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Gary Lowe MC - Your Brisbane Wedding MC

If you're looking to have the very best wedding reception, at ABIA, we can not stress the importance of booking a Wedding MC (master of ceremonies).

They are the coordinators that ensure everything is on time from speeches, cake-cutting, first dance, father-daughter dance, entertainment, basically in a nutshell, they take care of the entirety of your reception - so you don't have to worry!

Better yet, a wedding MC will cost less than 5% of your wedding day, yet they attend to so much that can really amplify the energy of a room - which really is what we are all looking for! 

Meet our Industry Partner Gary Lowe MC, a professional Master of Ceremonies in Brisbane who is actually a "master" in his field. Better yet, he is humble, kind and will not stop making others smile around him, whether it is during wedding planning or the actual wedding itself. 

After interviewing the great man, let's learn more a little more about the well suited-up Gary Lowe MC below. 


Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane


Tell us a little about Gary Lowe MC Services.

Gary Lowe MC Services started from very humble beginnings.  I have always been involved in public speaking and in 2013 a friend asked me if I would MC their wedding. 

I said yes and took the role extremely seriously, I didn’t want to let them down.  For months I studied, researched, and practiced in preparation for my debut as a wedding MC. 

In my mind this would be my first and only wedding MC experience, I was just helping a friend.  However, a couple at the wedding asked if I could be their MC!  It was there I took my first ‘booking’.


7 years on Gary Lowe MC Services has grown into an amazing success.  My wife Gemma looks after all aspects of administration/marketing and my 2-year-old son Charlie keeps Gary Lowe MC Services inspired and motivated (bless, we love that!).  We are the little operation in a field of giants, but we are really proud of what we do and the connection we make with our couples.



Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane


How many wedding couples have you serviced?

Well over 100 and I wish we kept a tally from when we started 7 years ago so we could have a formal celebration for 200.  The real figure I’d like to know is how many couples we’ve had to say ‘no’ to! 

Because our customers book us so long in advance and we can only service one couple per night, we’ve unfortunately had to turn away many couples.  Now knowing that figure would be impressive!


Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane


Why should a couple book a Wedding MC?

A professional MC is absolutely essential.  A wedding is a magical time where you announce to the world your eternal commitment to each other.  Couples devote a significant investment into this day financially and spend months, sometimes years planning it. 

Unfortunately, the amateur MC poses a considerable risk in compromising all the hard work of the bride and goom. 

It’s the exact same reason couples hire a professional photographer, professional venue, professional cater, professional band/DJ; it’s just simply far too risky to gamble it all on someone who is ‘giving it a crack’.

Imagine everyone’s memory from your wedding day is “how bad and cringe-worthy was the MC!”, it’s the last thing you want.  A professional MC understands the various energy levels required at different points of the wedding.  The professional can build an atmosphere to keep your guests engaged, and they don’t resort to cringe-worthy jokes or scripting taken from the internet.


Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

What does a general Wedding Timeline look like?

At the planning meeting with the wedding couple, we go through all aspects of the wedding.  We are strong advocates that each and every wedding we do is specific and tailored to that couple.  There are only 2 things that can’t be changed on a wedding timeline.  The grand entrance must be at the start (of course!) and that the timings the venue determines for meals simply can not be altered. 

Outside of that, we work closely with our wedding couples to ensure that they get exactly what makes them happy.  Gary Lowe MC Services of course will provide guidance and direction when requested from the couple, but we are very respectful of any decisions the couple make.  Whatever their wish for the reception, we make it happen.

Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

What’s involved with a Wedding MC??

Planning, liaising, time management, problem-solving, negotiating, and relationship building

The wedding MC works hard in the preparation weeks prior to the day and stays in constant communication with the couple. 

On the day they arrive at least 1hr before the guests, they meet with the venue manager, photo booth operator, DJ/band, videographer, etc to ensure all the vendors are working collaboratively and are aware of the workings of the reception.  Think of the wedding MC as the vendor team captain or your personal wedding planner.


If you ever see your MC sitting down at a table enjoying their meal, they aren’t doing their job.  If you ever see your MC with a beverage in their hand mingling with guests, they aren’t doing their job.  The MC is constantly on the move, not only looking after what is currently occurring but checking and working with the appropriate people that what is to come is also going to run on time and will be executed with flawless precision.

Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

What Advice would you give Engaged Couples planning their wedding day?

There is always one piece of advice we offer couples when planning their wedding, and it’s this: “do what makes you happy and follow your heart”. 

The wedding couple are the focus of everything we do, they are the two people that we want to make happy.  So in a way, our advice is…don’t listen to advice!  Look after each other and do what makes you happy, we’ll make it work for you.


What is your point of difference?

The point of difference is Gary Lowe MC Services is the only person at your wedding 100% committed to ensuring that all aspects of the reception run smoothly, as planned and incident-free. 

The wedding MC commitment is far too great to be able to find time to perform any other function.  When an attempt is made to be an MC and any other role, that other role distracts and takes away from your ability to be the best wedding MC.  We are experts and professionals in the wedding MC role and devote all our time to training and perfecting that task.


All our brides and grooms also receive a 24/7 number that they can call.  Day or night they can call their Wedding MC to have a chat about any aspect of their reception.  Yes, we have had couples call at 3AM to talk about their wedding!  We provide this service because we want the couple to feel relaxed and calm.  Weddings are emotional times, so we assist in any way possible to ensure they are relaxed and ready.

Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

Why do you love being a Wedding MC?

As Gary Lowe MC the individual, I love being a wedding MC because of the 2 minutes I get at the end of the night with the wedding couple. 

Our journey together has come to an end after we have built such a strong connection.  Each couple is different, but the feeling is always the same.  I will get a quick moment at the end of the night to say thank you, and give the bride and groom a hug. 

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed plenty of tears over the years.  The wedding couple are at a moment in their lives where they have never been happier, and they are thanking you for looking after them!  I won’t lie, it’s an emotional time for me at this point, it is a really very touching moment. 

It’s these 120 seconds that makes me do what I do, it makes me love being a wedding MC.


Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane


What was your favourite wedding and why?

Because everything worked out just fine and the wedding went exactly as planned, we aren’t afraid to say our favorite wedding was Tizzy and Ash. 

Remember earlier you asked, ‘what’s involved with being a wedding MC’?

Well, you might want to add a fireman to the list!  Unfortunately for the venue, their building caught on fire. 

So, Gary Lowe MC Services was responsible for coordinating the fire fighting effort.  With 2 fire extinguishes tucked under each arm Gary Lowe MC goes sprinting towards the fire and put it out. 

There was zero disruption to the night and the fire was far enough away not to interrupt the evening in the slightest.  The guests absolutely loved it! And the bride and groom were very thankful.  They were quietly over the moon because now they had an amazing interesting tale to tell when sharing stories about their wedding day.  


Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

Wedding MC - Gary Lowe Brisbane

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