Boutique Marketing Campaign 

This is a rare opportunity, offered only two-times per year.

Your business will become part of a ABIA's boutique social directory
which is used as the basis for a 10 week marketing campaign, 
the famed Bride And Groom Competition!


How It Works:

To promote your business to as many engaged couples as possible and
generate significant social traction, we drive the campaign by offering couples
a chance to win major wedding cash with ABIA to make thier wedding dreams a reality
and that can only be spent on the vendors in our marketing program (including you!)


 800 - 1,000 leads, guaranateed.

Choose the right weddings for you.

Recieve an excel file with:

Name, Email, Phone Number, Engagement & Wedding Date, Location, Guests & Bridal Party Numbers and Cost Per Head breakdown categorising budgets from Low End to Luxury Weddings.


Turn Leads into Sales with ABIA tips & techniques

The ABIA aim to make you the best sales person possible through weekly emails which include sales strategies, effective communication and email marketing methods, guidance with selling in the current climate, understanding your target clients, differentiating your business from others, along with wedding industry knowledge.


Powerful Feedback

Engaged couples will comment on your image with their answer to: 
“What do you LOVE about this vendor?". 
Comments provide powerful feedback from your potential clients,
so your can evaluate your business strengths and weaknesses.

Boost your SEO

Your Official Campaign image will be linked to your website
and this can have a positive impact on your SEO.

ABIA will pay you up to $10,000 (yep, it’s true!)

Winners can choose to spend thier prize money on the participating businesses. If they choose your business, ABIA will pay you!
Major Prize Winners recieve $10,000 
5 Winners recieve $1,000


Reach & Engagement over 10 weeks

5,200+ Wedding Registrations, 30,000+ Comments 
259,000 people actively engaged & 12.72 Million views.


Payment Options

Payment Plans Available

ABIA Partner Venue | $850.00

Non Partner Venue | $950.00


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Next Launch: July 2020