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Bizzaro Bridal Couture: Bespoke Bridal Gowns

Based in Sydney

If you're on the search for a wedding dress designer in Sydney to bring your dream bridal gown visions to life, look no further than our featured partner Bizzaro Bridal Couture.

The Australian wedding gown designer has been designing and creating breathtaking bridal gowns for over 30 years and has been recognised by the prestigious ABIA Wedding Industry Awards on a State & National level. To help with the entire bridal journey, the boutique team will design your full bridal look by pairing veils and accessories.

Designing a gown suited to you is a once in a lifetime experience, so this is definitely the moment to spoil yourself with a personalised couture service.

We sat down with Dimmy Paris, founder of Bizzaro Bridal Couture for a little chat, whilst you're learning more about this beautiful brand, you will get lost in all the gorgeous details of Dimmy's luxe designs!

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

Dimmy, tell us a little more about Bizzaro Bridal Couture?

At Bizzaro Bridal Couture we design and create custom wedding gowns and complementing veils and accessories. I have the greatest honour of working closely working with our brides to create their dream gown and their unique wedding day style. It's always been important to us, to offer a comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment where brides can enjoy a stress free personalised couture service.

Our Bizzaro team are perfectionists, so every bridal gown is hand crafted and perfectly fitted. Luxury fabrics and embellishments enhance every unique design and I and the team are always on hand to offer friendly honest advice and go above and beyond to transform each bridal vision into reality. When you book with Bizzaro you can be confident that your custom bridal gown will be perfect in every way and that you are in capable and professional hands with Dimmy and her team.

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture
Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

What do you love about weddings?

Weddings are such a joyous and special occasion for all involved. We absolutely love being a part of that joy and of being a part of the day and journey of getting to the special day. To the bride, the wedding gown is one of the most important decisions she will make for her special day, We love that we can make the experience of having a custom hand-crafted gown a memory and something they cherish many years into the future.

Personally, I love the connections I make with my brides during the process. Over the years, many of my brides have become personal friends of mine and I have also been honoured of becoming godmother to the son of a Bizzaro bride who I now consider family. Weddings bring people together in so many ways! It is a beautiful industry to be in - I feel blessed to have known from a young age that designing and making wedding gowns was what I wanted to do.

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

What is it about Bizzaro Bridal that makes you unique?

As the owner and head designer at Bizzaro, I personally meet with brides to discuss their dress ideas and desires. During the initial consultation I sketch ideas and creatively mock up various styles on a mannequin to create a visual for the bride. I have fabrics and embellishments on hand to view and also source requested fabrics not available in the studio at the time. When a bride has confirmed her Bizzaro gown she is presented with a detailed time line of all fittings and appointments from start to finish. This eliminates any anxiety and keeps the bride on schedule and informed every step of the way.

I personally conduct fittings with my brides and do what I can to ensure they have the confidence to talk openly with me during the making process about any concerns they may be having. With the support of my amazing team, I offer a true and intimate couture experience to my brides and am hands-on throughout the entire process. My team and I are always happy to share honest and professional advice throughout the whole planning/fitting/making process. Fittings often consist of discussions about everything else going on with the wedding planning. Apart from everything involved with creating a stunning gown for the bride, the emotional support and friendly ear is all part of the service.

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture
Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

What's your advice to brides planning a wedding?

My advice is and has always been: go with the people who you feel understand your vision. Go with your gut and choose vendors who you felt a special connection with. You don't want to feel like your wedding is just another job! The right vendors will be as passionate about your wedding as you are and will go beyond your expectations. They are genuinely happy to be a part of your special day and are honoured to have you as a client. Try not to decide on price alone, usually going with the vendor who may be a little more expensive but totally understands what you want can save you hours of stress and probably more money in the long future.

Don't spend months and months running around to every vendor, which is exhausting and gets confusing, making your decision harder than it should be. Make a short list of people you would like to meet in person to discuss your wedding and then make an informed decision. Once you have booked someone's service... trust the process, they are the professionals and know what they are doing, micro-managing every aspect of your wedding creates unnecessary stress for all parties. Let the professionals you chose do their thing, check in 4-6 weeks before the wedding to recap your expectations and the finer details of what's expected on the day.

Ask friends who have had weddings for any recommendations they may have.

Shop local... Not having to travel far for fittings and appointments can save travel time and make regular check-in's easier to manage. Plus, we all love clients who support businesses in their local area!

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

Do you have a favourite wedding?

I don't have a favourite, I love all the weddings I am involved with. Maybe I should answer "my own wedding"!

Wedding Dress Designer NSW Bizzaro Bridal Couture

If you've fallen head over heels in love with Bizzaro Bridal Couture's beautiful creations, why not get in touch with these NSW wedding dress designers? You can contact Bizzaro using their website or Instagram page.