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9 Signs You Need Help With Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress may well be the most important outfit you ever own, even if you’re only going to wear it for one day (unless you want to play dress up later, of course). The act of choosing it can really add to the pressure.

Wedding dress consultants can help you take a lot of that pressure off your own shoulders, but how do you know when you need one? Read on, wayward brides, and get back on the right track.

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress


You know the feel you want, but not the look

It’s not uncommon for a bride to have a vibe or theme they’re aiming for, often related to the wider décor style of the wedding. Perhaps you know that you want something old-fashioned, but you’re not sure what that looks like. Perhaps you want something contemporary, classy, or extremely elegant.

A little professional help can work wonders to point you in the right direction. They can quickly pull up examples of what they think you might mean, whittling it down until you nail the look.


You have limited time

Not everyone has the luxury of picking a dress over the course of months. Some people are getting married much sooner, others left the dress shopping a little late. Either way, you don’t have time to peruse dozens of online wedding dresses shops or go from door to door yourself.

Wedding dress consultants can quickly figure out what you want from your dress and, with their knowledge of the vendors available, can help you promptly find dresses to try on, helping to speed the operation up significantly.


Absolutely everything looks great on you

When you visit a wedding dress store, naturally you’re going to want to try a few dresses on. However, many brides make the mistake of trying too much on. It’s easy to love the way a wedding dress looks on you. If you like the one after that and the one after that, you may end up with over a dozen options you just can’t choose between.

The professional will help curate your selection before you try them on, making sure you stick to your wants and needs for the dress, from comfort and practicality to helping you get the feel you want.

You have some ideas, but nothing seems to fit them

Perhaps you’ve seen a celebrity you want to emulate, or you have a whole Pinterest of dress pictures to inspire you. Certain elements, cuts, and fabrics put together might sound perfect, but you have trouble finding the dress that fits them all.

Instead of wasting your time going from online store to online store, a professional guide can note everything you’re looking for and take on the heavy load of finding it for you. Knowing the styles and vendors as they do, it shouldn’t take them too long to come up with a few options.


The accessories are ready but not the dress

Accessories make the dress. In some cases, they may be picked before the dress itself, especially if you plan on wearing an heirloom or you simply saw an addition that you can’t live without.

Choosing an outfit to go with an accessory can be tricky, especially if you’re looking online and you can’t see how they look together. However, a wedding dress consultant has helped brides put together hundreds of outfits, so they know how those individual components work together and can easily find the dress to match your accessories.


Your entourage is proving little help

One tip any consultant will offer is that you should be picky on who comes dress shopping with you. Different members of the party will have different tastes and it can quickly evolve into a “too many cooks” situation, leaving you more clueless than when you started.

The professional has no bias but are there to make sure your needs and wants are considered above all else. An experienced, authoritative opinion can make the process a lot simpler than trying to listen to five voices at once.

You’re not used to how dresses look on you

Dressing to your body type is an essential component of fashion sense, especially when it comes to dresses. If you’re not too used to wearing dresses, however, you might not be certain on how different cuts, tops, and skirts might look on your figure.

Consultants have worked with women with every body type under the sun and can make sure that you’re being steered in the direction that will best complement the most flattering parts of your physique to the degree you want them to be complemented.


You’re not certain how to choose the right dress for the venue/season

You have a winter wedding in a church coming up, but you seem to keep getting stuck in the section for dresses better suited to outdoor weddings in the spring. It’s easy for the sheer aesthetic appeal of a dress to stand out to the point you forget what you actually need, especially when looking online.

Your consultation begins by learning as much about your wedding as possible, so your choices are always steered in the most appropriate situation, making sure that you fit the setting while remaining perfectly comfortable whatever the climate might be.


You want to go non-traditional

If you’re looking for a less traditional option, then browsing from store to store can be infuriating. Most women opt for classic white wedding dresses in various styles, so that’s mostly what you find in dress stores.

A professional has a much deeper knowledge of the different vendors around and can help you find those stocking the dress that fits outside the conventional range. Naturally, they can also help women who are looking for traditional dresses from cultures around the world, so you’re not stuck looking at dresses that don’t fit the heritage you might want to celebrate.

With Abia’s wedding directory, it’s much easier to find the wedding dress guides to navigate the diverse, wild and wonderful world of bridal fashion. Take a look and see who can give the help you need.