Here we're sharing some of our favourite photos from weddings we've had the pleasure of being part of. But you won't be able to see what goes on behind-the-scenes...

You won't see the 80+ hours and ...

Here we're sharing some of our favourite photos from weddings we've had the pleasure of being part of. But you won't be able to see what goes on behind-the-scenes...

You won't see the 80+ hours and months of emails, calls and laptop-work-at-cafes we put in so you dont have to. You won't see us running between the bride's location and the groom's location with the buttonhole flowers. You won't see us phoning the hire company who hasn't turned up on the day yet. And you definitely won't see us stop moving all day!

It's hard to put into words ALLLLLL the things we handle for couples on their wedding day, but basically... we do it all!

Would you like hot coffee delivered to your hotel room the morning of? Of course!

Need us to set up your place cards and bonbonniere? You betcha!

Would you like a hand in sourcing, researching and booking suppliers? Absolutely!

Below is an example list of things we regularly look after for weddings (so you dont have to!):

* Plan them from go to woah!

* Coordinate on the day

* Design a custom full-day run sheet/timeline/schedule for all your suppliers

* Provide professional MC services to manage your reception (Dad jokes included, free of charge)

* Offer general wedding advice and guidance

* And, coming soon, an online wedding-planning course designed for couples just like you, featuring a bunch of handy tips, tricks and cheat sheets!

No two weddings are the same, and we never cookie-cutter your experience; we specifically design your day and your timing around whats important to you and your partner, all while ensuring its 100% stress-free.

But so you can have an idea, a typical wedding day for us looks like this:

Pack the car with your DIY items

Pick up hot coffee and snacks from nearby caf for you and your bridal party

Drop it off and say Hi

Collect any extra items that require transport to the venue

Arrive at ceremony location before other suppliers to check in with the venue and/or politely ask picnic-makers to vacate by xx time

Assist styling and rentals in setting up

Be your go-to person for questions and calls from suppliers (so they dont call you!)

Greet guests as they arrive and make sure your Nanna has a seat

We await your arrival and time your entrance with the celebrant and music- were experts at pressing play if need be!

Cue your bridesmaids for the timing of their entrance and then you! (As we quickly check and fluff the back of your dress, train, and veil)

During the ceremony, we cue music, take pics on your phone if you like, and hand out throwing petals or confetti during the bit where you sign your papers

Cheer, clap and whoop as youre announced as the Newlyweds!

Help pack down the ceremony, and transport any items to the reception

Set up the reception room, place cards, DIY styling items, and signage

Welcome guests on arrival

Be your MC, or help time your MC so they dont have to watch the clock all night

Help you change your shoes (not joking)

Make sure your VIPs are in their seats before formalities start


If youre looking for someone who has your back (and your front!) on your wedding day, you have come to the right place. Please feel free to call us on 1800 4 BESTIE or use the contact form below for someone who just gets it.

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About the Team/Owner

Director and Professional Bestie

Hire a Bridesmaid came about after I saw some dear friends stressed out, taking phone calls and adjusting plans on their wedding day. I was quietly outraged, so I decided then and there that no Bride or Groom would ever feel that way again- not on my watch!
A big task I know, but as a team, we have been planning, running and creating dream stress-free weddings for almost 4 years now and I am so grateful for that!
In my time as a wedding magic-maker and solution-sleuth, I've run, planned, been MC and sung at over 100 weddings, some of whose stories we've shared on our blog here.
I pride myself on providing you with such great service that you'll stop calling me your "planner" and start calling me "friend".
Talk soon,
Kerstyn x

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