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A Moment With ‘Blooms By Cecilia

ABIA meets Jane Gan, owner and founder, of this up-and-coming Melbourne floral boutique.

Blooms by Cecilia Melbourne Wedding Flowers


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Becoming a floral designer was a deeply personal journey for Jane Gan. When her mother, Cecilia, lost her battle with cancer, Jane launched the colourful, creative online florist studio to honour her.

“My mum had this profound admiration for flowers and always dreamed of delving into the world of floral design. Unfortunately, her illness cut short her aspirations,” Jane explains. “Blooms By Cecilia is my way of keeping her memory alive and continuing her creative legacy.”

The realm of floristry is also an ideal fit for Jane, a content creator and stylist, who draws on her natural flair for colour and artistry to design distinctive, statement-making floral bouquets and arrangements.

ABIA took a peek behind the scenes of the online flower store, to chat with the floral phenomenon about the art and inspiration behind her other-worldly arrangements.


Image courtesty Blooms By Cecilia


Image courtesty Blooms By Cecilia

Tell us a little about your business.

Blooms By Cecilia is a tribute to my beloved late mother, Cecilia. Inspired by Mum's lifelong adoration of flowers, I embarked on a journey into floral design to honour her memory. My background in content creation and styling, and my discerning eye for style and colour, allow me to skilfully-craft visually-striking and aesthetically-pleasing creations that blend the best of tradition and modernity.

We provide a diverse range of services to cater to various needs, from weddings and events to corporate functions, retail, and styling.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

We’re based in Melbourne and service the city and surrounding areas.

What makes your wedding florals different and unique?

At Blooms By Cecilia couples can expect to see quirky, other-worldly and extra-terrestrial colour pairings that break free from the norm. We specialise in crafting arrangements with unconventional colour combinations that catch the eye. Our specialty lies in blending bold and vivid colours with soft neutrals and delicate hues, resulting in captivating compositions that are intended to make a lasting impression.


Blooms by Cecilia Melbourne Wedding Flowers


Blooms by Cecilia Melbourne Wedding Flowers

What inspired you to become a florist?

My Mum — she was a single mother and never lost her unwavering dedication to provide for our family. Through Blooms By Cecilia, I pay tribute to that unwavering dedication and strive to infuse a personal touch, ensuring that the blooms radiate the same artistic talent she possessed.

Where to you find your creative inspiration?

My floral designs capture an ethereal, contemporary, and other-worldly vibe. I aim to take my clients on a journey beyond this world with my artistry. I find inspiration in a mix of artistic mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, and fashion.


Image courtesty Blooms By Cecilia

What recommendations do you have for couples choosing their colour-palette?

I suggest a six-step approach to couples looking for a colour theme for their wedding.

  • Look to wedding blogs, Pinterest, magazines and nature for colour ideas that match their style and vibe.
  • Consider the time of year and choose colours that fit the season. Think soft, whimsical pastels for spring; bold, vibrant hues for summer; warm tones for autumn; and cool shades for winter.
  • Ensure the colour palette complements the venue and existing décor to create a cohesive look and feel.
  • Follow the heart and incorporate favourite colours, or those that hold sentimental value.
  • Aim for a well-balanced mix of colours, that contrast and blend harmoniously, to add visual interest and depth.
  • Create a mood board, or use sample swatches, to help visualise how colours work together.



What are some creative ideas for floral designs? Are there any floral trends to look out for?

Sustainable floristry is becoming increasingly popular as people prioritise eco-friendly practices. This involves using locally-sourced and seasonal flowers, minimising floral waste, and choosing foam-free designs.
Using a single floral variety is another emerging trend and usually results in arrangements with a sculptural and artistic look. This minimalist approach results in visually striking designs that can make a bold statement.
There's also been a lot of traction around the use of unique and bold colour combinations.

At what stage of the planning process should couples start to think about florists and flowers? How far in advance should they book?

When it comes to planning a wedding, it's important to consider floral design services early in the process. Once couples have an idea of their wedding theme, colour scheme and venue, they should start exploring floral options.
I recommend booking six to 12 months ahead of time, to allow for discussions, collaboration, and the creation of beautiful floral arrangements that align with style and budget.

If a couple gave you ‘free reign’ what would their wedding floristry look like?

We would take that couple’s personal tastes into careful consideration while infusing the arrangements with the distinctive personality of Blooms By Cecilia. Our vision would encompass modern, sculptural designs that exude vibrancy, tropical essence, and dynamic energy.

Imagine a truly one-of-a-kind exotic paradise, destined to leave a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.


Image courtesty Blooms By Cecilia

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