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A Moment With ‘Saxymozz

ABIA meets the talented Moran Zhou, a wedding saxophone player based in Melbourne, Victoria


Image Dr Kimberley Cao

When he first became interested in the saxophone, at the age of seven, Moran Zhou, was too small to support the heavy instrument. He had to wait another six years to take it up, but it appears the wait was worth it.

These days the talented Melbourne-based saxophonist is booked to play at weddings all over the country, firing up dance floors with an energetic mix of music ranging from jazz to pop and romance.

 “My setlists are uniquely-curated to suit my couples’ preferences,” Moran points out. Adding that his mastery of several musical genres means there’s always plenty to appeal to any crowd.

ABIA joined Moran on the dance floor, to chat busking, musical collaborations and performing for Miss Universe Australia.


Image Dr Kimberley Cao

Tell us about your wedding entertainment service.

Whether couples want a smooth, saxy serenade during their ceremony, some cocktail-hour jazz during their canapés or some high-energy pop and dance music for their reception, I am always ready to play the best sax music for their wedding. Rumour has it that all great weddings end in a saxy night, and that’s my area of expertise!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started out busking with my partner, Kimberley, as ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ in the Melbourne CBD. This not only caught the attention of kids and their parents, but also a fellow musician, Dario Violin, who was busking at the same time and eventually introduced me to the wedding industry. For this, I'm eternally grateful as I don't think there is a more beautiful or wholesome industry to work in.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I'm based in Melbourne, and mainly play within Victoria. That said, long drives help me destress, so I don't mind travelling interstate for special weddings.


Image Ivy & Co Photography

At what age did you start playing the saxophone? When did you realise you wanted to turn your talent into a business?

I started playing saxophone when I was 13 and loved it. Then, when I was 18, I started busking. The public enjoyed what I played and, from that initial exposure, people started asking me to perform at their private events. That's when I realised playing saxophone could develop beyond a hobby.

What childhood memories do you have of learning the saxophone?

My love of the saxophone started too early. At the age of seven I expressed an interest in playing and my Dad took me to a saxophone teacher. I was too small though — my neck couldn't support the neck strap carrying the saxophone's weight — so I had to make do with learning the clarinet. I revisited my burning desire to play the sax, once my frame became sturdier, and some of my favourite memories are of touring the US with my jazz band in high school.

What other instruments do you play? Why is the saxophone your favourite?

I still play the clarinet to this day, with medical orchestras, but the saxophone remains my favourite — it can get real jazzy, has universal ‘sax appeal’, and sounds amazing paired with a reverbed microphone, which is how I often play it at weddings.


Image Dr Kimberley Cao

What genres of music do you play? Which are your favourites?

I started off with a lot of jazz, but I've branched into romance, modern pop and dance music. I’ve also become a fan of hybrid pop and dance genres recently, as they really get the crowd going. A lot of my setlists are uniquely-curated to suit my couples’ preferences.

Do you ever play with others?

Yes. Playing with others is always exciting, and I often team up with Dario Violin, Double Show Entertainment, and a cover band.

I also frequently play saxophone on the dancefloor, accompanied by a DJ, and it’s great because it covers the entire spectrum of wedding music entertainment!

Do you have any favourite occasions at which you've played?

One of this year’s highlights was playing for the Miss Universe Australia cocktail night. It was surreal playing in the middle of a dance circle of Miss Universe Australia finalists! I’ve also been booked for a destination wedding, on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays, later this year and can’t wait.


Image Dr Kimberley Cao

What should couples look for in a wedding entertainer? How far should they book in advance?

Couples should ask for videos, so they can get a real grasp of the best the wedding entertainer has to offer. Videos can often speak for their experience, proficiency and professionalism. Reviews also help.

I'm quite booked for the rest of 2023, and 2024 spots are already filling up fast, so I encourage couples to book as early as they can.

What makes your service unique?

My entertainment setlists are curated from two musical genres of each couple’s choice, which ultimately covers a wide range of music with mass appeal.

I also offer a free ‘highlight performance’ with each setlist entertainment booking of one hour, or more, which is perfect for the wedding entrance, first dance or cake cutting.

What do you do when you’re not playing the saxophone?

I'm currently an MD/PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and have a side gig styling grooms for weddings. I also love playing tennis, squash and badminton and spending quality time with my partner, friends and family.


Image Dr Kimberley Cao

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