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A Moment With 'David Lang Celebrant'

ABIA chats with charismatic Sydney marriage celebrant David Lang



Even if they haven’t seen David Lang in his multiple appearances on the Nine Network’s Married At First Sight, his couples tend to feel like they know him almost instantly.

The Sydney-based marriage celebrant's enthusiasm and welcoming personality set them at ease from the first meeting, and David’s aim is for his couples to feel like they’re being married by a mate.

“The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a Best Man who couldn’t figure out how he didn't know me, because the couple got on with me so well,” he points out.

Keen to know him better ourselves, ABIA sat down to chat with David about celebrancy’s serious side and to find out how a simple comment from his wife inspired his move into the wedding industry.



Tell us about your wedding celebrancy services.

I’m an experienced, fresh and energetic marriage celebrant who loves to have a laugh, and I’m renowned for my bubbly personality and ability to interact with a crowd. I take my legal duties as a celebrant very seriously but also aim to be a friendly face on the day, to help calm nerves, to welcome and engage guests and to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

It was my wife's idea! I was acting and working in a coffee shop at the time we were planning our wedding, and she suggested, "Why don't you become a marriage celebrant?".


Image courtesy David Lang Celebrant

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I'm based in Willoughby, and operate mostly across Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches, but I travel everywhere, from the Southern Highlands to the Blue Mountains and even interstate.

Why do you look so familiar?

Probably from my multiple appearances on the Nine Network’s Married At First Sight.




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What inspired you to become a celebrant?

After years of performing, acting and singing onstage, becoming a celebrant was like putting a square peg in a square hole.

How can couples make their wedding ceremony stand out from others?

Just be themselves! Everyone is there to celebrate their love, so they should feel free to make it about them, and to tell the fun or embarrassing stories and share the little details that make their love so special.



You hear lots of wedding vows, do you have any advice for couples writing their own?

Provided they come from the heart they can be as long or as short as they want, and they really can’t get them wrong!

What was the most memorable wedding ceremony you’ve officiated?

I conducted a ceremony on the back of a boat in Sydney Harbour during a torrential downpour. The crazy thing was, the boat was the second one that the couple had booked — the first one had been struck by lightning and burnt down six months before — and a rainbow appeared after the ceremony was over!



In your opinion, what are the main things couples need to consider when planning a wedding?

I don't think they should listen to what anyone else has to say. It's their day, so they should do it their way! I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but at the end of the day, the memories should be ones they want to hold onto forever.

At what point in their planning should couples choose a wedding celebrant? How far in advance should they book?

I always say, “Date, venue, then celebrant”. That way, I know if I'm available. It’s a good idea to book as early as possible though as the legalities can take time, and they’re better dealt with sooner than later.



What makes your celebrancy service unique?

I want my couples to feel like they’re being married by a mate. The best compliment I’ve ever received was from a Best Man who couldn’t figure out how he didn't know me, because the couple got on with me so well!

My deeply personal, and very humorous, marriage ceremonies are also known to tug on the heartstrings, and include personal anecdotes and inside jokes delivered with my natural flair for storytelling.

What was your favourite wedding?

There are too many to choose from!

How would you describe the couples you connect with the most?

Fun, easy-going, up for a laugh and a good time and, most importantly, ready to have an amazing day.



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