How do you personalise your brand and why is it important?

Content saturation has never been as fierce as it is now. So, it’s important for businesses to ask themselves, what it is they want to be known for and how they can better stand out in the wedding marketplace.

One important consideration that should never be neglected, is the value of business branding.


5 ways to establish your brand;

1. Colours

2. Language

3. Personify

4. Behind the Scenes

5. Communication



Tip: Always have a white and black version of your logo.


When you study the colours of brands for long enough, you will start to notice a pattern.

Eco-Friendly businesses tend to use (you guessed it) green, innovative businesses use blue, fashion labels will predominantly use black and white etc.

Many big brands (which small businesses can always learn from) intensively study colours to ensure they’re getting the right message across to their consumers.

A strong currency is placed on colours, for example, Cadbury patented their purple, because all customers associate their deep rich purple with their world-renowned chocolate. You don’t have to show the logo to know that it’s Cadbury purple. (And then suddenly you have an intense craving for chocolate).


But what do you do with those colours?

You proudly display them of course! The logo you choose and the subsequent colour palette will become the bedrock of your branding, from your website menu bar to business cards to social media memes, newsletters, email signatures etc, this consistency of colour is creating a brand and building a powerful story in the minds of your prospects.

Introducing random colours for each sales newsletter or web page design is a bit of a no-no and will likely result in diluting your brand. It may result in confusing your prospects and removes the power of persistent branding.


ABIA Business Branding




Using consistent language across all branding mediums (website, sales material etc) is incredibly important to look professional. You don’t want to be perceived by your audience as having multiple personalities, it’s confusing and takes away from the value you’re trying to sell. Also, establish if you are to talk in third person or first person, going between the two will subconsciously have an impact on how the client feels about your brand. 


Establish how you want to be perceived?

Your selected Brand Language sets you apart from others, it's powerful. A great way to determine what your brand language is is to determine who is my customer?  You can establish this by writing down what a majority of your customers like about your current service, and this can be discovered in your Customer Reviews. Another great way to get started is write 3 words (e.g. trustworthy, fun and colourful), and this is the basis of your language throughout Sales Proposals, Website and Socials. 


Do you want your brand to be seen as inspirational, or is there an emphasis on fun or perhaps you’re wanting to come across as uber professional or educational… There is no right or wrong answer, however, keep the language consistent across your website, social media and email communication. It makes the customer feel more and more comfortable when there is consistent language.




We find what makes a successful wedding and a happy customer, is not just the execution of a service or product. It’s the relationship and connection. between a wedding vendor and a couple. Ensure that couples know you are available for a video call, have an about me section of you and your team (it can be friendly too, I love dogs and long walks on the beach type of thing), or if you’re comfortable create reels or stories showing your face/voice. People are always on the hunt for a good connection and personifying your brand, gives them a glimpse of what that connection could feel like.


Behind the Scenes

What can be both exciting and daunting (in a good way) for couples is the anticipation of how their wedding will come together. You and I know that when established professionals unite for a wedding, the day will be a hit, but for most couples, this is unknown territory and it can be hard to visualise the end result. So, offering Behind the Scenes content on your website or Social Media, showing a packed dance floor, a time-lapse of reception styling, a cute moment between celebrant and couple, or a before and after with makeup and hair, or a photographer on-site directing a couple, or an all-round hilarious moment at a wedding; whatever gives a couple a glimpse into the best day of their life, add value to your sales proposition.



Communication is key to every successful marriage. But also applies to the success of a sale. Many customers tend to book vendors that were the first to respond with a quote or questionnaire because that level of service often indicates that you will receive prompt communication throughout your wedding planning journey.

Many established businesses that grow year on year, will naturally have larger administrative demands. That’s why wedding businesses invest (and we highly recommended it too) in CRMs like HubSpot (Generic), Studio Ninja (Photographers & Videographers) or Dubsado (Hair & Makeup) to send automated emails and payment reminders to their clients. That way your business has touch points with their clients, making them feel comfortable that you are on the ball, still present and available if the client needs.

Also, every client will have its own Contact File in the CRM, where all your communication is stored in one place, which you can refer to at any time. The number of businesses we have recommended to invest in a CRM has not looked back, and has saved a considerable amount of admin time and showed clients they are in control.



So, remember that Branding is Vital because it gives customers a good impression of who you are and what to expect from your services. Build yourself a plan, and you'll never look back.