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Every event, but especially your wedding day is a celebration of love, which is only enhanced by the soulful and unique sound of Heather Muggridge.

Heather Muggridge's dreamy ceremony music will be ...

Every event, but especially your wedding day is a celebration of love, which is only enhanced by the soulful and unique sound of Heather Muggridge.

Heather Muggridge's dreamy ceremony music will be the perfect welcome for your guests, with her elegant voice and impressive range creating a beautiful sense of occasion. Although shes usually described as soulful and unique, this adaptable singer can sing any musical genre - be it upbeat and anticipation-building or slow and romantic. Whatever you need, Heather can make it happen.

Bubbly Heather - the owner of Heather Muggridge Music - performs pre-ceremony, during the walk down the aisle, and post-ceremony during cocktail hour, creating the desired atmosphere. She offers a well-priced range of ceremony packages, too, with customised packages conveniently an option.

What you'll love about working with Heather Muggridge Music for your Adelaide wedding:

  • Experienced singer. Heather has been singing for as long as she can remember, and has developed plenty of control over her voice during this time. As such, this Adelaide-based wedding singer is a reliable, fantastic choice for your wedding.
  • Passionate and joyous. Heather says that nothing brings her more happiness than music, and this is certainly true - its evident when you watch her perform. At your wedding, your guests will be privy to Heathers gorgeous smile as she performs.
  • Inclusive owner who is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community


Heather Muggridge Music offers several ceremony packages, including True Love Ceremony, Bubbles and Romance, and Custom Creation packages. Here's what's included in the Bubbles and Romance package:

  • Songs sung to professional backing tracks
  • Music to welcome guests, approx 30 mins
  • Gentle music during the ceremony
  • Music as the married couple exit the ceremony
  • Songs selected by the couple to match their wedding
  • Travel up to 1 hour from Adelaide CBD
  • Music during the cocktail hour prior to the reception
  • Meeting to discuss the song list running order


Ivory Serenade - Piano Packages

  • Beautiful packages with live piano and vocals.
  • 2 packages available; Ceremony and Ceremony and Cocktail Hour
  • These packages includes my own covers and arrangements of popular love songs, 90s and 00's hits and classics curated for your special day.
  • Booking these packages means that it is understood they will not sound like the original songs.
  • I will create my own cover, tailored to your unique occasion.
  • I am happy to travel with my own piano, or if your venue has a piano, I can play that as an option.
  • Packages can be customised to include important moments throughout your special day (first dance, dances with your parents)

***This package can only be booked at locations with power.***



Acoustic Duo K&H

Another option for couples who want a little something extra is the duo K&H otherwise known as Kyran and Heather. Kyran and Heather have been performing within the industry for a number of years and would love to bring your wedding ceremony, reception or both to the next level with their soulful and fun sound.

"Heather and Kyran played at our wedding reception, with Heather also singing during our ceremony. They are fantastic - 5 stars - Heather's voice can move you to tears, and the upbeat songs will have you tapping your toes and singing along. The icing on the cake is that they are both lovely people adding lots of joy to an already happy occasion".



A little about me!

I am an outgoing energetic person who loves nothing more than being outdoors. In summer I would live at the beach if I could! I love to travel and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends enjoying good food and good company. I have eclectic taste when it comes to music and television shows, and secretly I am a little bit obsessed with Final Space. My favourite Australian musician at the moment is G Flip and my favourite band of all time are The Beatles.

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About the Team/Owner

Heather - Wedding Singer

Based in Adelaide, Heather Muggridge Music is a soulful, talented musician with a beautiful voice - it’s perfect for weddings. Unique and experienced, Heather creates a romantic atmosphere at ceremonies with her heart-stirring music. With the ability to play a wide variety of genres and several ceremony packages to select from, this versatile wedding singer is a must for South Australian weddings.

"Fantastic musician and lovely voice. Perfect match for any style of wedding and great to work with - very professional and I would recommend her to anyone."

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