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Hailstorm & Co.

Perth Wedding Videographer (more than just a story

About Hailstorm & Co.

Hailstorm & Co.  is a wedding videography company based in Perth, Western Australia whose style is romantic & candid, with a touch of cinematic flair. Experienced in intimate weddings, destination weddings and elopements, Hailstorm + Co. is available for world travel wherever love may take them.

What Locations does Hailstorm & Co. travel to?

Perth & Surrounding Regions - throughout WA.



What do you love about weddings? 

It's simple. I'm a story-teller by heart.
Everything I do I 100% put my heart into it. 

I love the atmosphere of weddings.

I love the tenderness between couples.

I love the soul connections.

I love to see my couples SHINE on their day.

I live for all of these moments.

The raw - tender - loving moments.

The family moments, the friends moments, the laughing moments;

The moments that TRULY matter in life.

Your wedding day goes by so fast that after it's all done & dusted, you often forget about all of the little details that you spent SO much time & effort organising to perfection. It is my job to capture these moments - and let you re-live your day again - through the eye of MY lens.


What is your Role at Weddings as a Videographer? 

I am the person all of my couples deal with from start to finish. From the moment they enquire, to the meetups in the comfort of your home or somewhere mutual, capturing the day & editing/delivery, I am that person. I am always the lead videographer and although I do have assistants who help, I am the creative mind from start to finish.

What makes me different in the wedding industry is that you receive good old customer service.

  • I will pick up the phone,
  • I will meet with you in person before you book.

I want to make sure that ALL of my couples are absolutely 110% invested in me, as I will be in them when working alongside them on the day. They will never solely deal with anyone but me - that way, they feel comfortable in knowing that they will always get 110%.



What's your advice to Couples Planning their Wedding Day? 

Go with your gut feeling when choosing ALL of your vendors.

From wedding venue, to photographer, videographer & DJ, ALWAYS go with your gut. I understand couples have budgets, but always have a look at prior work of vendors and if you're unsure, look elsewhere first before making any decisions. Your vendors will absolutely MAKE OR BREAK your day, so choosing ones that you not only love, but you trust (i.e. read reviews!), is crucial in this process. With Wedding Videography, what you see, is what you'll get, so if you love their prior work, you'll absolutely love what they'll do for you. You only get your day once - don't have regrets.


What is Hailstorm & Co.'s Favourite Wedding? 

I'm not sure I have a favourite wedding as yet - I rather enjoy adventures and "out of the norm" weddings - elopements, getaways, hikes etc - I have a few coming up so I'm rather looking forward to these! As a wedding videographer based in Perth, there are so many beautiful venues and spaces to capture the most beautiful love stories. 



How long have you been doing weddings?

I first started out as a general pet & family photographer in Sydney, NSW. This quickly moved into Wedding Photography about 3/4 years ago in the Sydney & Hunter Valley Region, NSW. From there, whilst offering Wedding Photography services, I decided to try my hand at video and fell in love almost instantly. I completed a few trial wedding video jobs and decided that this was my new love – so I completed many many hours of mentoring and training to understand the skill before offering my services as a Wedding Videographer. In 2019, I separated my original business and Hailstorm & Co was brought to life, specialising in Wedding Film & Cinematic Love Stories. Through 2019 & 2020 I offered my services in the Hunter Valley Region, NSW , before returning to my home town of Perth, WA where I now offer these services. I do still offer Photography & have now teamed up with a couple of awesome photographers to be able to offer joint packages if our couples want this!


Reach out to Hailstorm & Co. for a quote. 

Hayley Halamek
Perth Wedding Videographer