Frequently Asked Questions | ABIA Awards

Can I still win my category if I do not attend the ABIA Awards Ceremony?

Absolutely! If you are unable to attend the ABIA Awards Ceremony, the Award will be accepted on your behalf by the ABIA Chairman or someone you have appointed.

I will never WIN if I’m not a member..

Incorrect. All Australian wedding businesses are welcome to participate in the ABIA Awards and are eligible to become an Award Nominee, ABIA Finalist or ABIA Winner. However, only ABIA Members receive a branding license, this permits members to promote the ABIA Brand, inclusive of its trading name and ABIA Award Logos as per the business' relative achievement. For full benefits of ABIA Membership, please email:

I won’t qualify as a Finalist or Winner because I've left registering my clients too late. 

Incorrect. The ABIA does not penalise businesses for receiving nominations at a later date. A business' final ABIA Award Rating is determined on the total sum of nominations received in the respective nomination period. 

Who Rates My Business?

Only legitimate past wedding clients can rate and review a business products/services in the ABIA Awards.


How is a Business Rated by its wedding clients?

A business is rated in ABIA’s 4 Pillars of Perfection:

  • The Quality of your Service
  • The Quality of your Product
  • The Value for Money
  • The Attitude of Staff

Each criterion is out of 100%

Couples further have the opportunity to nominate a business as their 'Best Vendor of the Day' which will be accounted towards a business' final ABIA Award Rating. 

Can I send my clients a direct link to vote for my business?

ABIA does not provide businesses a link to send directly to their wedding customers. To ensure legitimacy, every wedding must be registered by a business using the ABIA System. Once registering your wedding clients, they will receive an auto-email with a unique link to their own customised online voting form. 

Can you buy an ABIA award?

No. Any business that is an ABIA Member and has achieved the ABIA Winner status as a result of their past Couples’ rating will receive a complimentary ABIA Awards Winner Plaque and Winner Logo. Any business that is an non-member and has achieved the ABIA Winner status as a result of their past couples’ rating will receive a complimentary ABIA Awards Winner Certificate. Any business that achieves a Runner-Up , Third Place or Finalist status may purchase ABIA Merchandise in the form of an ABIA Plaque which reflects their achievement. ABIA Members that achieve a Runner-Up, Third Place or Finalist status will receive a free ABIA Awards logo which reflects their achievement.

How are the ABIA Awards determined? 

The ABIA Finalists & Winners are determined solely based on the nominations submitted by verified wedding clients. The ABIA Awards are calculated using the ABIA Award Algorithm, which incoporates the quality of ratings in the '4 Pillars of Perfection', the number of nominations and the number of Best Vendors of the Day votes.