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An Interview with Media Inc. Adelaide

Wedding Videographer & Photographer

Whether you're planning a grand affair or low-key elopement (or something in between!), most couples find it really important to have their wedding day documented. It's not an easy task to find the right vendor who will capture photos and film of your celebrations, so here's a little helping hand for those seeking wedding photography and videography in Adelaide, South Australia and surrounds...

Meet featured vendor Media Inc. Film & Photo, who specialises in bringing your wedding vision to life! Read their Q&A below to find out why they love shooting weddings, and don't forget to have a browse at their incredible work.

Wedding Photography Videography Adelaide Media Inc


Tell us about your business.

Since 2016, we've been working as a professional Wedding Videography and Photography Company and creating content for small to large businesses. We're always excited to meet new people and help them capture those unique moments and special events.

We love being the ones who capture the exciting scenes from life's special occasions, big and small, business or life events. From the walk down the aisle, blowing out candles, christenings, or showcasing your business' services. This is what makes us feel alive!

Wedding Photography Videography Adelaide Media Inc


What locations do you service?

We are based in Adelaide but love to do destination weddings around Australia and abroad.


How would you describe your style?

Our style is cinematic documentary. We love using our skills with cinema but keep things real and raw with a documentary platform.



What do you love about weddings?

The thing we love about weddings is that everyone's happy! We get to be a part of the most significant day in our couple's life thus far. We love being the ones to capture moments that may have been missed by the couple, the little details in the preparations that often get looked over, the love in the vows and speeches, and all the shenanigans along the way until we boogie on the D-floor! Not really a job if you ask me.

Wedding Photography Videography Adelaide Media Inc


What's your role at weddings and what makes you different?

Our role before the wedding is pretty much a wedding planner. We are there to help you plan the day by doing your timeline with you, helping you source other suppliers and making sure we are following up from the moment you book until the week of the wedding so that everything is stress free and you can enjoy the day.

Our role during the wedding is to document moments. Moments that not everyone sees but they all love, moments to relive and look back on. We capture the laughs, the cries, the silliness, and the love!

After the wedding, we get your teaser to you the next day so you have something to share and reflect on the day that was. We also guide you through selecting pics to add to your album.



What makes a great photographer/videographer?

What makes a great photographer/videographer is their ability to connect with their couples. Really getting to know their story beforehand, discovering little things like what music and movies they like gives you an idea if your work will reflect their personalities or not. If you can click on the first meeting then the day will be effortless because you've not only sold your self but you've created a bond in friendship.

Wedding Photography Videography Adelaide Media Inc


What's your advice to couples planning a wedding?

When picking a creative to capture your day, make sure you choose someone because you love their style, and don't just book someone because of their price. We are unlike any supplier - our pictures and videos are forever.

What was your favourite wedding?

Our favorite wedding was definitely on the 2nd of April 2022 with our couple Willow and Gemma. The love that was all around the wedding was so strong. It didnt just radiate from the bride and groom, but from everyone involved.

Wedding Photography Videography Adelaide Media Inc

What's the funniest thing that you've seen at a wedding?

There was a father daughter dance and as the father of the bride came in to do an epic sliding entry, he forgot how slippery the dry ice was and he probably over committed to the slide and when bum up and landed smack bang in front of his daughter. He didn't miss a beat and got straight back up and commenced the dance as if it were a part of the act.



If you adore the work of this Adelaide Wedding Photographer & Videographer, why not get in touch? You can contact Media Inc. Film & Photo via their website or Instagram page.