it looked better than I expected. Circle of love is top quality in their service and staff. We were so glad to have Jo as part of our day!
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 431780
Nomination Date: 21-03-2018
The team went above and beyond be to make our day something to remember. Highly recommend.
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 404472
Nomination Date: 25-01-2018
We highly recommend using Circle of Love! They were so easy to deal with! No stress, fast, efficient and the ceremony goods were of high quality. Really really love them! 
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 413049
Nomination Date: 06-11-2017
Absolutely amazing staff and set up definitely recommend to anyone x Stacey was a pleasure to work with the entire time planning our wedding 
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 413046
Nomination Date: 17-10-2017
Stacey was so lovely to work with. She listened and provided everything we asked for with ease. Our reception had to be moved due to the weather and she spent a good 30 minutes talking to me on the phone 2 days before our wedding assuring me she will make it beautiful and that I will love it. When I saw our reception for the first time I was amazed. Everything she supplies is ao reasonably priced aswell.
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 418867
Nomination Date: 21-09-2017
Jo was amazing we are so grateful for everything she did to help create what we had imagined. She is so friendly and always quick to respond to any emails. Made the whole process really enjoyable. Thank you Jo.
Hire & Furniture
Wedding ID: 411657
Nomination Date: 07-08-2017
stacey was absolutely amazing. we had really bad weather leading up to our wedding day and she was prepared to go out of her way and work after hours to make sure that our back up plan was the best option for us to make our day a memorable one
Hire & Furniture
Wedding ID: 403905
Nomination Date: 29-07-2017
I love circle of love hire for being so patient with me and my guest. We got lost driving to the location but when we arrived we will welcomed and assisted but the amazing staff. 
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 412918
Nomination Date: 28-06-2017
Absolutely loved it! Was a pleasure working with them and they were so supportive and friendly made the day much smoother so happy and thankful I had you guys to help me! 
Wedding Planner
Wedding ID: 406130
Nomination Date: 05-06-2017
Sue was awesome for our wedding. We wanted a nice relaxed theme and that is exactly what we was perfect!
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 409653
Nomination Date: 28-04-2017
Nicole was amazing and the set up was everything I wanted and more. Reasonably priced for amazing styling
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 408648
Nomination Date: 17-04-2017
Nicole at Circle of Love is a Godsent. She made everything perfect. She styled our ceremony and reception. Both we're absolutely amazing, especially for the reception. I had an idea in my head but couldn't find any pictures to show here exactly what l wanted. She 100% got it right. I loved what she created and so did our guests. Nicole is so easy to talk to, it's as though you have know her for years. I cannot recommend her enough!!
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 404475
Nomination Date: 13-03-2017
Set up looked great on the day very happy was great to have the help with the signals of when the bridal party should start walking. Only bad thing i talked to lots of different people throughout the time leading up to our date
Decorations & Styling
Wedding ID: 398726
Nomination Date: 29-11-2016
Circle of Love is really good to work with. They have set up my wedding ceremony just the way I wanted. I would highly recommend Kelly Phipps, who is so nice and very experienced. She always provides rapid email replies and is able to solve all kinds of problems. We really like the setups and had a memorable day in our lives.