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Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC | Sydney

Introducing Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC!

Jordan Vassallo is a wedding industry veteran with great insight into the growth of the industry over the years. We spoke with Jordan to learn about his insight and get tips for hiring a Celebrant & MC!

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

Tell us a little about Jordan Vassallo Celebrant and MC.

I am a 36-year-old fun-loving Celebrant, Actor, Director, and hilarious UNCLE JORDAN with Maltese Heritage, who is married to the beautiful Laura. I have been part of the wedding industry since I was 12. My father was a wedding planner, and we would do over 500 weddings a year... YIKES. But man it was fun!!

Laura and I run our own production company and are both actors and creatives, so live entertainment and events are our life.

As a Marriage Celebrant, it is my job is to support my couples, as I craft a unique ceremony that is as individual as the two of them.

My diverse experience in both the performing arts and events industries will guarantee that any ceremony is written, planned, rehearsed, and delivered seamlessly so that every moment is precisely wanting what they want. 

I am a great Master of Ceremonies too!

When creating the perfect ceremony, I love highlighting the little moments that make your relationship unique, by delivering a ceremony that celebrates who they are and the love between them. This allows the guests to have a glimpse into the happiness and fun that makes them unique.

From the first conversation, I am right beside them to ensure that the experience of planning a wedding is as fun and stress-free as possible.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

You grew up in the Wedding Industry, what has changed for the better?

Choice and Access is the most significant change I have seen. There is someone who can offer a service for absolutely anything you can think of.

The size of the market and the variety of services on offer keep the industry competitive and also accessible for couples at various price points to ensure that a wedding can be exactly what you want it to be and not cost more than you are willing to spend.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What type of ceremony do you create for your couples?

The service I offer is bespoke and customisable for each couple.

Aside from the legal requirements, every ceremony is unique and takes into consideration the wants and desires of the couple. From the tone of the ceremony to the “staging” to use a theatre term, each element is considered.

When creating a ceremony, I ensure that all vendors and services work together to maximise the benefit to the couple.

Considering aspects like Musicians timings and song choice, Photographers and the perfect angles and shots, Videographers and connecting the audio outputs for clear sound, the decore and making sure my suit matches the theme and style of the wedding. 

The ceremonies I create are written, rehearsed, approved by the couple, and staged to ensure perfect execution.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What advice would you give to couples when choosing a Marriage Celebrant?

Write down a list of questions you want to be answered not just from an execution point of view but, logistics, Support, Energy, Vibe, Connection, Peace of mind, Value for money, and most importantly how they intend to make you feel special.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What is your MC Style? How do you get the audience engaged at a reception?

As a Master of Ceremonies, I consider myself the ringmaster. It is my job to coordinate, entertain, set the tone, and keep the show rolling along.

Depending on the couple’s requirements I can be Formal, Classy, Funny, Cheeky, and even a little bit naughty. I work with the venue to make sure the run sheet is optimised to ensure that the couple gets everything they want out of the night.

Using my many years of experience and my training as an actor, I am quick on my toes and ready for every scenario possible to ensure that everyone has a great night and is talking about the wedding for years after.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What is NOIM - why do we need it, and how does it work?

The Notice of Intended Marriage is the document all couples complete when they want to get married. It lets us know that they have the intention to get married and allows the celebrant to adequately identify the parties involved. Along with this, the couples sign a Declaration of no legal impediment which states that there is nothing legal from stopping them from being married.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

If you're hired as both the Celebrant & MC, what does a day look like for you?

For every Wedding, I do the day starts almost the same. I would have had my chosen suit drycleaned and a haircut on Wednesday before to ensure I look my best for my couples.

The night before I have checked all equipment and made sure all paperwork and scripts are packed in my bag. (which I would go on to check another 100 times before leaving the house because I'm paranoid like that).

Then I make my way to the ceremony to arrive at least 30 minutes before the guest arrives. This gives me time to set up and make sure the venue looks perfect.

Then I greet the guests and the bride or groom as we await the arrival of their partner. Once the ceremony starts its time to make memories.  Whether I am there for just the ceremony or both jobs,  I am 100% focused and committed to my couples. I only ever book 1 Couple per day to allow myself to be completely present and give the couple peace of mind that I am in no rush.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What advice would you give Engaged Couples planning their wedding day?


  1. Book your Celebrant and venue first! This allows you to start the journey for the wedding planning with a clear path to what you want it to be and to have support from people who see it all.
  2. Cost and Value are two very different concepts. The cost is the amount you pay. Value is what you get for that money. Always make decisions with both in mind. The moment you feel the value is greater than the cost, you will be in a better place.
  3. Breathe and have fun.
  4. Book me.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What was your favourite wedding, and why?

My favourite wedding was my own. OBVIOUSLY :)

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

What is your funniest moment from a wedding you have attended?

I love wedding vows. The funniest moment has to be when doing the ring ceremony at my friend’s wedding. The line read like this: Suzie “Take this ring as a symbol of my love, commitment and devotion, I love you...”. As the groom was repeating after me, when it came to the last three words instead of just saying “I love you”, he turned to me and said..” I love you too, man”. Everyone lost it, and I was howling with laughter.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

Any tips for the grooms who are looking to have your impressive beard? I am sure they'd love it!

HAHA…!? Yes, do it. I get it trimmed every two weeks at the barber when I have my haircut by my boys at Tapered the Barbershop in Quakers Hill and make sure I use beard oil, balm and give it a good brush, so it isn’t all wildly. It has become a trademark of mine and people seem to love it.

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

Do you offer other services?

Yes, other than Celebrant and MC I can help my customers with finding entertainment, and even Bridal waltz lessons. I have a network of Choreographers who offer private lessons and can create a unique bridal waltz/entry or flash mob for their big day. :)

Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Jordan Vassallo Celebrant & MC

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