Sally Hughes Celebrant

Voted Australia's Best Marriage Celebrant in 2018

Sally Hughes is a multi-ABIA Award Winning Celebrant, based in Melbourne.

In 2018, Sally Hughes was titled Australia's No.1 Marriage Celebrant as determined by the wedding couples married from 2014 to 2018.

Sally Hughes Celebrant Melbourne

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What makes Australia's Best Celebrant?

Undeniably, a celebrant plays an incredibly vital and influential role on a couple's wedding day. It's not just the legal paperwork associated to a marriage, its the dedication and passion a celebrant encompasses to understand these two people. The best celebrants will understand the clients' love for each other, their interests, their individual personalities, and their personalities combined.


What's also important in a brilliant celebrant, is how to control and influence any situation for the better. Many people, whether it be the future newlyweds, the wedding party, the parents of the married-couple-to-be, it is a great celebrant who will generally calm the nerves of what is such a momentous occasion for many families.


Sally Hughes Celebrant Melbourne - Best in Australia


Who is Melbourne's Sally Hughes Celebrant?

Sally Hughes is one of Melbourne's most sought-after celebrants, who will be booked months and even years in advance. To have this confident woman by your side from the preparation of your wedding day to the ceremony itself, will add immense value to your experience of saying "I Do".


Recently titled Australia's No.1 Celebrant at the prestigious ABIA National Designer of Dreams Awards, Sally has also won three State ABIA Awards as Victoria's Best Celebrant.


When there are over 8,500 celebrants Australia-wide, with only 1% servicing more than 100 weddings per year, to achieve such acclaimed award-titles, is a clear indication that this woman is simply one of our country's best in the Wedding Industry!

Sally Hughes Marriage Celebrant Melbourne
Photo by Briars Atlas (Melbourne Based)

What are Sally's Skills?


With over 15 years experience as a professional singer, Sally understands the rare knack of engaging a large audience during any moment. In addition to her singing career, Sally has acquired great skills in professional public speaking which leaves only room for perfection at her Wedding Ceremonies.



Any great celebrant, including Sally Hughes will recognise the significance of personalising every ceremony for each wedding couple. Whether it be humour, stories, nicknames, family values etc. Sally will learn about both of you without prying, and will produce a ceremony perfect for you without her over-trying.



One of the best qualities a wedding vendor can encompass is gratitude, Sally exudes enthusiasm and passion for her role as a celebrant. Anyone who meets Sally will quickly learn that she is grateful to be part of people's special day and this is a quality that has never failed to shine.


Marriage Celebrant Sally Hughes

Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Meet Sally Hughes

ABIA will always encourage Engaged Couples to thoroughly research any Wedding Vendors they are considering to book by seeking out credible awards, authentic ratings and real written reviews. We also recommend meeting up with vendors who will be there on your Wedding Day, this will give you and your fiancé an opportunity to discover if your personalities will click.

Sally Hughes Celebrant   

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