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Fiction Cover Band

If you really want to get the party started on your wedding day, look no further than Fiction Cover Band! Striving to add the wow factor to your reception, this Melbourne live wedding band will keep your guests on the dancefloor all night long. Scroll below to read our Q&A with Melbourne-based Fiction Cover Band - they share some brilliant wedding advice and tell us why they think booking a live band is so important to the vibe of the party.

Don't forget to watch their incredible showreel, too!

Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melborne

Tell us about your Fiction Cover Band!

If you're looking for some EPIC live music to set the tone for your wedding and the tone you're going for is WOW, then look no further than FICTION. With over 10 years of experience performing together as a professional Wedding & Corporate cover band, Fiction will have your dance floor full and absolutely pumping. The musicians and vocalists in Fiction are incredibly talented, engaging and entertaining. Our industry leading experience, professionalism and extensive repertoire is sure to impress.

Fiction will completely tailor each and every performance to suit the exact vibe and overall feel you have dreamt about. Chilled, laid back, acoustic vibes? Done. Absolute bangers from start to finish? LOVE it. Nan wants Neil Diamond but your Bridesmaids want WAP? Bring it on. There is nothing Fiction cannot do, and we nail it every single time.

We offer live music to cover every moment of your wedding: from ceremony to reception, we've got it covered. We predominantly perform as a 5-piece band made up of male and female vocalists, guitar, bass and drums. For ceremony music, we offer the option of a stripped back semi-acoustic duo or can perform as a full band - this depends entirely on the couple and their taste.

We pride ourselves on being the type of supplier that just gets it. We will work closely with the couple in the lead up to their wedding to ensure each moment is covered by the most perfect soundtrack. We also offer a professional MC service as an optional extra. Our equipment and instruments are high quality and the energy we bring is second to none. We absolutely love what we do and we know it shows through our passion and dedication.

Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melborne

What locations do you service?

We are based in Melbourne, however travel regularly for our weddings! We have gone as far as Darwin, Casterton (near Adelaide!) and Bonnie Doon.

What do you love about performing at weddings?

There is nothing more special than being asked to perform on one of the biggest, most important occasions a couple will celebrate. It's a huge responsibility to be in charge of the music for a wedding and we take so much pride in it.

Just as every couple is different, every wedding is different. We take great pride in ensuring that we are never a one size fits all type of band. We get to know our couples and we make sure that our set lists are completely tailored to reflect who they are, what they love and how they like to have fun. We will learn their special songs and often rework non-typical songs into beautiful ceremony music just for them (think Metallica & Bee Gees songs, stripped right back and pumped full of love!) We're passionate about getting it right.

Every couple is different. Some couples want it to be like the movies and are very specific about what they are after - we love this and have the best time recreating these moments. Other couples just want to have the best time ever and trust us, which is amazing as we get to have that bit more creative control! As performers, we also love that at weddings there is also SUCH a mixed bag when it comes to our audience. We believe we have something that absolutely anyone and everyone can have a boogie to and love surprising people with our extensive repertoire.

Live Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melbourne

What's your role at weddings and what makes you different?

Our role at weddings is to set the tone for every moment.

Whether that is beautiful ceremony music, chilled acoustic tunes for cocktail hour or bangers for the dance floor! We work very closely with our couples in the lead up to the wedding to cover all of these moments in a way that reflects them and creates the exact vibe they want on their day, through to the very end of the night. Our couples are welcomed to come and see us perform any of their special songs prior to the day incase they want to make any changes.

The couple has full use of our sound system:

for the duration of the booking, meaning we are experts at bridal party reception entrances too! We will work with their MC or can provide an MC service if required. We also provide a dedicated wireless microphone that our couples are welcome to utilize for any speeches or formalities. Often as one of the last suppliers standing, it is up to us to ensure that some of the later formalities take place. We will facilitate bouquet/garter tosses and goodbye circles/archways depending on what the couple requests.

Our biggest point of difference would be our attention to detail:

and the rapport we build with our couples prior to the wedding. We often get feedback and reviews from our couples who say its like seeing a friend when we finally see them walking down the aisle or walking into their reception! We pride ourselves on delivering a very high level of customer service and make sure to customize every single performance we do. For us it is never a case of just showing up to the location and playing the same stuff week after week. We understand that each and every wedding is a once in a lifetime event for our couples so that's exactly how we treat it.

Live Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melbourne

What's your advice to couples planning a wedding?

  • When booking your wedding entertainment (or any supplier really!) ensure that you know WHO you are booking; there are a lot of agency type situations who will throw together a few musicians that will rock up on the day having never met each other (or more importantly you!)
  • Check out lots of reviews and make sure your supplier aligns with the things that are most important to you.
  • Keep it personal to you but don't forget your guests are going to be the ones filling up that dance floor! We will often ask our couples to have a quick look through our song list and let us know any 'Don't Play' songs. The last thing we want to do is a play a song you or your partner hates. BUT by the same token don't go too crazy with the No list. We often have people cross out all of the songs they think are cringey or cheesy but who doesn't love a bit of cheese at a wedding?
  • Another thing is to make sure you give your musicians a decent amount of notice to learn or rework any special songs; one time we were asked the night before to learn a 9 minute song for a wedding! (I mean, we did it and it was SO COOL, but it was a risky move!)
  • Let us help with your running order! We do this every single week; we KNOW what works and the best way to fit in all of your formalities to get the most out of your package.
  • Start a Spotify playlist of songs as soon as you set your date so you're not scrambling at the last minute trying to think of songs for your entrance, first dance, bouquet toss etc.
  • Make sure you eat some of your dinner, and get on that dance floor and enjoy YOUR WEDDING!!!

What was your favourite wedding?

It is REALLY hard to pick one favourite wedding - we are so lucky to have worked with so many extra cool couples. We definitely have a few stand out moments/couples though:

  • Mel & Anita who spent the entire night from start to finish tearing up the dance floor! They wanted a party and that is absolutely what they got.
  • Justin & Alana who danced the night away together but something extra special about this wedding was the beautiful friendship between the two families! The parents of both the bride and the groom were just going nuts together and having a ball. It was just amazing.
  • Deliah & Josh had a country wedding in a huge paddock at Bonnie Doon! The generators for the marquee dropped out and therefore everyone lost power in the middle of their first dance! We looked at each other and just kept going. Our guitarists joined in on vocals and we performed their song acapella! All of the guests joined in and what could have been a total disaster turned into an unforgettable moment.
  • Sarah & Mike who asked us to rework a couple of their favorite songs; when Sarah heard the way we played their songs she CRIED! It was such an amazing feeling to be able to bring her vision to life.
  • Every wedding where the bride and/or groom crowd surfs! (Happens wayyy more than you might think!)

Live Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melbourne

What would you like engaged couples to know?

We would like all couples to know that we are real, down-to-earth human people and that you will be dealing with us personally (Sally & Phil on the phones and emails, to be specific!). With experience within the events industry, more specifically the wedding industry we know how this all works. There is nothing we haven't heard of or done before and if there is, AMAZING! Bring it on!

As a band we have worked together for over 10 years we are a family first and a band second. The advantage of this is that we are all SO in sync. Along with our musical talent and skill, we each contribute to the whole package in our own way to provide a really incredible service. Our music is tight, our performances are next level and you dont get any of that without putting in the time and being full of passion.

Live Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melbourne

Can wedding couples see you perform live before booking?

Definitely! As a professional wedding band, we don't usually have time to perform at public venues so we offer private showcases for our wedding couples!

This is a really good way to come along, meet the band in person, ask as many questions as you can think of and you can see us perform live, just for you. You can even have a champagne or beer and make a night of it! Our showcases are usually held at a studio in Brunswick.

We try to schedule showcase times on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis (ie, one or two couples and the band in the room) as this allows for you to ask as many specific questions as you like. You are also welcome to bring your parents or a couple of bridal party members if you wish! (In fact, its encouraged - in the past we've had bridesmaids attend as +1's and book us on the spot for their own wedding!)

Live Wedding Entertainment Fiction Cover Band Melbourne

Why book a live band over a DJ?

The ENERGY! While you can absolutely find DJs that will interact with you and your guests, nothing compares to the energy that a live band can inject into the room.

We LOVE what we do and we vibe with each other when we're performing - we can't help it, it just happens and this translates onto the dance floor. We are able to engage with your guests, hype them up and get everybody going nuts to celebrate your big day. It's also worth noting we are wireless! So we will often jump out onto the dance floor to interact with you and your guests.

This encourages that real sing along vibe and is very entertaining.

As mentioned previously, another huge advantage of hiring such experienced musicians to be part of your wedding is that we are able to chop, change and recreate your favorite songs to make the soundtrack for your wedding truly unique and unforgettable!

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