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Hello there, and congratulations on finding that one person who completes you, who you have realised that you can't live without. Also congratulations, respectively, on either plucking up the coura...

Hello there, and congratulations on finding that one person who completes you, who you have realised that you can't live without. Also congratulations, respectively, on either plucking up the courage to pop the question, or for just saying 'Yes!'

Why am I a Celebrant, you may wonder? Because I believe in love and I believe in commitment. To stand there as two people commit themselves to each other, for life, before all their loved ones, gives me such an awesome feeling inside. My heart, literally, feels like it is going to burst after each and every ceremony I do. No word of a lie.

I'm also an empath, so all that love and positivity is a total rush for me, but it means, more importantly, that I am keyed in to how you are feeling on the day. The eighth picture in my profile gallery is one such moment (I have my hands on the grooms shoulders). Not only had I noticed that the groom was quite, quite pale, I could literally feel his nerves; I was starting to feel nervous too. His wife messaged me a little while after the ceremony with that very picture and the message, 'This is the moment when, David said, you blew his nerves out of the water with a few simple, kind words and some sincere eye contact...'

Personally, I believe that a ceremony should be filled with love and laughter. I always tell my couples that if I have tears and laughter at my ceremonies, then I know that I've done a good job (providing that they are happy tears, of course ).

My goal on your wedding day is to give you a memorable ceremony , not just for you, but for all those who are part of it, from your bridal party to all your friends and family; 'engaging' is a word that pops up often in my reviews, and my favourite compliments are from the older guests who have been to a few weddings in their time, but feel they had to let me know that mine was one of the best they've ever been too.

You should remember belly laughs and raucous applause - golf claps are not acceptable. You should remember, possibly, not being able to see your partner at points during the ceremony due to the tears of joy in your eyes. You should remember struggling to say your vows because you were overcome by emotion or, alternatively, that you said your vows loud and proud, with joy and elation, saying them for all the world to hear.

Although my style is relaxed and fun, I can adapt to conduct your ceremony exactly the way that you want it. If you want your ceremony to be a joyous affair, consider it done. If you want something low key but intimate, not a problem. I am a very energetic and enthusiastic person by nature (I tell my couples that my spirit animal is a Great Dane puppy). Never fear though, as the puppy gets left at home with a chew toy on the day of your wedding.

I have four ceremony packages for you to choose from, from a Legals Only, where we are quite simply just crossing t's and dotting i's, to my Personalised Ceremony where, after getting to know you both, I create your ceremony using your love story.

I also offer my services as MC for your wedding reception. The wedding reception is almost as important as the wedding as it gives your nearest and dearest an opportunity to really celebrate this momentous occasion with you. So, although your brother or cousin may be more than capable of doing it, why make them work all night when they should be letting their hair down and celebrating with you?

You will often see Celebrant's proclaiming that they have 'the best job in the world'. I don't see Celebrancy as my job, it's what I do, it's who I am, it's my passion. So much so that I took a leap of faith and quit my job last year to give my couples 100% of my time, focus and energy (lots of energy, remember). From the moment I get to the ceremony, I am surrounded by love, laughter and happiness. How lucky am I?

So, please, get in touch and tell me what you're looking for. I'll work with you to give you the magic and memories you're looking for.



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