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Sydney Engagement Rings - A trustworthy Designer

An engagement ring is a great investment on various levels, that's why choosing a trustworthy engagement ring designer, with GIA certified Diamonds is so important.

To research trust-factor, ABIA strongly recommend researching authentic customer reviews and talking to friends and family as to who they hired. We had the opportunity to interview the owner Mark Poter from ABIA-Award Winning Waldemar Jewellers on how to choose the perfect Engagement Ring, Engagement Ring Prices and the popular designs. 

Engagement Rings Sydney - Waldemar Jewellers


How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

If you want the proposal and engagement to be a secret, the best way to understand this is by talking to close family & friends who will give you a great idea of your bride-to-be’s personal style.

Also, looking through her jewellery box is another great way of understanding her style. Maybe take a few photographs to show your selected jeweller.

Once you have decided on a style, “borrow” one of your partner’s rings for sizing. Be sure to place it back where it exactly belongs!

When asking Waldemar Jewellers if more couples are choosing the ring together, he responded that over 70% of customers are just the partner making a secret proposal! Swwooonn….romance is still alive! Sydney Engagement Rings - Waldemar Jewellers


What’s the average Engagement Ring Price?

Waldemar Jewellers really stands by choosing a ring you can afford. Mark stresses the importance of setting a budget and then they’ll work within your price range to design your favourite style.

Blue Diamond Sydney Engagement Rings - Waldemar Jewellers


What is a certified diamond?

GIA certified diamonds are the benchmark of the Diamond Grading all over the world.

Whichever jeweller you meet with, make sure their diamonds are GIA certified as this will provide you with peace of mind knowing you are really getting what you pay for.


GIA Certified Diamonds Sydney Engagement Rings - Waldemar Jewellers


How long does it take to receive an Engagement Ring?

Generally speaking, an engagement ring will take between 3 to 4 weeks to design and craft.  

However, if you have a really strict deadline, Waldemar Jewellers will meet it. We are proud to know Sydney’s Best Wedding Jeweller has not missed a deadline in his entire profession as an expert jeweller.

The time also depends on how quickly you communicate as a client, as there will always be changes. 


What is the processes of a custom-designed ring?

When first meeting with Waldemar Jewellers, you will discuss different styles, diamond grading & quality, but most importantly educating you as a customer on the value and quality of different gemstones & diamonds.

During the first meeting, Mark will personally sketch your envisioned ring and will then create a realistic 3D design using advanced technology.

When choosing the stone, Mark emphasises on the importance of building the ring to the diamond or gemstone, as this will retain the ring’s value. 

Once you are happy with the 3D design, the ring will be crafted by Mark personally, presented in a beautiful box waiting to be opened by the love of your life.


Best Sydney Engagement Rings - Waldemar Jewellers​


What is the most popular Engagement Ring Style?

 Definitely, the Halo Engagement Ring.

What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

One of the most popular designs as mentioned above. The Halo is basically a centered diamond surrounded by a multitude of smaller diamonds. Better yet, a halo ring is not just round, it can come in all shapes and sizes!

Sydney Halo Engagement Rings - Waldemar Jewellers



Why is Waldemar Jewellers the Best Place to buy Engagement Rings in Sydney?

Mark Poter was trained in London by a jeweller who designs for the royal crown, which opened opportunities for him to design for the top celebrities and royalty all around the world.

The training and standards in which Mark has experienced has truly set his quality of craftsmanship as well as his attention to detail.

For every client, Mark will always go above and beyond to research the international market, ensuring the client is presented with the best quality diamond. For Waldemar Jewellers, it is really about educating people to make sure they know what they are buying.

With a custom-designed ring, you will get exactly what you want at a competitive price, as opposed to buying straight off the shelf.


Sydney Halo Engagement Ring - Waldemar Jewellers


Voted Sydney’s Best Wedding Ring Jeweller!

 Waldemar Jewellers was voted the Best Engagement Ring Designer in 2018. This was determined solely based on the ratings & customer feedback provided in four judging criterions out of 100%, including Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Attitude of Staff & Overall Value.