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If you're looking for a custom-designed dress or if you'd prefer an off-the-rack bridal gown, this quaint Brisbane boutique has it all!

We met with the two sisters, Gill & Anne Bertossi and discussed all things wedding dresses, the launch of their Ready-To-Wear Gowns and Paddington Weddings' new Anne Bertossi collection.

Lace Wedding dress from Brisbane
Image provided by Joseph Bertossi 

Paddington Weddings - Anne & Gill
Sisters, Anne Bertossi & Gill Hulse.

What is your Wedding Dress Style?

Anne’s Bertossi Brides style is modern elegance. She loves to create simple, stylish designs that you will look back on in years to come. For Anne it is all about using beautiful fabrics and quality tailoring, giving the gown an opulent look and luxurious feel.

In this year's Bertossi Brides Collection, Anne has created a more relaxed style to complement the modern wedding of today. Clean Stretch Crepe gowns with feature veils and optional overskirts are stunning with a real ‘Less is More feel’.

Modern geometric laces are moulded to the body with plunging V’s, low backs and dramatic trains but created in lightwear, wearable fabric that you will look amazing and be able to dance the night away.

Unique Wedding Veil available at Paddington Weddings in Brisbane
Unique Veil available at Paddington Weddings. Image provided by Joseph Bertossi â€‹

Brisbane Wedding Dress - Paddington Weddings

Image provided by Joseph Bertossi â€‹

What type of fabrics does a Paddington Wedding dress feature?

As always, our bridal gowns are created in the highest quality European fabrics. This year Anne has designed a more relaxed collection created in stretch crepes and laces that hug in all the right places but still give you support and coverage where needed.

Quality Fabrics for Bridal Gowns
​Image provided by Joseph Bertossi Lace Wedding Dress Paddington Weddings​Image provided by Joseph Bertossi 


How long will it take to find the perfect wedding dress?

Thankfully brides today can do a lot of research online finding good designers and bridal shops that have the look and styles that they are hoping for.

This really helps to reduce the amount of time needed visiting too many bridal stores. Our advice is to find 2-3 stores that have beautiful designs and brilliant customer-reviews.

Wedding Dress Train - Brisbane
Image provided by Joseph Bertossi 

Lace Wedding Dress Brisbane
​Image provided by Tom Cairns Photography

Important tips when looking for a wedding dress.

Be sure to choose your trusted family & friends to accompany you and make a day out of it, feel free to throw in some champers 🥂! A mistake many people make is going to too many shops and trying on too many gowns, this can be really confusing and very stressful for brides.

Book in some coffee ☕and lunch ðŸ± stops and enjoy the day then go home and think about how you felt in the designs. Then make another day to go back and try on your favourite few designs, a second try on is very important and you should never feel rushed by a salesperson into booking your dress if you are not ready.

Sleeveless Wedding Dress - Nicola Lemmon Photography
Image provided by Nicola Lemmon Photography

Brisbane Wedding Dress Designer
Image provided by Joseph Bertossi 


Can I still have a personalised experience with a ready-to-wear dress?

At Paddington Weddings we are lucky enough to still offer a personalised experience with all our gowns. Our brides are welcome to mix and match within our collection, often mixing the top of one gown with the skirt of another, or adding sleeves or longer trains.

The gown is then created to your specifications by our talented team of seamstresses in our studio in Brisbane's trendy suburb, Paddington! We also offer an in-house, quality alterations service for our brides to ensure their gown is a great fit without the worry of having to take it to another dressmaker.

Paddington Weddings Blue Dress


What is the cost of a Paddington Wedding Dress?

A Bertossi Brides gown starts at $2600 depending on the style and fabrics used. It really is affordable luxury at it’s best...


Will I still need a fitting with a Ready-To-Wear Gown?

For our Ready to Wear Gowns we offer a low priced, quality alteration service for all of our Brides. This can include a hem package or bodice alterations to achieve a great fit, the amount of fittings needed will depend on the fit of the dress.

Of course you are under no obligation to have alterations done with us, you are welcome to take your gown to the seamstress of your choice but we are always here if you need us.


Read Paddington Weddings' Customer Reviews to get the best of idea of previous brides' experiences.

Address: 41 Latrobe Terrace, Brisbane, Paddington QLD 4064

Paddington Weddings Team
The gorgeous team at Paddington Weddings!