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7 Reasons why Greek Entertainment is the Next Big Wedding Trend!

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Greek Entertainment - Sydney Wedding Entertainment
Greek Entertainment in Sydney - Photo by Inlighten Photography - Styling by Events by Nadia

Recently, ABIA had the great pleasure of enjoying Greek Entertainment perform in front of a crowd of 300+ guests in Sydney, where we all just fell in love with them!

The owner, Costas is an absolute legend who can seriously rock the Greek Bozouki with his side-kick on the acoustics!

As we sat there watching Greek Entertainment do their thing, we were in absolute awe and now all we want is for everyone to experience the brilliant energy they brought to the event!

Here are the 7 reasons why Greek Entertainment will be a goer on your wedding day!


1. Your Wedding Won’t Be Boring

However, there’s nothing more awkward than a wedding, which is super quiet, with measly background music and people clinking their cutlery. Cringe.

If you hire unique wedding entertainment for 30+ minutes at the start of your reception, this will set the tone for the night and get your guests excited for what will be a brilliant wedding celebration!

Unique Wedding Ideas Unique Wedding Ideas - Photo by Inlighten Photography

2. It’s an Ice Breaker for Your Guests

A wedding is the perfect place to meet new people and mingle, and maybe for your Bridesmaids, meet a new love 😉.

Having a unique wedding idea like Greek Entertainment Australia will trigger your guests to start a conversation on how fantastic the entertainment is. Naturally, guests will ask each other for photos with the entertainers, selfies are such an ice-breaker!

Wedding Entertainment SydneyImage by Sydney Wedding Photographer: Kiri Shay Photography


3. You don’t have to be Greek, but you must eat lamb!

I’m just kidding, you don’t have to eat lamb. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my all-time favourite movies and I couldn’t help myself – excusie!

But in all seriousness, you really don’t have to be Greek to hire bouzouki performers, because everyone is familiar with that catchy sound and better yet, they can play any popular song you want supported by acoustics, saxophone etc.! Costas specialises in personalised solutions for your event for all cultures. 


4. No Song is off limits with Greek Entertainment.

The traditional Greek bouzouki is part of the guitar family with a really unique sound. That means you can easily request any favourite wedding party song of yours, whether it is AC/DC, Sweet Caroline, Toto’s Africa or Black Eyed Peas, nothing is off limits! Winning!

How does Costas personalise your experience? 
The couple has a vision, but Costas has the magic touch to making the vision come to life. 
Greek Entertainment

5. It's more than "just" entertainment - it's a production. 

From your first enquiry with Greek Entertainment, Costas will invite you to his exclusive music studio and make you his famous Greek Frappé. After you get your caffeine hit, you will start to discuss YOUR vision and what it is that you want on your wedding day, allowing you to improvise with creativity. If you want an Italian/Greek mashup that leads into modern pop music, it can be done as the sky is the limit! 

On the day itself, Costas will arrive to the wedding venue 3 hours prior to the event to rehearse and setup his atmospheric lighting and professional sound equipment. With the three components of live music, top-notch sound equiment and room lighting, you will quickly have yourself a Wedding Production! 


6. Be That Unique Wedding! Opa!

Don’t fall in to the trap of following every single wedding tradition known to man and woman. Make a mark on your wedding day with something unique like Greek Entertainment, maybe even throw in some indoor fireworks to enhance the performance!


7. You will have ‘The Wedding of the Year’!

Being “that” couple who have the BEST wedding with so many talking points will be spoken about for years to come. It’s those small & unique elements that can really interest all your guests, no matter what age!

Greek Entertainment in Sydney
Image by Kiri Shay Photography