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5 Simple Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Dress

There’s never been an outfit that has meant so much to so many people, that outfit being the wedding dress is the bride’s ultimate statement on their big day.

For your future hubby or wifey, seeing you in your statement dress for the first time can be one of the most memorable moments of their life. Needless to say, plenty of women feel a little pressured to choose the right dress, but they don’t know where to begin.

With the help of ABIA’s wedding dress directory, we’re going to go through a few tips that can help you get the perfect pick.

The First Wedding Moment. Photographed by Luke Middlemiss Photography.
Photography by Luke Middlemiss Photography


1) Consider the Venue & Theme.

It is always advised to consider the entire production of your wedding when choosing your dress. For example, if you’re having a traditional church wedding with an emphasis on modest class, then an extremely contemporary choice like a wedding jumpsuit might not be the best direction to go.

Think about how you want to harmonise your dress choice with the venue as well as the overall theme you’re going for. Some locations demand a little more of your dress than others. If you’re having a wedding on the coast, for instance, use the wedding dress directory to find a supplier who specialises in beach wedding dresses.

Beach Wedding Dresses in QueenslandBeach Gown by Paddington Weddings Brisbane


2) Look at What’s on Trend for Inspiration

If your wedding is an open book and you simply can’t find inspiration, then looking at what’s in fashion right now is always a good place to start. Take some time looking at the current trends, whether it’s bigger bows, new colours, or trendy accessories like bridal crowns and extravagant veils.

Viktoria Novak | Bridal CrownsMoninka Rad wears a custom designed Viktoria Novak Crown
Pink Bridal Accessories | Viktoria NovakPink Bridal Crown - Custom Design by Viktoria Novak



Trends can often make you think of only contemporary designs, however there are plenty of more old-fashioned styles becoming more popular, from ball gowns with voluminous skirts to simpler, minimalist dresses with cleaner lines.

Don’t be afraid to search the internet and social media for inspiration and save your favourite pictures. With these images, bring them to the store and the staff will be certain to point you in the right direction.



3) Make Sure You Visit Bridal Stores

As mentioned, the internet can be an excellent resource for researching trends and finding designs that inspire you. However, ordering a dress online can be very risky as it may not fit when it arrives and it could look completely different to how it was promoted online.

By visiting a bridal store in the real world, you have the opportunity to try various designs which can give you peace of mind when making a purchase. The directory for wedding dress vendors on ABIA makes it easier than ever to find vendors near you, saving you time on searching for endless stores around you.

Paddington Wedding Dresses Paddington Weddings Team | ABIA Award Winning Dress Designers

4) Pick Your Perfect Fit

One of the reasons you want to go in-store, as mentioned, is to make sure that the dress fits you in the first place. However, the directory can help you find stores with dresses that best suit your figure, too.

For instance, petite brides might be tired of looking at dresses clearly designed for taller women. For others, finding stores and designers that specialise in plus-size wedding dresses can be exactly what they need. Instead of a gown simply being in a bigger size, plus-size dresses are specifically designed to better accentuate the most flattering parts of your body.

Something really important when trying on dresses is to make sure you take a moment to sit and move around as well. You can get a good look at it standing in front of the mirror but you want to make sure you are comfortable sitting down.

Rosa Clara Wedding Dress Available at Sposabella Bridal Rosa Clara Dress Available at Sposabella Bridal.  


5) Bring Along the People Who Know You Best

If you’ve found the perfect wedding dress supplier, making a visit to their store can be a magical experience. Even if you’re not certain of what you want, you may end up seeing a few choices that immediately capture your attention.

Having good support & advisors is crucial when making your choice. As you are planning essentially the most important day of your life, your nerves may get the better of you, so be sure to choose a supportive friend or family member who knows your personality best.

Photo by Dreamlife Photo & Video (ABIA Award Winning) Photo by Dreamlife Photos & Video (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne Based)

If you know that you have a more contemporary and sexy style, then bringing your more conservative sister might not be the best idea. Choose those who know you maybe even better than you know yourself.
The sooner you start looking and trying on dresses in the real-world, the sooner you’re going to realise what you love and what you dislike.

The directory can help you find wedding dress suppliers and stores near you, giving you plenty of options for inspiration as well as helping you get closer and closer to the wedding dress of your dreams.