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A Moment With 'Patricia Ma'

ABIA talks to this talented, trilingual Wedding Celebrant, MC and Tea Ceremony Host from Sydney, NSW.


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After a slightly shaky start, public speaking came easily to Patricia Ma, eventually leading her to MC at weddings.

“I became interested in celebrant services too, but I didn't register until my best friend asked me to solemnise her wedding,” Patricia explains.

It was a turning point, and the talented speaker now offers her Wedding Celebrant, Wedding MC and Wedding Tea Ceremony hosting services in three languages — Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

ABIA sat down with this talented, trilingual presenter to discover more about her beautiful, bespoke wedding services.


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Tell us about your wedding services?

I’m a Wedding Celebrant, a Wedding MC and a Chinese/Vietnamese Wedding Tea Ceremony host with more than 18 years’ experience in events. I’m fluent in Cantonese and English, and can also perform my personalised, touching ceremonies in Mandarin.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I was hosting charity galas and fund-raising events, then in 2014 I began as a Wedding MC. Through that I developed an interest in becoming a celebrant and I started the qualification process. Then, when my best friend asked me to solemnise her wedding, I registered. From there I progressed into hosting Wedding Tea Ceremony services — a delightful Asian cultural tradition for couples to show respect to their parents and elders.


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Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I’m based in Sydney, but I am also happy to travel interstate.

Who, or what, made you decide to become a celebrant?

My best friend, and Maid Of Honour — I’d been interested for a while, but when she asked me to help at her wedding it was an easy decision. Afterward, I realised that it was meant to be.

I love being able to use my language skills to ensure that all family members feel included, and weddings still make my heart sing. I get so much joy from being a part of such a special moment!


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How do you think your childhood may have shaped your career path?

I started delivering speeches in high-school. My legs shook at first, but soon I could present confidently without a script, and at university I studied event management and worked as a Chinese radio presenter. So, I was trained in public speaking, and I guess that led me to becoming an MC and celebrant.

How can couples make their ceremony stand out from others?

I believe the best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own. Every couple has their unique love story, and I love to write a script tailored-made to each one.

There are so many celebrants, how can couples choose one?

Weddings are real, live moments, which are talked about for years to come, so couples should choose a celebrant who understands their story and will tailor a service to them. I offer bespoke services and don’t repeat a single one!


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You hear lots of wedding vows, are there any that stand out? And do you have any advice for couples writing theirs?

I had one groom sing his vows, and another made more than 15 promises in his. My advice for couples is to consider what brought them to marriage and to think about their future together, then follow their hearts and write down what they want to commit to each other.

What was the most memorable wedding ceremony you’ve conducted?

My first wedding, which was also my best friend’s wedding — it was such a great party and first experience for me!


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What are the main things couples need to consider when planning their wedding ceremony?

I always recommend couples lock in their celebrant at the first stage of wedding planning. Some couples don't realise they need to engage a celebrant and submit a Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) at least a month prior to their wedding day. The form can be submitted up to 18 months in advance, so it’s a good idea to have it submitted early to secure a date. This can be particularly important in Asian cultures, which recognise ‘good days’ on the Lunar calendar — they tend to book out very quickly.

I also suggest couples who need the services of a celebrant and an MC find someone who can do both — they’ll know each other well by the time the wedding comes around and it’s a great way to make everything seamless.

What makes your service unique?

I offer various types of services — Wedding Celebrant, MC and Chinese/Vietnamese Wedding Tea Ceremony Host — so I’m a bit of a one-stop shop!
Being trilingual, with a warm and bubbly personality, it’s also easy for me to create great vibes and engage guests. Plus, with more than 18 years’ event-management experience, I have an amazing eye for detail and a special talent for keeping things running smoothly.


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