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ABIA advertises Australia's most successful wedding businesses, from beginners to million-dollar businesses. Excel your business to the next level with ABIA's 20+ years of experience, its industry awards, powerful lead generating programs & marketing campaigns.

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Why promote your wedding business with ABIA?

1. It's like the TripAdvisor™ of the wedding industry.

ABIA is a trusted wedding marketplace for engaged couples to easily find, compare and book Australian wedding businesses based on certified customer reviews & ratings, ABIA Awards and Certified ABIA Accreditation.

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Last year, ABIA delivered over 300,000 wedding leads to its clients.

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Receive ratings & reviews from past wedding customers. Raise your public profile, increase credibility & generate more sales.

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Increase your profits & close more sales with ABIA Ratings, Reviews, Accreditation and Awards. These tools will help you to build your credibility.

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Sky-rocket your marketing and get noticed by couples actively booking vendors for their wedding via ABIA’s Bride And Groom Campaign.

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Network with the crème de le crème at the wedding industry’s most prestigious Award Gala Dinners.

7. Consultation With Industry Experts

Learn to effectively communicate with potential customers, close sales and ultimately increase profits.