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6 of the Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne and Victoria

Finding just the right wedding videographer isn’t always easy, so we’ve come up with some suggestions to simplify the search. And, if you’re getting married in Melbourne, Geelong, the Yarra Valley, Daylesford, the Dandenong Ranges, the Mornington Peninsula or anywhere else in Victoria, we help narrow down your options with a list of the top six wedding videographers in the state — those voted by newly-married couples and pronounced finalists at the recent ABIA Wedding Awards.


Wedding videographers play a pivotal role in preserving the cherished memories of your special day. Years later, you may recall various aspects of your wedding — the fragrance of the flowers, the melody of your first dance, or the snapshots in your photo album — but nothing quite captures the live essence, ambiance, and intricate detail like a professionally-crafted wedding video.


Do you actually need a wedding videographer?

As time passes, and memories inevitably dim, most couples are glad they had a skilled videographer to immortalise the precious moments, and meticulously planned details, of their wedding day. There are no retakes in real life, so trusting a professional can help ensure the sights, sounds and emotions of your occasion are etched in film forever, to be treasured by you, your loved ones and future generations.

Melbourne Wedding Videography

Westward Films


Filming styles and techniques used in wedding videos

To choose the right wedding videographer though, it’s a good idea to learn a little about various filming styles and techniques, so that you can identify those that align with your preferences. Styles range from documentary to cinematic approaches, each offering a distinct visual narrative. Editing options vary too, from brief teasers to comprehensive ceremony edits and longer full-feature films, with some videographers offering same-day edits for immediate reception viewing. 

  • A Wedding Teaser is a brief edit of the whole wedding day, cut down to about a minute to provide a sneak peek of the occasion.
  • A High-Light Reel is a slightly longer, three to five minute, edit that combines key elements of the day, like the ring exchange, the cutting of the cake and the first spin on the dancefloor.
  • A Ceremony Edit is a record of the wedding ceremony, usually with minimal editing.
  • A Full Feature is lengthier, usually edited to around 15 or 20 minutes, capturing the day from start to finish.
  • A Same-Day-Edit is usually provided for couples to play for guests at the reception, showing a quick recap of the day’s events.
  • A Transition describes the shift between different shots or film scenes.
  • An Overlay is a specific type of transition, where shots or scenes are overlapped.
  • A Filter is an effect used to alter the likes of lighting or colour.  
  • Background Music refers to the music or songs that are added during the editing process, usually to enhance the emotion.
  • Voice-overs and interviews are sound recordings of elements, like wedding speeches or pre-wedding interviews, added during editing in place of background music.



SoulFlare Weddings


Once you’ve got an idea of your preferred editing lengths and filming styles, exploring the portfolios of local wedding videographers offers insight into their artistic approach and can aid in narrowing down your choices. Many videographers showcase their previous work on their websites or social media forums, so research these thoroughly to find one that’s a match for your vision.

Then, once you have a shortlist, find out how others found the experience of working with them by asking around and reading ratings and reviews. The ABIA Directory, filled with thousands of reviews from recently-married couples, makes an ideal starting point and, if you’re getting married in VictoriaMelbourne, Geelong, Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula — you’ll also want to check out this list of the state’s top videographers which were announced recently at the ABIA Awards.

Best Wedding Videography MelbourneStu Art Video Productions

How was this top list of wedding videographers compiled?

At ABIA Weddings, it is important to us that all wedding couples plan their special day with confidence, based on the recommendations of recently-married couples and their own real experiences. So, this list is solely based on the feedback of real customers who voted for their wedding videographer in the prestigious Victorian ABIA Wedding Awards. Of particular note, this list is not a compilation of businesses with the most Instagram followers, or those who paid to get their name on a list.

Since 1996, ABIA have asked real brides and grooms to rate their wedding vendors out of 100% for:

  • Quality of Product and Experience
  • Quality of Service and Communication
  • Value for Money
  • Attitude of Staff and Friendliness

The Victorian wedding videographers below are those that attained a combined rating of more than 95% in these categories, in order of achievement, and were announced as winners at the recent Victorian ABIA Wedding Awards.


The Best Wedding Videography in Victoria

#1 - Jiang Visuals


Winner: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)

The team at Jiang Visuals understand that there are moments in life that people want to pause, and that a couple’s wedding day is filled with many of them. So, they make it their aim to capture those moments — the love that fills the space, the way the atmosphere resonates, the vows read, the laughter during the best man's speech, the evening’s dancing — to not only document the day, but to create a memory that can be replayed for years afterward.

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#2 - Westward Films


Runner-Up: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)

Since 2012 hundreds of couples have trusted Westward Films with their wedding videography and the talented team understand that a wedding day is filled with unforgettable moments to be treasured for a lifetime. With that in mind, they aim to combine their many years of filming experience into carefully-curated highlight films and full-length videos — that include the entire ceremony and all speeches — in formats that suit each couple’s vision and budget.

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#3 - SoulFlare Weddings


3rd Place: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)

As professional wedding videographers and photographers, located in Lower Templestowe, the experienced team at SoulFlare Weddings know that when people are in front of a camera for the first time they can be nervous. So, their goal is to help their couples feel at ease, in order to capture the unscripted spontaneity of the day and really highlight the personalities of each duo and the love they share. Past couples describe their service as like hanging out with a friend, and SoulFlare Weddings admit that’s the secret to their stunning natural photos and videos.

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#4 - Stu Art Video Productions


Finalist: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)

The Berwick-based team at Stu Art Video Productions describe their filming style as a “fly on the wall” approach, making them a good fit for couples seeking videography that offers minimal interruption to their wedding celebration. Their quality service also incorporates the latest equipment and cinematic techniques and can be tailored to a range of budgets.

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#5 - Yaya Films


Finalist: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)



#6 - Alen Kontra Photography


Finalist: Best Wedding Videographer (Victoria 2023)

Known for his natural, relaxed style, creative and candid wedding videography and photography is Alen Kontra’s specialty. Indeed, many of his past couples comment on how unobtrusive his wedding videography and photography was. They also highlight his natural ability to put people at ease and to capture stunning imagery of both the couple and their friends and family. Based in Melbourne, Alen Kontra Photography also caters to weddings throughout Victoria, including the Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Geelong, the Dandenong Ranges and the Mornington Peninsula.

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