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GB Photobooth

Melbourne Photobooth Hire

If you are planning your wedding, a Photobooth is a must have addition to your wedding reception!


Let your hair down with the formalities of a wedding, put on a silly hat, wear a fake mustache or gather as many of your loved ones as you can to capture authentic and fun times that you can treasure for a lifetime. 

GB Photobooth is a spectacular wedding vendor of photobooths in Melbourne, that will ensure you and your guests can capture all the fun, crazyness and love surrounding your wedding.

Learn more about how a photobooth will be an amazing addition to your wedding, with an interview with Gina from GB photobooth below. 

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

Tell us a little about GB Photobooth.

I have been in the wedding industry for 5 years, honoured to do what I love and to be a part of special life moments as weddings are. I am a unique service in the Victorian Wedding industry of services, offering a range of services from the one place.

I am skilled in the areas of Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Photography, Print Production, Signage.

I have completed a Bachelor in Multimedia & Digital Arts and previously worked as at a few Print & Design Studios, and now have been self-employed for 3 years. I offer many services and will save you time and hassle of finding multiple vendors as well as being able to cater for different options, styles and solutions.

I’ll enhance aspects to your event that you may not have considered, as well as catering to all of your pre-existing desires to ensure that your big day is all that you envisioned and more.

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

Why should a couple book a photobooth?

A photobooth is a priceless addition to any event, but especially one of the biggest days that we hold special in our lives. A photobooth allows your guests to create memories that both you and them can keep forever, both physically and digitally.

A priceless moment is flipping through the online gallery the day after your wedding only to laugh at the hilarious poses, props and combinations of your guests that enter and take some funny and beautiful memories that you can look back on forever.


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

How many people can you fit into a photobooth picture?

Anywhere between 1 – 16+ people can fit in our spacious open-air booth, our closed booth can fit around 1-10. We are always up for the challenge to increase that number! (Safely, of course!)


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

What type of props do you include with your photobooth hire?

We offer uniquely selected, stylish props that we source from unique local and international brands. We love to offer more than just the standard rainbow wig and funny glasses.

We want you to glam up and we offer amazing options for men too! Our new offering is custom Acrylic Props, given the current climate, these can be sanitized and safely re-used.


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

Describe what customised backdrops couples can choose from?

We treat each wedding as a brand, meaning we want to ensure it is all styled accordingly. We give you backdrop options based on that or based on your requests. Ask us about our custom laser cut hanging feature, it acts as a part of the photobooth image and then you can take it home to keep forever!

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

Do you have any special recommendations for couples on what to do with the photobooth photos?

Our software boasts a facial recognition feature, which will ensure each photobooth session prints enough copies for ALL guest to keep, plus one for the guestbook (of course!)  Our friendly attendant will assist and encourage all guests to stick their extra copy into your customized acrylic guestbook.

This is another beautiful memory you will cherish reading through the heartfelt messages and adorable images. Our customized acrylic guest books are available as an add-on to your booth package, with pens and glue provided for use on the night.

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

What Advice would you give Engaged Couples planning their wedding day?

Get organized EARLY and ask LOTS of questions and details from vendors, I’ve heard one too many horror stories of vendors not providing enough information or clarity and then delivering something different on the day.


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

What is your point of difference?

Our point of difference is a customized experience, we really look at every detail to make sure it is a unique experience, coupled with exceptional customer service. We are also a one stop shop for everything Photobooth, Stationery and Signage related, just ask!

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

When hiring a photobooth, what should couples consider in terms of space and placement?

Have a basic floor plan of your venue (usually venues have designated Photobooth areas based on their previous events). The benefit to our open plan or Ghost Booth is that it can fit pretty much ANYWHERE. We will work closely with you to finalise these details.


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

What was your favourite wedding and why? 

Our favourite wedding to date with the photobooth was held at Cammeray Waters, it was such a vision of simplicity, warmth, and elegance. The guests all made sure to use the booth as well as boogie and socialize to what was a simply joyful and amazing wedding day.

Experiencing the genuine laughs and happiness on all guests faces when looking at their printed photos, is what we strive for here at GB Photobooth.


Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

Do you offer other services?

We definitely do, we offer everything under the umbrella of Photobooth Hire, Stationery, Signage and Hire. Please feel free to reach out to ask us more about these other services, as we have over 10 years’ experience in the print and design sector, we are very knowledgeable and have the advantage of doing it all in-house!

Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth Melbourne Wedding Photobooth - GB Photobooth

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