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A Moment With ‘Bell & Brunt

ABIA meets Cheri Brunt Spargo, CEO of this iconic Adelaide custom wedding jeweller.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt

Cheri Brunt Spargo fondly remembers spending the Saturday mornings of her childhood helping in the Bell & Brunt jewellery studio, still housed today in the same historic building, in central Adelaide, where it began more than 100 years before.

“Being a family business, I was born into the industry,” Cheri explains. “I officially joined in 1998 as a designer and diamond selector and have been CEO since 2011.”

As the fifth-generation of the Brunt family to head the custom jewellery brand she’s seen wedding jewellery trends come and go, but remains proud of the fact that Bell & Brunt’s renowned commitment to exceptional quality and service has endured.

Cheri invited us inside to chat gold, gems, wedding and engagement rings and the durability and consideration required of bespoke jewellery pieces intended to last a lifetime.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt

Tell us about your business and jewellery services.

We are a family-owned custom jeweller known for our exceptional craftsmanship, unique stone selection and commitment to preserving the traditional artistry of fine handmade jewellery. We specialise in creating custom engagement and wedding rings, gemstone rings and luxury pieces from our onsite jewellery studio, in which qualified master jewellers, gemmologists and designers work together to create bespoke jewellery pieces.

We also offer jewellery re-modelling services and the likes of jewellery valuations, rhodium plating, ring re-sizing, gemstone identification and specialist jewellery repair.

Since Bell & Brunt was established in 1920, we have helped more than 500,000 people create custom jewellery.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, but we provide services Australia-wide. As we do Zoom consultations and overseas delivery on request, we also service an international clientele.

How long have you been working in the industry? 

Being a family business, I was born into the industry and would come in on Saturday mornings to help out as a child. I started officially in 1998, as a designer and diamond selector, and have been CEO since 2011.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt

How have jewellery design trends changed over the years?

During my 26 years in the industry I have seen many jewellery design trends, from the yellow gold multi-stone diamond rings of the 1990s to the white gold square princess-cut diamonds of the 2000s and halo clusters and full-set diamond wedding rings of the 2010s. The 2020s has seen a return to yellow gold and the classic Bell & Brunt signature solitaire, with a round brilliant-cut or oval-cut diamond. Recently, two or three stones of different shapes has also been a unique add to the engagement ring trend.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt

What design trends are you seeing in wedding jewellery at the moment?

Currently, I’m seeing a strong trend towards yellow gold for both men’s and women’s wedding jewellery, and diamond wedding rings for women are always popular as a stunning complement to their engagement ring.

A diamond wedding ring always brings a fine, bright look to complete a set — recently women are choosing larger, claw-set diamonds across the top of the finger, rather than smaller diamonds in a full-set band. 

Men are opting for simple wedding rings with a slight twist, such as a brush-finish or grooves, and are currently going for a narrower band.


Image Wilson & Lewis Photography

What are the key pieces of wedding jewellery couples should consider?

In addition to wedding and engagement rings, a stunning pendant or pair of diamond drop-earrings can be designed to complement a bride’s gown and finish off her look to perfection.

I also love the idea of investing in a beautiful pair of diamond stud-earrings — that can be worn everyday after the wedding — and creating some pearl, diamond-drop or cluster enhancements that can be added to complete a formal look for the wedding day and future special occasions. 

A simple diamond tennis bracelet also makes an ideal gift from parents or partner, and a re-model of a family heirloom can pay homage to the traditional “something old, something new”.

Pocket squares, customised in 18ct gold and diamonds with the couple’s initials, or a pair of custom-monogrammed or carved-initial cufflinks are also perfect for a groom’s wedding jewellery collection.


Image courtesy Bell & Brunt 

What should couples consider when designing or choosing their wedding jewellery?

The first thing couples should consider when designing their wedding jewellery is longevity. A wedding ring is a lifetime piece, so durability should be a crucial consideration in selecting a design, a metal and a jeweller.

Couples should definitely consider having their rings made in 18ct gold or platinum, and at least 1.6mm in depth, for durability and longevity. A deeper ring is a slightly larger initial investment, but is well worth the extra decades of wear that they will receive from it.

Some stones and designs are more resilient than others, so this is also important to take into consideration when selecting a ring that will be worn every day. A good jeweller will be able to advise the right metal and take into consideration the couple’s careers and hobbies to ensure they provide design recommendations that they will love, and that will also accommodate their lifestyles.

Seeing how a wedding ring design will sit alongside an engagement ring, from a design and wear perspective, is important also. I highly recommend having wedding rings custom made to add both a personal element and to help ensure they align with the engagement ring.



Images courtesy Bell & Brunt

What makes your wedding jewellery, and service, unique?

At Bell & Brunt we believe that some moments in life transcend ‘off the shelf’ jewellery. When couples choose Bell & Brunt, their decision is as much about the jeweller artistry as it is about the exquisite piece of original jewellery we create for them. From sketching the initial design to crafting each piece of jewellery, it’s our personalised handmade touch that makes all the difference. We aim to create jewellery that becomes a symbol of love, connection and cherished memories.

We only work with natural diamonds and gemstones, and have suppliers in Paris and Belgium and a wide network of miners across the world, so we can procure any diamond or gemstone desired by our customers.

What’s more, we only use freshly-forged bars of gold — alloyed in Germany — and source ethical diamonds to create our sustainable jewellery.

Image courtesy Bell & Brunt Jewellers

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