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A Moment With ‘The Wedding Creators

ABIA meets Alexia Frangos, the savvy social media specialist behind this Adelaide-based wedding content creation service.


Images courtesy of The Wedding Creators

When her cousin got married, and Alexia Frangos posted a few fun wedding reels and TikToks of the celebration, she would never have believed it was the start of a new business venture. Such was the interest though, that’s exactly what happened.

“It was insanity! Just months after my cousin’s wedding I’d turned the idea into a business and was booking up for the following wedding season,” says Alexia.

Her background in marketing, social media and copywriting meant she saw the opportunity, and 10 years’ experience in social media and content gave her the skills to seize it quickly. So, The Wedding Creators — which she understands to be South Australia’s first wedding content creation service — was launched, and the success has been immediate.

ABIA spoke to Alexia, between bookings, to find out more about her content creation offering and how it works in harmony with traditional wedding media.

Tell us about your business and wedding services.

We offer wedding and event content creation that captures ‘behind the scenes’ iPhone footage, and content for reels and TikToks, for wedding couples and suppliers.

Our content is supplied within 24 hours and we cover weddings, engagements, bridal events and special milestones. Ours is a bespoke service that we believe is the first of its kind in South Australia.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I also run Lexicon Creative, a successful marketing, social media and copywriting agency, and had clients in the wedding industry that we were managing social media for. We captured content for our clients' real weddings and I saw an opportunity once we received regular messages from those brides asking for the content.

Where are you based and what locations do you service?

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and travel all over the state, from McLaren Vale to Barossa Valley, Clare to Langhorne Creek. We can also travel interstate and overseas.


When you started out creating TikToks and reels, did you ever imagine you'd be able to turn it into a business? Any interesting stories about the early days?

When my cousin got married I spent the day recording content and making reels for her, just for fun. I captured some specific ‘before and after’ footage for a social media idea that was trending and cut it together for a TikTok. When I posted it to my personal account it got 15,000 views.

Months later, when I posted it to The Wedding Creators' account, it reached almost 900,000 views. It was insanity! Just months after my cousin’s wedding I’d turned the idea into a business and was booking up for the following wedding season.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration for reels and TikToks comes from my couples, especially the brides, who’ve usually got their own vision in mind. 

We come to the table with trend ideas, but ultimately our couples usually know exactly what they want created and the types of romantic recaps of their day they want to look back on.

Is it just you, or do you have people working with you?

As much as I'd love to do every wedding, the advantage of The Wedding Creators is having duplicates of me. I only hire creators who can represent me, and my brand, to a tee, and every creator is trained by me and takes the utmost pride and care in capturing content for couples and suppliers. Couples work with me, and their dedicated creator, before the wedding, so we're all on the same page and ready to shoot.


Do you use special equipment?

Our creators take our TWC bags to each job, equipped with power banks, lights, tiny wireless microphones, phone stands, and back up phones.

Do you offer packages? What are the inclusions?

We do offer packages to suit both couples and suppliers, ranging from two to eight hours (or more if desired). Each package includes the chosen amount of ‘on-the-ground’ hours, together with reels (edited with audio ready to post), images curated with film edits and all the raw and edited content — sent within 24 hours of the wedding. We don’t hide our prices from anyone, so all our package details are available via our website.


What's the craziest wedding, or wedding moment, you've ever captured?

I still think one of the funniest moments I've captured was at my cousin's wedding, when the Best Man ended up going shirtless with a rose in his mouth and danced the night away.

What's the difference between what you do, and specialist wedding videography or photography?

Gosh, huge difference! I take my hat off to wedding photographers and videographers — theirs’ is not an easy job and the amount of unseen work they do should be acknowledged. Our products are vastly different. Photographers capture the beautifully-framed, stunning moments that you hang in your hallway for decades, videographers tell your love story like a romantic film and content creators curate the silly, off-beat content — beautiful in a different way — that easily translates to social media usage. Our service was born in a social media age for social media posting!

We take a 'photo/video first, creator second' approach, which means we don’t get in the way of photographers or videographers and aim to work harmoniously as part of a couple’s media team.

What do you suggest couples look for in a Social Media Creator? How far in advance should they book?

Find a content creator with a style you love and want to see yourself in. Do your homework and find the right fit.

Couples should aim to book content creators about six months from the wedding.

We can take bookings as close as one month before, because we don't need a huge lead time, but we take bookings up to a year in advance and find these are booking up quickly.

What makes your service unique?

Currently we're the only wedding content creators, that I know of, operating in South Australia, so everything about us is unique and I feel really blessed to have had the support of the state’s tight-knit wedding community. With 10 years’ experience in social media and content, I believe we're setting the bar high too!

What was your favourite wedding?

I love them all, and feel so privileged that we got to document them. My cousin's wedding was probably a favourite though. It was before TWC, but it was incredibly special to see her marry the love of her life and create the wedding of her dreams.


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