How to Write an Effective Marketing Email



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Email Marketing continues to evolve with complex functionality and elaborate designs but there is no substitute for a well-written, plain-text email to capture the hearts and minds of your couples.  

In fact, no matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they’re devoid of well-written content, your leads won’t engage, and they’ll start to look elsewhere.

So, how do you write a great marketing email? It all comes down to a few basic principles that you should apply to the important elements of your email, notably the subject line, opening, email body, call to action and signature. We address each element below with our tried and tested tips and advice;


*We recommend you do not copy the examples word-for-word below, as couples will be receiving emails from a variety of services and the last thing they want to read is the same content over and over again. 


1. Writing an eye-catching Email Subject Line

Catch up on our tips (link above) for writing an effective Subject Line that will compel your couples to click on your emails.



2. Introduce yourself with a Simple Opening

A strong email introduction encourages your reader to continue scanning the body of your message. The best emails have an engaging greeting and opening sentence that secures the recipient’s interest and buy-in. Ideally, a captivating introduction ultimately leads readers to take action. 

It’s easy to overthink the greeting but we recommend using the details in your lead sheet to personalise your introduction as much as possible. 

Hi/Hello/Hey *|FNAME|*, are all perfectly acceptable greetings.

As for your first line, why not throw in a 'Congratulations' or 'Get Excited for Wedding Planning' to create a friendly tone and let your couples know you’re excited for them, after all, you want to make the recipient feel special but also provide an intro as to what’s to come.


  • Hello Jane & George,

    Congratulations on your recent engagement, let the wedding planning begin!


  • *|FNAME|*, it's time to get excited! 

    The wedding planning journey ahead is super fun and yes, we understand it can be a little daunting but don’t worry, we’re here to help!


MailChimp can personalise your greeting so it automatically picks up the recipient's first name.

How to do this?: Add *|FNAME|* in the intro or email subject line - and this will automatically add the First Name of the Entrant in the BAG Competition. 
E.g. Happy Wedding Planning *|FNAME|*, will look like Happy Wedding Planning Jane when the recipient receives the email. 



3. What to include in your Body (this is so important)

The email body is effectively your sales pitch, the what, how, and why!

An email body should convey value by connecting your business to your Wedding Couples. As a wedding business, it is very appropriate to include images that beautifully depict your products/services or at least offer up a link to your socials so couples can peruse your portfolio at their leisure.

ABIA recommends speaking directly to the couple by outlining your value proposition and what it is exactly that you’re able to offer them. Of course, if your subject heading contains a “How to” guide then you will need to provide this advice first before offering up your value proposition.

Beyond just the quick sales pitch that sums up your offering in a relevant fashion, pull out a few quick bullet points that do an even better job of driving home the benefits of your offering for your prospect’s specific use case

Let’s try some examples;


Example: Beautiful Bridal is Melbourne’s premier Bridal Boutique, offering the largest range of 2022 gowns to suit all budgets, sizes and styles.

  • Largest Stockist of designers including [brandname], [brandname] etc. 
  • Multi-Award Winning boutique with over X number of bridal testimonials.
  • Get pampered 🥂 with your bridesmaids in our beautiful city studio.
  • Bridal Gowns from Size 4 to Size 24 are Available!


Example: Bridal Sweets offers personalised, beautiful, and unique gifts for every wedding occasion.
Click here to view our most ordered range of specialised guest gifts in 2022!


Example: [Wedding Transport Company] wants your special day to feel extra special and that’s where we come in. We provide luxury transport to and from your wedding venues, allowing you to relax in style while you sip French Champagne and watch your guest's faces light up as you arrive in one of our show-stopping black Cadillacs – see images here.


4. Add a Call-to-Action (Always!)

Never leave your prospect without a clear idea of what to do next. Include a simple, specific call-to-action at the end of your email to drive the sales process forward.

The operative words? "Simple" and "specific." Too much choice can be overwhelming -- so if you want prospects to immediately take action, give them one or two concrete options.


  • Mention the ABIA BAG Competition and receive a free wedding package upgrade. To secure this offer, call Company Name on 04XX XXX XXX
  • To celebrate your engagement, [CompanyName] is pleased to offer you $1000 off our premium wedding photography packages.
  • This is available to only 5 couples so secure this offer now by emailing
  • To book a free consultation and view our breathtaking Reception Venue, please text John Smith on 04XX XXX XXX


10 Most Popular Wedding Songs - Marketing EmailExample of Marketing Email


5. Include a Signature (it's professional)

A sales email signature should not be a distraction — nor should it be a source of cliché inspiration. Instead, stick to these email signature guidelines:

  • Keep it short, simple, professional, and on-brand.
  • Include your phone number & email for contact purposes.
  • Include a link to your online profile of choice — such as IG, or Facebook — so recipients can connect with you.
  • Avoid images and quotes entirely.




For extra support, follow these Mailchimp Tutorial Links: