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A Moment With ‘Anita Andrews Dance

ABIA takes to the floor with Melbourne-based wedding dance coach Anita Andrews


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Anita Andrews firmly believes that with the right training, anyone can learn to dance.

“Most people who say they can't dance just haven't been taught the right techniques or haven't worked with the right experienced instructor,” she affirms. “I work closely with each couple, to study their limitations and strengths, so that they enjoy the process.”

Having taught in Australia and internationally, and trained in techniques ranging from Latin to Bollywood, Anita now delights in teaching her wedding dance lessons to couples, families and bridal parties looking to ‘wow’ their wedding guests.

ABIA took a twirl with the highly-skilled dance coach to talk choreography, timing and standout performances.


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Tell us about the services you offer for couples and weddings.

We specialise in curating dance choreographies to suit individual dance abilities and needs, for couples and groups with or without prior dance experience. Our wedding services include First DanceFather-and-Daughter Dance, Mother-and-Son Dance, Bridal Party Dance and Family Dance lessons. We are a fully mobile service, which means we come to our couples for dance lessons to minimise costs of studio hire.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria and can travel within Victoria, interstate or overseas if requested.

What’s involved? Do you offer packages?

Each dance lesson is one hour in duration and includes a breakdown video of what’s covered, so that couples can practice the dance in their own time.

I curate and personalise dances to suit client personality and body movement and, as a qualified performance coach, I can work with anyone — even those with no dance experience — to get them dancing like ‘a natural’ by the end of their lessons.

We have three standard packages for couples’ dance and group dances and can personalise a package to suit individual needs if requested.


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How did you get started in dance? And in the wedding industry?

I was part of my high school dance team, taking part in a few dance productions, and got into Bollywood dancing at university. This led to intensive dance training with a credible Bollywood dance company in Melbourne for seven years, which saw me perform at major events across Australia including UNICEF, IFFM, Moomba and ICC events. 

I began teaching dance at the world-renowned Pineapple Dance Studios in London, and continued my journey in learning various styles of dance — including partnered dancing — with instructing and acquiring credible accreditation over the years. In 2017, I started teaching wedding dance lessons as I wanted to share my passion for partnered dancing with couples getting married.

How do you help couples, or individuals who say they can’t dance? Is everyone capable of learning?

I have worked with a lot of clients who tell me they have ‘two left feet’ and have never danced in front of people — after dance lessons with me they come out looking like they have been dancing all along. I help couples and individuals through knowing how to work with one’s limitations and strengths. 

I believe everyone is capable of dancing. It is their willingness and perseverance that is key. I feel people who say they can't dance just haven't been taught the right techniques or haven't worked with the right experienced instructor.

What should couples look for in a wedding dance instructor?

Couples selecting their wedding dance instructor should be looking for a dance instructor with the right credentials and qualifications to teach wedding dance lessons, making sure to review videos of their work.


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At what point in their wedding planning should couples book dance lessons? How many lessons are usually needed?

I would say the earlier the better — most couples leave booking dance lessons to the last-minute as the thought of dancing in front of a crowd can seem daunting.

Ideally, booking four to six months before the wedding is a good time, it allows couples to choose their preferred dates and timings. This can be particularly important for bridal party dances, which require more coordination with the group’s availabilities.

For a couple’s dance, I would say approximately seven dance lessons is ideal, and is a popular choice for most couples.

How long before the wedding should dance lessons be completed?

Ideally, I like to finish all lessons a month before the wedding, as the wedding month can be quite hectic for the couple. This gives the couple enough time to practice on their own and get the dance into their muscle memory, so that even with nerves on their big day their body will recall the next move and they will be able to enjoy the dance.

What happens after the lessons are over?

Couples can contact me anytime leading up to the wedding, even after the lessons are over they can opt to send through a video of their practice for feedback. I will be more than happy to review it and provide feedback at no extra charge.


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What makes your wedding dance lessons unique?

My ability to ascertain an individual’s dance ability and bring out the best in them. I don't just teach dance choreography — couples can learn that from YouTube — I work closely with each couple, so that they end up enjoying the process.
As a qualified performance coach, I believe when you enjoy something, it shows on your face and nothing captivates an audience more than watching someone enjoy what they are doing.
No two of my dances look the same, because no two people dance the same. As a trained and qualified instructor in a variety of dance styles — from Western to South Eastern to Latin — my choreography is a unique fusion of dance styles.

What was the most memorable wedding you’ve been involved with?

My own! None of our bridal party were dancers, but I taught them to dance three different songs to three different styles, and they were absolutely amazing.

A wedding in Hawaii also stands out. I choreographed all the wedding dances, including the bridesmaids’ dances, and everyone who attended the wedding loved the performances and was in awe of the different styles of dancing we incorporated into the choreography.


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