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A Moment With ‘Dauntless Entertainment

ABIA meets highly-skilled Sydney performer and acrobat Joe Carbone of this extraordinary wedding entertainment company


Images courtesy Dauntless Entertainment

Picture a waiter at a wedding dropping their tray, attracting the attention of guests then breaking into a captivating spectacle of dance, fire twirling and acrobatics. Since 2008, that’s exactly the sort of thrilling wedding entertainment that Joe Carbone and his gravity-defying team at Dauntless Entertainment have been providing to awe-inspired wedding guests, and as their success has grown so has their variety of performance offerings.

“We have expanded our services, offering a wide range of highly-energetic stunt shows and classy contemporary performances,” Joe explains.

Fire twirling and breathing, acrobatic balancing acts, stilt walkers and assorted dance performances, together with champagne skirts and tassel hats for guest arrivals, now feature among the extensive list of entertainment offerings that Dauntless provide across Australia.

ABIA took to the dancefloor with Joe to discover how Dauntless’ dynamic stage and roving acts are continuing to wow wedding guests.


How did you get started in the wedding industry?

We began in the wedding industry in 2014 with our Undercover Waiters — who look and walk around like regular waiters until one of them drops a tray on the dancefloor, drawing all guests’ attention, then the team breaks into a thrilling combination of acrobatics, circus, dance and fire routines. Since then, we have expanded our services to offer a wide range of highly-energetic stunt shows and classy contemporary performances.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

Dauntless Entertainment is based in Sydney, but we travel around Australia for all kinds of events.



What types of wedding entertainment and acts do you offer, and which are the most popular?

We offer more than 20 different types of entertainment for weddings, ranging from acrobatic chair-balancing acts to lyra pole routines. These are some of our most popular acts, together with our Undercover Stunt Waiters, Adagio Duos and Contemporary Dynamic Floor Shows. Champagne Skirts, Tassel Hats and our Serving Trays are popular inclusions for guest arrivals too.

At what point in their planning should couples consider entertainment?

Usually at about the mid-way point, once a wedding venue has been booked and the main wedding vendors sorted.


What are some of the best times to include entertainment and acts in the wedding day schedule?

Great times to include our acts are the guests’ arrival or pre-reception cocktails, as part of a grand entry and during dinner and the end-of-night dance party.

What wedding entertainment is trending at the moment?

Our Champagne Towers, Tassel Hats and Champagne Skirts are proving really popular at weddings right now.


How did you become interested in entertainment?

It was always my destiny to become a performer. In 2008 a group of my closest friends and I began training in our local park together. With unwavering commitment and dedication we moved on to perform at local council events and theatre shows. Today, we have evolved into a well-known performing team with numerous accolades and achievements to our credit. It fills me with pride that we are now a full-time performing team with a global fan base and that we’ve earned multiple theatre awards — including the esteemed first place title at the Australian Dance Awards.

Do you perform at events other than weddings?

Yes, we perform at all sorts of corporate events across Australia, including festivals, nightclubs, product launches and sporting events, and we’re the official ‘hype squad’ for the Sydney Kings basketball team.



When it comes to wedding entertainment, can your acts accommodate special requests and customisations?

Indeed, we go beyond being just a talent agent — we are the creators of our own exceptional product. At our academy we meticulously craft and customise every show, to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience for each audience.

What makes your wedding entertainment unique?

Experience! Having serviced more than 1000 events we know what works and what doesn’t. We have mastered the art of performing cool tricks and bringing the audience on a journey with us. Our shows are also fully choreographed — it mightn’t look like it, but nothing is ‘freestyle’ when it comes to Dauntless shows.


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