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Doux Wedding Corp | Melbourne Wedding Photographer & Photobooth Extraordinaire 


They tell love stories through photographs.

Alvin of Doux Wedding Corp has an innate ability to capture emotions so vividly and brilliantly, you can feel their essence when looking at the stills. This is what he can do for you and your wedded-to-be. 


Wedding Photography Melbourne Doux Wedding Corp

Imagine this one special day of yours, captured so beautifully it makes you want to re-live the moments time and time again. 



ABIA Wedding Review


"Alvin was so great with making us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. We’re both not really used to being photographed so were a bit nervous we’d both be super awkward - but Alvin’s mannerism was so calm and friendly, he made us feel like we’d been friends for years after only 5 mins of meeting for the first time! Alvin truly made our intimate wedding that extra bit more special."

Wedding ID: 455717


Wedding Photography Melbourne Doux Wedding Corp


ABIA Wedding Review

Alvin and his team are the best, they are so kind and friendly and professional. They just know what to do as they have been involved in so many events and Alvin takes the time to make sure you are having fun while simultaneously doing his job in capturing your big day. He is amazing, and you will feel like you are working with a good friend."


Wedding ID: 431837


Weddings captured by moments, not Photoshoots.


“We respect weddings enough to not treat it like a photoshoot. We don’t want you to remember your wedding rushing from location to location or doing awkward poses for the camera because that bossy photographer told you so.

Instead, we enjoy taking a step back and letting you, the love birds work your magic. Our favourite shots are always those that capture the dynamics between each couple. The candid ones, the unplanned ones. That is what makes them special.” - Alvin, Doux Wedding Corp.


Wedding Photography Melbourne Doux Wedding Corp



ABIA Achievements


  • GOLD ABIA Accredited Partner
  • 120+ ABIA Wedding Recommendations
  • 5 x ABIA Finalist since 2015 Victorian ABIA Awards (Photography)
  • 5 x ABIA Finalist since 2015 Victorian ABIA Awards (Photobooth)

Wedding Photography Melbourne Doux Wedding Corp

Wedding Photography Melbourne Doux Wedding Corp


Why Doux Wedding Corp?

"Because we believe in telling stories for the generations to learn and aspire. Because we believe that being multi award winning are just perks of doing our job well. Because we respect weddings and the significance of marriage. Because we are here for you, making sure we capture every part of that day and make it timeless. Because we don't believe in hidden charges and hidden agendas.  Because we are fun-loving and free spirited. Chilled and relax. We are Doux.” - Alvin, Doux Wedding Corp.

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