ABIA's Instagram Tips for Branding Your Wedding Business


Branding is important

Instagram & Facebook are great platforms to showcase what your business offers, but your brand personality as well. 

Branding is incredibly important for any business in any industry, but especially the Wedding Industry. 


Professional photos are neccessary.

When you're part of the Australian Wedding Industry, you will have access to ample professional photographs and video content from fellow wedding vendors in your area.

​If you don't have photographs, kindly ask for them and credit the photographer. The camera technology on new phones these days can do a great job when you have the right lighting. Be sure to take pride in the photos you post on Social Media. 


Share the love and tag where credit is due. 

Instagram is a brilliant way to share the love where you can credit and tag other wedding vendors (especially photographers & videographers as common courtesy) who were part of a real wedding day or industry collaboration. 

Let's get down to some options and ABIA tips for your wedding brand today!

​The below options and Instagram + Facebook Tips for your wedding business can be applied seperately or you could be inspired to merge a few together. It all depends on the feeling you're trying to evoke from the branding of your business.



1. Have a consistent colour theme.

Believe it or not, colour plays such an important role in terms of marketing and branding. A colour(s) can really influence a customer's perception on how they view the personality of your brand.

Not only does it represent personality, it plays a super important role in BRAND RECALL.

Think about the major international brands like McDonalds, Ikea, Cadbury Chocolate & Woolworths, many of these large companies patent their pantone colour as it places such great value on their brand.

SO - pick a colour, showcase it and stick with it!  



2. Use Quotes or Memes. 

Quotes and Memes can attract new followers and build a story for your brand. Again, its a great method of showcasing your brand personality. 

Are you a business who focuses on kindness? If so find a quote that resonates with you like the below. 

If you're a business that love a good laugh and humour is part of your wedding planning journey, include humourous quotes. 



3. Hashtags still work. 

Even in 2021, hashtags definitely work. Studies suggest there is a 12.6% increase for posts with Hashtags. 

But, it is important that the hashtags are relevant to the image you are publishing. I.e. a hashtag #dog is not relevant to a photo of an engagement ring.  

Focus on GeoCentric and basic hashtags. Example: #weddingvenuessydney #sydneyweddingvenues #weddingvenues


4. Customer Reviews instil confidence.  

Customer Reviews are the new and reliable Word-of-Mouth. 

Share your customer-reviews on your Instagram, Facebook and Instastories, it shows prospective customers that you are endorsed by your very own clients.

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $33,000+ (according to a survey with ABIA), hence couples want to ensure their dollars are spent with reputable vendors they can trust; reviews & recommendations are the best way to showcase your trust-factor. 



5. Pitch to 'YOUR' Target Market.  

Think about who your Target Market is, are they the Boho Couple, the "I love it and I want it now" couple, the Professional & Busy Couple, the Dreamer Couple and so on? 

If your customer is the eco-friendly type of customer, focus on publishing some posts around that. If your customer is all about family, include posts which represent moments around family at weddings. If your customer enjoys the luxuries in life, share some posts (credit businesses) that focus on high-end fashion etc.

If you support diversity and inclusiveness, showcase this with real images of couples who you have serviced in the past or share an inspo image and credit the appropriate businesses by tagging them. 

If you haven't already, to help you identify your Target Market, ask yourself the questions in this link to get the best idea. 

who is my wedding target market or customer


6. Update your Bio.  

Your 'Bio in Instagram' or your 'About in Facebook' should be concise enough to explain what your business offers.

If you have a special promo or a trending topic you want to promote, then update your bio to reflect this. 

To link your Instagram to different areas of your website, then signup to https://linktr.ee/ for a FREE or PAID version. 

Update your Instagram Bio

7. Schedule your posts. 

If Socials are not your forte and you can easily get distracted (don't worry it's 2021), we highly recommend you download one of the following APPS which help you schedule your posts automatically. 

They are both FREE, however if you are to signup to the paid versions, there are few benefits like scheduling videos automatically or adding a library of saved hashtags etc. 


8. Authenticity is everything. 

Be real and honest, as customers really appreciate this. Engage with your customers online via Facebook and Instagram and show that you take great accountability & pride in delivering the best product + service you can.

Follow this up with action, i.e. repond to any enquiries within a maximum of 48 hours via Socials and Emails.
Or, when a couple comment on your post, be sure to interact with them to show them you are attentive. 

If a couple texts you, respond via text because that's their preference. If a customer sends you a DM, respond via DM and advise you will respond via email or if you would like to setup a time to chat about designing their dream wedding. 

The best way to grow genuine followers is organically. Which requires a business to invest time, hashtag, tag other businesses and encourage others to share your post and share the love. 

We hope these tips will help you with ideas on how to design and prepare your Wedding Business' Instagram. 

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