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Top 6 Wedding Videographers of Melbourne

Thinking about hiring a videographer for your wedding? Or have you asked yourself the question, is a wedding videographer worth it?

ABIA has some tips to help you make the right choice, as well as an award-winning list of the best videographers in Melbourne for you to choose from!

Stu Art Video Productions - Wedding Videography - ABIA Winner

Photo: Stu Art Video Productions

When the dust settles after your wedding day, a video will be the most vivid memory you can keep and enjoy with your loved ones in the years to come – so it’s critical you choose the right professional to help capture your unique and beautiful love story.

Being a Wedding Videographer isn’t just about knowing videography – they need to be able to multitask during a very busy day, be at the right place at the right time to capture the best moments of your day, and deal with variable lighting both indoors and outdoors. So how can you be sure of the videographer’s skills and expertise when it comes to weddings?

How to find a Wedding Videographer?

The best place to start is to check out their website to view wedding video samples and read reviews from clients who’ve worked with them for their own weddings, to give you an idea of their production style, quality and experience. It’s also a good idea to meet with them to see if you get along and feel you can discuss anything with them.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions such as how long they’ve been filming weddings for, how much their upfront costs are, if they’re using the latest high-definition equipment, what format you’ll receive after your wedding and how long it will take for them to deliver it.

Thanks to ABIA, you can be assured that these Melbourne videographers are reputable and trustworthy! Thousands of Real Newlyweds voted for their favourite videographer at the 21st Victorian ABIA Awards in 2019, and we are proud to present you with the Winner and Finalists of this prestigious award.


Did you know... 6,660 Wedding Couples were invited to rate and review their wedding vendors for this year’s Victorian ABIA Awards over a 12-month period? That's nearly a quarter of the wedding-market!

#1 - Stu Art Video Productions


Winner: Best Video Production
ABIA Award Rating: 99.98%

Wedding Videography winner of the 2019 VIC ABIA Awards and consistently ranked among the Top 3 in Australia since 2015!

Stu Art Video Productions is committed to producing high-quality, comprehensive wedding videos at rates that won’t break your wedding budget. Their non-invasive "fly-on-the-wall" approach allows them to film your special day in superb cinematic clarity without getting in your face.

Director and Senior Videographer Stu Dwyer and his qualified and experienced team are passionate about cinematography, and love the technical and creative process of creating wedding videos.

Incorporating the latest equipment and techniques, you can be sure the finished product will as be crystal clear and beautiful as you remember your special day to be.

With a total of 14 ABIA awards won since their inception, their reputation speaks for itself! View their accolades and glowing reviews on their ABIA Profile.


Best Wedding Videography - Stu Art Video Productions - ABIA Winner



#2 - Westward Films


Runner-Up: Best Video Production
ABIA Award Rating: 99.96%

Victoria's second-highest ranking wedding Video Videographer in 2018 & 2019

Whether it is the laughter, the tremble in your partner's voice, that heartfelt speech or the flowergirls chasing the pageboys, these are all moments that deserve to be captured by motion picture. Westward Films believes that capturing the true romance and the emotion in a wedding is what it is all about.

Westward Films is deeply passionate and excited to work with you on your wedding day. They combine many years of imaging experience with a passion to provide you with a cinematically edited film that commemorates your special day in a style that matches your personality.

Find out more about Westward Films.

Wedding Videography - Westward Films - ABIA Awards



#3 - Allure Productions


3rd Place: Best Video Production
ABIA Award Rating: 99.93%

#1 Wedding Videographer in Australia in 2017 & 2018 and 3-time winner in VIC

Allure Productions sees a different beauty to most. They look beyond the veils, scattered rose petals, glamour and champagne flutes, and instead live for intimate glances, quirky smiles and joyful breaths, capturing the essence of a day that lasts a lifetime and tell a story that no one could write but you.

Allure started over 10 years ago with the simple premise of "making you" the centre of everything they do. From the moment you contact them, through to filming and final delivery of your wedding video, it’s your uniqueness and special moments that make their films so special.

Wedding Videography - Allure Productions - ABIA Awards



#4 - Black Avenue Productions


ABIA Award Rating: 99.85%

Relax, look your best, enjoy your wedding day and trust Black Avenue Productions to professionally craft the intimate moments of your special day, customised to your personal desires.

They will tie your dress, hold your bags, laugh together (a lot!), and plan and create the ultimate wedding video that is truly YOU.

The team’s friendly approach and natural style of storytelling allows the beauty of the day to naturally unfold.

They will effortlessly and sensitively cover all the angles of your day, capturing the most authentic moments of you and your guests, and leave you with your very own story told with warmth, heart and love.


Wedding Videography - Black Avenue Productions - ABIA Awards



#5 - Dreamcraft Films



ABIA Award Rating: 98.27%

Dreamcraft Films’ aim is to make all your wedding dreams come true with their creative yet affordable wedding videography.

Even if you haven’t planned anything and you don’t know much about wedding videography, don't stress, because this friendly team will guide you every step of the way!

Using the latest cinematic cameras and technology, their specially crafted wedding cinematography will catch all your precious moments and exceed your expectations with a movie-quality wedding video and a perfect memento of your special day.


Wedding Videography - Dreamcraft Films - ABIA Awards



#6 - Dreamlife Photos & Video - VIC


ABIA Award Rating: 97.13%

Your love story is unique! At Dreamlife, they will capture the beautiful memories of your special day – every look, every kiss, every little moment – in a way that is a testament to that love.

By working closely with you, their specialised wedding videographers will artfully tell your story as a personalised collection of moving images that are a culmination of your dream wedding day and a reflection of your personal style.

These highly skilled artists will create a relaxed and intimate space where you and your guests will feel at ease and forget about the camera.

They will unobtrusively film all those special moments from preparations to the ceremony, your first kiss, your first dance and every candid little moment in between. They pride themselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring that your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding video.


Wedding Videography - Dreamlife Photos & Video - VIC - ABIA Awards



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