About the ABIA

At ABIA, we come to work every day to discuss ways of connecting engaged couples with trustworthy wedding businesses. As we all know, a wedding is a one-time event which cannot be repeated. To get it right, couples needs to put their complete trust in the hands of wedding businesses who have a history of successful weddings – since 1996, ABIA has helped hundreds of thousands couples find those exact businesses. 

The Australian wedding market consists of an estimable 40,000 businesses, making it challenging for couples to determine which businesses are a right fit for their wedding day...

This is where ABIA can help...

Similar to Tripadvisor ™, past wedding clients rate and review ABIA’s extensive list of wedding businesses to help future wedding clients make the best booking decisions. 

Since 1996 we have hosted the longest-standing wedding industry awards (ABIA Awards) in Australia. Attracting 25,000+ wedding couples each year to rate & review thousands of wedding businesses; these are the ratings that determine the Winners & Finalists for each of the 35 ABIA Award Categories, ranging from Best Wedding Venue to Best Wedding Cake Designer to the Best Bridal Gown Boutique + more.

If you are planning your wedding and need help seeking credible businesses to service your one-time event, ABIA POP can connect you with businesses who are not only highly rated & reviewed, but with businesses who are available on your wedding date, meet your budgets, can travel to your location, can accommodate your small or large number of guests and more. With ABIA’s history of Awards, Reviews & Ratings, we’ll help you make the best choices for your wedding day.


What to look for when planning your wedding? 

The ABIA is the most omnipresent brand in the wedding industry, appearing on more websites, social accounts, e-mail signatures, expos, offices & venues than any other brand. If you see the following logos or plaques, you will now know that a businesses has been highly rated, reviewed and ranked by the married couples of Australia.




How Australia’s Newlyweds Rate & Review their wedding vendors.

Every wedding couple is invited by at least  ‘1’ of their wedding vendors to rate & review their services, each couple provides a rating out of 100% in the 4 Pillars of Perfection, with the option of leaving a written review. The ABIA Awards are solely determined on the ratings provided by wedding couples, not an industry judging panel 

Watch one the 5 Gala Awards we host each year.