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What's the Role of a Wedding MC?

We've included all the common questions about a Wedding MC below. You may be thinking to ask a friend to be a Wedding MC, maybe you need advice on being a friend's Wedding MC, or maybe you're thinking of making a small investment in a Professional Wedding MC? Either way, we will have many of the answers you're looking for!

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What does a wedding mc do - Simon MC

Simon MC

What does a wedding mc do - Choonz & Moovz

Choonz & Moovz

Wedding MC Melbourne

Nathan from Melbourne Entertainment Company

But first, a hilarious clip with a Wedding MC!

Such a good idea, we cannot stop watching! Credit: G&M Event Group


In a nutshell, what does a Wedding MC Do?

A Wedding MC is essentially the 'host' of a wedding reception and they ultimately create an atmosphere where the couple and their guests feel relaxed and supported. They ensure the agenda for the day runs on time, as many things are happening in the background and foreground of the wedding reception.

The tasks we've listed below are maybe simple in nature, but to do them well can come with a bit of pressure, so pre-planning is definitely important.

  • Announces all Housekeeping matters
  • Communicates with Wedding Vendors
    • we are going to elaborate a little more on this below...
  • Gets the Guests Warmed Up
  • Generally makes a little speech about the couple
    • if you're a friend, how you know the couple is a good start.
  • Introduces the Wedding Party
  • Introduces the Wedding Couple
  • Invites Guests who are making a Speech
    • ensure that Key People, the Photographer & Videographer are present for the speeches
  • Announces the Cake Cutting
  • Presents the First Dance
  • Gather Guests to Farewell Wedding Couple


What does a wedding mc do - Jeremiah Hartman
Jeremiah Hartmann MC

Wedding MC Sydney

Nathan Cassar Wedding MC


Wedding MC's Communicate with Wedding Vendors

If you have been asked to be a Wedding MC by a friend, be prepared for a myriad of questions to be thrown your way from about 4pm to 9pm. As you will be the first person on the microphone at the beginning of the reception, you've set the tone that you're the go-to-guy or go-to-gal. Function Coordinators, Caterers, Djs, Videographers, Aunty Margaret, the Mother of the Bride will come to you if something needs to get done, if they need an answer, or if Aunty Margaret's dietary requirement was missed.

If you're a super organised person and can take instruction well, then you will be in your element, checking off all your to-do's and ensuring that everyone is feeling comfortable.


What does a wedding mc do - White Clover Music
White Clover Music
What does a wedding mc do - Joseph Dimento
Joseph Dimento MC

Does a Wedding MC need to be funny?

There is a common misconception that an MC should be funny or should be the entertainment for the evening. Remember, this is a wedding celebration, not a comedy gig. There is nothing worse than cringeworthy jokes or inappropriate stories, which leaves only the sounds of cutlery clinking together...If you know your crowd well and you're confident your jokes will go down well, then by all means, definitely go ahead, however, the main goal is to ensure everything is running on time and the reception runs smoothly.


What does a wedding mc do - Nick Read
Nick Read Entertainment
What does a wedding mc do - Dan Ford
Dan Ford Celebrant & MC


Should I Ask My Friend to be a Wedding MC?

When you are asked to be a Wedding MC it is seen as a big honour, and it really is! Just keep in mind that being a Wedding MC does come with responsibility, so choosing a funny and confident friend is great, but that friend might find it hard to fully relax and let go until all their duties finish at around 9pm. We've seen many professionals and friends nail it as a Wedding MC, and the wonderful benefit of having family or friends MC your Wedding is the personal touch they can add, and if done well, the MC will be such a hit!

P.s. if your friend really loves a drink...a drunky MC isn't always pretty!


Wedding MC Gold Coast

NikNat Entertainment


Why Hire a Professional Wedding MC

Hiring a Wedding MC is becoming a more popular option in Australia, which is really great to see. Considering they are only 4% of the average Australian Wedding Budget (less than a cup of coffee a day!), they will probably be one of the best wedding investments you make. Professional Weddings MCs will never try and steal the show, they are hired and paid to provide a service, so they themselves want to be the best they can be for their client, after all a wedding review usually follows, and a positive one is better than a not-so-positive review!

There are so many people including guests and vendors involved at a wedding, so when you have someone who is really experienced with weddings, and they have seen it all, you will have peace of mind that there is a professional who will be the glue to all events around your wedding reception.

ABIA has represented 100's of Wedding MCs, so we have had some great discussions with professional wedding MCs and the positives of hiring one. But, PLEASE read wedding reviews, because you will get the best insight from the experiences and recommendations from real wedding customers.

Wedding MC Adelaide DJ Ben Events

DJ Ben Events 


What Makes a Good Wedding MC?

The best kind of Wedding MC is one that is confident, calm, organised and has a great knack for reading the room to ensure that all is flowing perfectly at your wedding day. Hosting a Wedding as an MC comes with a lot more responsbility and skill, than just having a well projected voice and a talent for funny speeches.

A brilliant Wedding MC will often be working through the wedding agenda on the night, and can quickly solve any unexpected problems with any of the vendors on the night. But an important key that makes a really good wedding MC is how much they invest into pre-planning. This includes points like:

  • Learn the Wedding Day Schedule well before the event
  • Have a Printed Copy of the Wedding Day Schedule
  • Understand what rules and requirements your couple and the wedding venue has
  • Names & Description of Each Wedding Party Member
  • Names of Each Wedding Vendor
  • A Checklist of important Guests
    • to ensure they are all there during the speeches & key moments.
  • Who will be providing a microphone

Communication always wins! So, we hope that this gives you a better insight into what makes a Wedding MC and their role!

What does a wedding mc do - G&M Event GRoup
G&M Event Group
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Hire A Bridesmaid

A Professional Wedding MC is generally 4% of the average Australian Wedding Budget, view our award-winning list of Australian Wedding MCs, complete with reviews!