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How much does a wedding cost in Australia?

ABIA Weddings' Survey reveals the Average Cost of a Wedding: Insights from 5000 couples over 6 months. 

In a recent study, ABIA gained valuable insights from newlyweds who generously shared information about their wedding finances. Couples openly revealed their original wedding budget,  the actual cost of their wedding, and the number of guests who were present to celebrate their special day.

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What is the economic impact of weddings in Australia?

The answer is a staggering $4.5 billion, a figure that speaks volumes about the significance of weddings in our society. With over 110,000 marriages taking place annually, the industry is a vital part of the nation's economic landscape.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Australian wedding industry is its ability to keep the majority of its financial activity within the country. This not only sustains the industry itself but also supports numerous small, family-owned businesses across the nation.

At ABIA, we feel privileged to have delved into the narratives of some of Australia's finest wedding vendors. From these stories emerge a common thread among reputable vendors – a genuine dedication to their client's well-being and a commitment to exceeding expectations.


Wedding Economy Breakdown by State.

Discover the annual contributions of the Australian Wedding Industry by State, according to ABIA's data and findings; 

New South Wales:

$1,890,000,000+ (one billion, eight hundred thousand dollars)


$700,000,000+ (seven hundred million dollars)

South Australia: 

$274,000,000+ (two hundred and seventy four million dollars)


$1,300,000,000+ (one billion, three hundred thousand dollars)

Western Australia: 

$390,000,000+ (three hundred and ninety million dollars)


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How ABIA surveys real couples.

Each year, ABIA invites 30,000+ Australian married couples to rate and review their Wedding Vendors on a scale of 100% across four judging criteria:

- Quality of Product

- Quality of Service

- Attitude of Staff

- Overall Value

ABIA collects this information to provide engaged couples with valuable guidance as they plan their wedding day with confidence.

Engaged couples have the opportunity to access a multitude of ABIA ratings and reviews, a powerful planning tool that offers valuable insights into the customer satisfaction rates of previous married couples.

Furthermore, these customer ratings play a pivotal role in identifying the Winners and Finalists who qualify for Australia's most significant, respected, and enduring Wedding Industry Awards.

Leveraging ABIA's reputable and secure platform, a significant number of married couples willingly provided additional details about their wedding budget, expenditure, and the number of guests in attendance.

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The Average Wedding Cost in Australia

Presenting the eagerly anticipated data: gathered from the insights of 5,000 Australian married couples who celebrated their unions within a six-month timeframe, the national average cost of a wedding stands at $40,700 (forty thousand seven hundred dollars).

The initial wedding budget average, was set at $33,300 (thirty-three thousand three hundred dollars), revealing that couples typically spend 18% more than their original plan.

The average number of wedding guests in attendance was 93.39.


Breakdown of Wedding Budgets

Comparing ABIA's 2023 data to that of 2019, it's evident that couples are allocating more funds for their special day. This trend is a result of couples prioritising top-quality vendors and services that bring that extra touch of excellence to their wedding experience. Whether it's a destination wedding, upgraded food options, unique entertainment, distinctive styling, or other personalised services, couples are choosing to invest in these aspects that enhance their celebration. While the increase in costs does play a role, a significant part of this upward trajectory in spending can be attributed to couples' deliberate choices to engage with trustworthy and reputable vendors that align with their vision.

The expense of a wedding hinges on several factors, such as the guest count, the chosen time of year for the wedding, whether it's a weekday or weekend event, the experience level of the vendors, the range of services required, beverage and catering preferences, and more. To offer deeper insights into the financial landscape of Australian weddings, here's a detailed breakdown of wedding budgets.

Breakdown of couples' wedding expenditure is as follows:

  • Less than $20,000 = 24.4% of the market.
  • Between $21,000 and $39,999 = 30.5%.
  • Between $40,000 and $59,999 = 23.5%.
  • Between $60,000 and $99,999 = 16.8%.
  • Over $100,000 = 4.6% of the market.


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The most popular month to get married

Australia is undoubtedly fortunate to enjoy stunning weather year-round. However, three popular wedding months* stand out across the country: March in the autumn and October & November in the spring.

Adding a layer of complexity, this trend varies among states. In Queensland, September takes the spotlight as the most popular wedding month, with 13% of couples opting for springtime nuptials.

Yet, a distinct pattern emerges across all states: December, associated with both the festive season and heat, becomes the least favored wedding month. The same applies to July in winter. This trend, however, is upended in Queensland. With its mild and pleasant days in June, July, and August, the Sunshine State experiences higher wedding numbers during the winter months, making it an appealing destination wedding location.

Considering a summer wedding in Queensland might warrant careful thought, especially if you're donning a suit, given the potential discomfort in warmer temperatures.

*reference Australian Bureau of Statistics 

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Celebrants are a popular choice.

Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there's a notable surge in the number of celebrants officiating wedding ceremonies in Australia, currently at 80.3%.

If you're in the process of choosing a marriage celebrant for your wedding day, ABIA strongly emphasises the significance of thorough research. Seek referrals, delve into verified wedding reviews and testimonials, and take the time to meet potential celebrants in person. Compatibility is key – a celebrant who either overshadows the event or is unresponsive to your queries can be a source of frustration. Our aim is to ensure your wedding ceremony flows seamlessly. So, make it a priority to research and personally meet your top three celebrant candidates.


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Average Cost of a Wedding by State

As a nationwide organisation, ABIA has the ability to dissect the Average Wedding Cost across five states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

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Average Wedding Cost in New South Wales

New South Wales leads the pack with the highest number of marriages per year at 35.3%, and it also takes the wedding cake (pardon the pun) for the highest average wedding expenditure, standing at $46,700.

Average original wedding budget: $38,300

Average # of wedding guests: 104

Average # of interstate guests: 13

Average # of international guests: 5


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Average Wedding Cost in Victoria

Moving on to Victoria, it holds the second-highest number of marriages per year at 24.7% and maintains an average wedding expenditure of $46,000.

Average original wedding budget: $37,500

Average # of wedding guests: 109

Average # of interstate guests: 11

Average # of international guests: 5

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Average Wedding Cost in Queensland

In sunny Queensland, which accounts for 19.46% of marriages in Australia, couples are allocating an average of $31,700 for their wedding expenses.

Average original wedding budget: $26,000

Average # of wedding guests: 73

Average # of interstate guests: 16

Average # of international guests: 3

Despite lower wedding spending in Queensland, the smaller guest count helps lower costs for catering. Dividing the average cost of $31,700 by 73 guests ($434 per person) aligns with other states. Moreover, Queensland's rise as a wedding destination attracts more interstate guests.


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Average Wedding Cost in South Australia

In charming South Australia, constituting 6.19% of marriages, couples are investing an average of $39,200 for their wedding celebrations.

Average original wedding budget: $31,800

Average # of wedding guests: 91

Average # of interstate guests: 14

Average # of international guests: 3


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Average Wedding Cost in Western Australia

Comprising 9.7% of national marriages, picturesque Western Australia sees couples allocating an average of $35,750 for their wedding expenses.

Average original wedding budget: $28,750

Average # of wedding guests: 75

Average # of interstate guests: 9

Average # of international guests: 4


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Your day, your way!

So, there you have it – based on a survey involving 5,000 verified married couples over a 6-month period, the average wedding cost comes to $40,700, including all your wedding venue, media, wedding entertainment, bridal make-up, wedding dress, catering etc. 

But remember, this figure is just an average. As an engaged couple, you have the freedom to allocate your wedding budget according to your preferences.

Whether your wedding budget is $10,000 or $1 million (yes, these budgets exist – no judgments here), it's your choice. Your wedding should reflect your vision and desires.

We extend our gratitude to the couples and Australian wedding vendors who contributed to ABIA's collection of this invaluable information. Together, the wedding industry stands strong.

For further information or statistics conducted by the ABIA, please contact the Managing Director, Natasha O'Meara here.

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