Entering the ABIA Awards is a game changer.

Your business has everything to gain by entering. As a Winner or Finalist, you’ll access an array of invaluable experiences and opportunities to add to your business portfolio.

How your business can benefit.

Build Credibility

Becoming an ABIA Awards recipient marks your business as one of Australia’s very best – credibility that will help your business achieve new levels of growth.

Create Free PR

As Australia’s largest & longest-standing Wedding Industry Awards, winners enjoy the glow of national exposure & major marketing opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd

Achieving an average customer satisfaction rating above 95% will benchmark your business as a highly esteemed brand worth investing in.

Boost morale

Celebrate and positively influence employee motivation and talent retention by receiving recogntion from your very own wedding clients.

Access a valuable network

Mix with like-minded, successful Wedding Industry Professionals. Finalists automatically join an impressive and inspirational network of Alumni.

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