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Joined By Jeff 

One Man, Three Wedding Services

Introducing the engaging, entertaining, and adventurous Jeff from Joined By Jeff!

Joined By Jeff is a Marriage Celebrant, who's friendly and infectious nature helps couples have a stress-free and entertaining ceremony. After your ceremony, Jeff can continue the entertaining as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) and get your guests moving as your DJ!

We spoke with Jeff from Joined By Jeff to learn more about his wedding services and the benefits of hiring wedding professionals for your wedding.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff


Tell us a little about JOINED BY JEFF

Joined By Jeff was born to deliver modern, engaging, and always spirited Marriage Celebrant services to couples looking for a wedding experience that was uplifting and never boring.

My focus is on creating a totally immersive wedding ceremony that is inclusive of the couple, bridal party, and guests.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

How did you begin working in the Wedding Industry?

I started working in the wedding industry 30 years ago as a wedding DJ & MC and I have seen many changes over the years from fashion styles, reception, and ceremony styling to a large change in how many couples access their services.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

Tell us what you love about working with Weddings?

The best part about working at weddings is being able to sense and carry along with the palpable feeling of happiness that exists from everyone attending. A couple's wedding vision becomes a very tangible entity and to become a driving force to see that vision realised brings me the greatest joy.

I love the emotion surrounding the whole day and knowing I can contribute to those happy emotions is a pleasure. Plus, most of the time I get to try the wedding cake!

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

What is your role as a Marriage Celebrant?

My role as a Marriage Celebrant is to facilitate the contract of Marriage. This doesn't sound all that romantic but when you combine that with the personalisation options available to bring a true reflection of who the couple is to a ceremony the role changes to one of a storyteller, ambassador, guest wrangler, and the fun glue that holds everything together.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

What advice would you give to couples when choosing a Marriage Celebrant?

Choosing a Celebrant is finding the right perfect stranger to play a significant role in one of the most important days of their lives.

I feel a couple should choose someone they really connect with and have confidence in knowing that they understand them and their wedding vision. 

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

Why do you believe it is important for Engaged couples to consider hiring a professional MC & DJ for their Wedding Day?

One of the main memories guests and the couple will have from their wedding day is the way the reception was run.

Professional DJ's and MC's have the years of experience to operate with an innate sense of timing and organisation. They operate with industry-leading equipment and resources to ensure the perfect delivery of a reception timeline and music. 

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

What planning is required prior to the wedding day when hiring a DJ? 

I always advise a couple to meet with their DJ and or MC to discuss aspects of their wedding such as music for the key moments and dancing, what they will wear, what their DJ setup looks like, what insurances they have, and what back up plans are in place.

The DJ and/or MC will play a significant role in the wedding so being comfortable with them is vitally important.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

What advice would you give Engaged Couples planning their wedding day?

Don't sweat the small stuff is my biggest advice. Set a budget with the essentials being at the forefront. Think about what you need versus what you want. Ask advice from friends and family about what they had at their wedding, what would they have not spent money on, what were they glad they did.

A couples vendors are one of the best sources of advice as they have generally seen hundreds of weddings and have such valuable insight.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff


What was your favourite wedding and why? 

One of my most favourite was Mel and Simon's wedding at Calvin Estate on May the 4th 2019 which is Star Wars day.

The couple had themed much of their wedding around Star Wars and I happily joined in wearing a Stormtrooper suit. 

Wedding Celebrant - Star Wars Theme - Joined By Jeff

What is your funniest moment from a wedding you have attended?

I have so many funny moments to remember, some I dare not. One of them was seeing a very eager Bridesmaid launch herself from the ground, to chair, to the table, and midflight caught the bouquet. A rather non-elegant crash landing saw her jump up for joy with a bouquet still in hand although squashed into her dress.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

What is your point of difference?

I believe my point of difference is really listening to a couple and completely delving into what atmosphere they are trying to achieve. What parts of themselves do they wish to be accentuated and provide many traditional and quirky ways to bring those to life.

I never stand in the middle of a couple when they are getting married. I adjust my wardrobe choices to suit the couple and theme and always bring a huge amount of energy and consistency to their wedding planning and wedding day.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

Do you offer other services?

Couples love that I am able to combine my Celebrancy services with also being their wedding DJ and MC. This is so convenient for them and means they have one person looking after them all day. It brings a familiarity to the day with comfortability and reliability. I can carry the theme and mood of the ceremony into their reception.

Wedding Celebrant - DJ - MC - Joined By Jeff

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