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Cherry Blossom Tree Hire

Decor Tree in Melbourne

Weddings are that unique one-time event that encompass that magical essence.

Unlike a birthday party, which we celebrate on a yearly basis, a wedding is celebrated as one of your biggest milestones, so let's make it special, maybe with a cherry blossom tree?


Cherry Blossom Tree Hire

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne

What's wonderful about celebrating your wedding is, you can make it absolutely unique to you, whether you express that through fashion, styling, vows, food, music etc.

A unique wedding idea that is becoming very popular in Melbourne, is cherry blossom trees for hire.

Even at our very own ABIA Wedding Industry Awards Gala Dinners, we have featured so many cherry blossom trees, because they just add to the excitement & styling of your event room.

Also, they are a brilliant wedding photo opportunity for you and your wedding guests.


LED Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne


Life-like Cherry Blossom Trees for Hire.

If you want to play it safe with an indoor wedding or event, yet are obsessed with nature like we are!

A beautiful idea is to feature a life-like cherry blossom tree, which come in both pink and white.

You could have this as a centrepiece in your wedding reception, or you could have it behind you as you exchange your vows. Anyway in which you display these cherry blossom trees, will be absolutely breathtaking for your next Melbourne event or wedding.

These floral trees are the true representation of the real Cherry Blossom tree.

They make you feel like you are bringing the outdoors inside and their presence won’t go unattended. Their realistic, romantic and breathtaking look, make them unique and a true piece of art to add to the wedding scene.

These trees become the best cost-effective floral option with a high impact all year round.

The Pink Cherry Blossom Tree - 3.5m

Realistic, magnificent and breathtaking, this unique model resembles the beauty of the traditional pink Cherry Blossom tree.

This blossom tree is a unique piece of art. The volume of the silky petals in various tones of pink create a multi-shades look that is often mistaken for the real deal.

A wonderful cost-effective option when looking for large scale flora.

These trees are 3.5m in height and 3.5m wide.

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne - Decortree

The White Cherry Blossom Tree - 3.5m

Romantic and trendy, the white Cherry Blossom tree is the perfect solution for your wedding floral decor.

The beautiful mix of white and touches of apple green in silk petals make it feel like Spring all year round.

These trees are perfect in a pair to frame a place of interest or delimit an area.

These trees are 3.5m in height and 3.5m wide.

White Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne


Cherry Blossom Tree Hire in every size!

Who doesn't love options! DecorTree's products can be propped on a table or can stand alone.

Of course, the larger the tree, the greater the impact, but the smaller trees also add a gorgeous touch to the event room's atmosphere.

Big Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne


Tree Hire with LED lights.

Light up any outdoor or indoor area with these high-quality LED Trees!

Better yet, you can control the colour of these trees, whether it be blue, white, pink or a sunset colour. Set a colour that suits your Wedding Decorations and theme of the day.

DecorTree's LED Cherry Tree is their original tree. It's impressive yet remains classic, it is the heart and soul of their wedding brand.

With illuminated blossoms, these trees comes to life at night to create a magical atmosphere and a sparkle to the scene! This tree is a great cost-effective alternative as a photography backdrops.

LED Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne


Maple Tree Hire in Melbourne

These ethereal looking maple trees for hire, are the perfect way to add some garden magic to your indoor or outdoor wedding.

They stand at 1.8 Metres tall, which can really help frame any feature piece at your wedding, whether it be the bridal table, entrance or ceremony stage.

The LED Maple is the leafy addition to add that subtle and classy glow to its surroundings.

LED Maple Blossom Tree for Hire in Melbourne


About DecorTree

DecorTree is a Melbourne based company specialising in artificial trees for hire.

Since 2016, they have transformed hundreds of spaces for weddings, engagement parties and other special occasions.

Priding themseleves on making events unique and memorable for our customers, while being accessible and suitable for all budgets.

When asking the owner Laura Arroyo the story behind Decortree, she responded with:

“DecorTree was born in 2016 from the need of adding that special touch to my wedding. It was a large ballroom, with lots of tables and chairs, a dance floor, a photography backdrop, photobooth… the usual… I was feeling something was missing… something that could take the room from predictable and dull, to something memorable and unique."

Decor Tree - Hire Melbourne Trees

Adding Luxury to Your Wedding Day.

LED Trees are a common fixture in most high-end events and guests normally rush to stand by the trees for that amazing picture of the night.

Laura had her wedding day in America and had booked a luxury wedding venue, despite the elegance and glamour of the tall silk-lined marble walls, she said it was quite cold and plain.

"Taking a lot from the atmosphere that my big day deserved. I then discovered the true value-add of LED Trees at a venue, and that was to transform a very standard venue into a glamorous and unforgettable experience."

That’s when she realised "this is exactly what Melbourne couples were often missing from their weddings and celebrations."

She then decided to give everyone the opportunity to transform their experiences with such a captivating element, enabling them to turn, standard and often dull venue fixtures and decorations into an experience hosts and guests, would never forget. DecorTree was born!

how to make my wedding luxury


What’s next for Decortree?

We are always in the search of new trends and options to satisfy our clients’ needs, resulting in a constant expansion of our portfolio.

Our passionate team is constantly working to bring our clients a wide variety of options, from faux arboreal lighting to trees in blooms or leaves, in all their shapes, sizes, colours and uses to match their themes or meet their needs.

We will keep working along with the most premium wedding venues in Melbourne, wedding specialists, styling companies and more to make their events the ones that stand above and beyond all others whilst the Melbournians enjoy of an entirely unforgettable experience.

LED Trees for Hire in Melbourne


10 Reasons why an artificial blossom tree can add to your event!

1. It’s the best cost-effective floral solution as they are quite affordable and truly set their presence in the space.


2. The trees bring the outdoors inside:

If you’d like to give a garden/forest vibe to an indoors venue, the trees is an easy cost-effective option to do that and they can be matched with grass runners and floral centerpieces like the classic white cherry blossom centerpieces.

The trees will add that garden-like view and it’s an affordable way to upscale the space and the décor.


3. The trees define the space: they are great to create a two-ambiences venue.

They can be used to define the dancefloor area or to create an intimate lounge area.


4. They help to fill in empty spaces, especially in large, traditional ballrooms.


5. They soften the technical details of the venue: to recreate a truly luxurious wedding, technical details must not be visible and that’s where using artificial trees come into place.

They are great at hiding those tent poles, softening the hard lines of the walls or at adding a classy look for the DJ’s stage area, hiding sound equipment and speakers.


6. Add a true SHOW-STOPPING element to the ceremony or reception: if you want to blow your guests away, having the trees will 100% do that.

The trees will be the talking point of your event, they are magnificent and a true piece of art.


7. The trees can be used to create an escort (or place) card tree to have a stunning entryway or used as a wishing well tree or to hang wedding favours.

You will definitely wow your guests with this innovative idea and rest assured your guests will also bring home some pictures of themselves with the trees as photo background.


8. The trees can be turned into centerpieces when using the donut tables, soooo on trend at the moment!

This stunning and unique combination will definitely blow your guests away, making the table setting even more cozy and charming.


9. Set the mood: the trees have the ability to turn a dull and uninviting venue into a mind-blowing one, they can provide some intimacy to your setting or they can be the soul of the party.

To make a space more intimate, the trees can be placed around the perimeter of the room.


10. They don’t harm the environment, there’s 0 waste. These artificial trees are by nature reusable, making it a perfect alternative to add a realistic look without relying on the natural flora.


Cherry Blossom Tree Hire in Melbourne

Pricing for Cherry Blossom Tree Hire:

All DecorTree's products are per 24-hr hire.

If multiple trees are hired (3 or more) then discounts apply, based on the amount of trees enquired.

Floral Tree Hire:

3.5m White Cherry Blossom Tree: $520
3.5m Pink Cherry Blossom Tree: $520

LED Trees for Hire:

1.2m Cherry Blossom Tree: $190

1.8m Cherry Blossom/Maple Tree: $320 each

2m Willow Tree: $370

2.8m Cherry Blossom/Maple Tree: $470 each

5m Cherry Blossom tree: $950

LED bench seats to surround the trees

$100 each (they have 8 of these)

Email DecorTree today for a quote. 

Website: DecorTree