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A Moment With ‘Andy The Mentalist

ABIA talks tricks with this Sydney-based magician


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Andy Nunn was just 10 years old when he became intrigued by magic.

“I watched a magician make my uncle, and his friends, scream with childlike laughter, and figured that was a superpower I needed,” he says.

He made a lifelong friend of that magician and eventually transformed his passion for magic, or ‘mentalism, into a highly-successful, sought-after entertainment business.

We chatted to Andy, and convinced him to divulge a few of his secrets.



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Tell us about your entertainment business. What is a mentalist?

Mentalism is a form of magic that combines sleight of mind and hypnosis to give the illusion of mind-reading. When you see someone hypnotised, or experience it yourself, you question whether magic is real or not.


How did you fall into magic?

I met a magician when I was 10. He was performing to my uncle, and his friends, and the way he made them laugh like kids was fascinating to me. I befriended that magician, and we remain friends to this day. I started performing at weddings for him when I was 16, and in September 2019 I began performing full-time.

When Covid lockdowns set in, months later, it was a nerve-wracking time, but my business survived. Every event felt like a blessing after that, and in three years my business has grown dramatically. I’ve performed for some fantastic clients, expanded into other industries and been given some incredible opportunities.



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Where are you based and what locations do you service?

I’m based in Sydney, and most of my events are within NSW, but I perform nationwide — one of my latest bookings is in Port Fairy, Victoria.


What does a mentalist do day-to-day?

My fiancé would say that I sit around playing all day, then get to be the most popular person at a party in the evening. I like to think that I spend my free time ‘researching the mind and its capabilities’, and seeking inspiration outside of magic. From participating in silent retreats to ultra-marathons, I do whatever it takes to ensure my audiences have a fantastic experience.


Why should couples hire a magician for their wedding day?

Couples often say they want something different, to make their day stand out, without being too over the top — that’s magic!

Roving magic, in particular,  fits in with the natural flow of a wedding day while providing a unique experience. And it’s an instant ice-breaker. While performing, I often look out for quieter guests and use my magic to help them feel a part of the gathering. Magic can give people the confidence to connect with others, and that buzz can carry through to the rest of the event.



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What's the difference between ‘Roving Magic’ and a ‘Magic Show’?

Roving Magic could also be described as ‘walk-around’ or ‘close-up’ magic, as it’s a performance that occurs close to the audience, and is typically performed without a stage or formal setting.

A Magic Show takes place on stage, as part of the ‘formal’ entertainment. I tailor my shows to suit each audience and they’re a highly-interactive experience, involving dozens of audience members. My goal is not only to entertain, but to also create long-lasting memories. I work closely with a couple to go over all the details of their wedding day to ensure that I offer the best possible service. Often, roving magic suits best, but I have also had some of my best shows at weddings.


When is the best time to ‘bring out the magic’ at a wedding?

Performing during a stand-up cocktail session, prior to a sit-down reception, works really well. When guests are mingling, magic can act as a social-lubricant — it brings everyone together, allows for a natural flow and the excitement carries through to the reception.



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What makes your service unique?

My style of performing is playful and fun. We all have that sceptical uncle who doesn't believe in anything, and I make it my goal to get him laughing.

I bring people together and get them talking. My performance isn't about tricking people, it’s about reintroducing them to childlike ‘wonder’ — in that state, people connect, they laugh, they play together, and everyone has a great time.


What was your favourite wedding performance?

A standout was performing for Dara Lawson (aka DJ Tigerlily) during her wedding while guests mingled over cocktails. It was such an amazing, relaxed vibe, that I wished I could have stayed longer.


What are your favourite wedding venues?

There are so many great ones, especially around Sydney, but I am getting married at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, in NSW, so I guess that’s my personal favourite.



Image Declan Blackall Photography