To the Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk,


This is a special plea for the $4 Billion Australian & Queensland Wedding Industry.


The Wedding Industry is demanding a clear guideline as to how Wedding Events need to be administered in the future, so they can adhere to the health & safety requirements of the Governments, in addition to the continuation of operating their business in a viable environment.


Based on the industry data according to the ABIA, the Queensland Wedding Industry contributes $600 Million to the Australian Economy, which does not include the revenue associated to local, state and national tourism as a result of 1.7 Million Guests attending the weddings. 


Enclosed in the attached letter is:
  • The value of the Queensland Economy (derived from ABIA's own survey & statistics from 10,000 wedding couples)
  • Wedding Industry losing $1 Billion since the pandemic was announced.
  • Ignite confidence in the 23,000+ Queensland Wedding Couples & their 1.7 Million Wedding Guests that there is a plan to help guide the Wedding Industry.
  • Traceability & safety measures.
  • A request to consider an earlier ease of restrictions based on traceability measures.  


The Wedding Industry is about to enter the second wave of wedding postponements which will result in financial and emotional devastation to the $4 Billion Wedding Industry, and the tens of thousands of small family owned businesses across the country.


On behalf of the wedding industry, we strongly ask for answers as to how we can move forward.