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Is a Wedding Videographer worth it?

Most of us planning a wedding day, will find ourselves at some point, umming and ahing about whether a Wedding Videographer is worth it?

Like anything really, the major reason for this kind of hesitance is because of a wedding videographers cost. Now, theres no wrong or right answer to whether you should book a wedding videographer, because its a subjective question. However, with ABIAs experience in the wedding industry since 1996, we have found that couples tend to never regret booking a Wedding Videographer and absolutely see the great value in the cost.

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Budgeting for your wedding day.

When you first start planning your Wedding youll most likely open up an Excel Sheet and then start researching quotes. You then quickly realise, so.things are starting to add up and for that reason your original wedding ideas (thanks Wedding Pinterest) of what you want to book may or may not start to change. For some reason, hiring a wedding videographer is one of those services that tends to be an after-thought and not a priority.

However, after receiving feedback from thousands of married couples, they say hiring a Wedding Videographer is one of the the best investments they made!

Melbourne Wedding Videographer - High Up Films

So, which wedding services get booked first?

What ABIA found from our own research is that there are wedding vendors, which you tend to book first. The first 5 popular wedding vendors are:

1 - Wedding Venues
2 - Celebrants
3 - Wedding Dress
4 - Photographer
5 - Bridal Makeup & Hair

Everyone has a different preference as to which wedding vendors they wish to book first for different reasons. However, if you are considering booking a wedding videographer, and have your eye on a specific business you like

Be sure to remember, the popular ones always tend to get booked out early, so youre taking a gamble if you choose to wait out your decision.

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Why's a Wedding Videographer a great investment?

Theres a few reasons for why having a wedding video is a must! Let's discuss the popular reasons as to why Australian couples choose to invest in a wedding videographer.

Your video can cross international borders!

Firstly, Australia is proudly a multi-cultural country, with many of us having family overseas or interstate. Unfortunately, when having a wedding in Australia, which is far from many other countries around the world, not all the family & friends we want at our wedding can make it.

Video by I Do Cinema (Adelaide, travelling around the world

Share your wedding video at little cost!

The beauty of living in the 21st century, is that we are more connected to our family across the world than ever. Theres no such thing as the $3 per minute phone call to an international family member anymore.

With a Wedding Video you can simply upload your video to Facebook, Dropbox or Google Drive, and your family have instant access to the special moments of your wedding day. Or, you can make multiple copies on a personalised USB, at little cost for each of your loved ones across the world and interstate.

Video by Award Winning Lifesketch Films

Memories last a lifetime.

Another great reason to say yes to a Wedding Videographer, is that the video lasts a life time.

The beauty of videos these days, is that we can easily save them to a computer, USB or hard-drive, which makes the wedding video robust in itself to lasting forever!

We wont have the issues of blowing into a VHS cassette hoping that the video will retrieve itself after getting rid of the dust.

Thirty years from now, you will seriously take great joy in showing the next generation of little ones in the family, the special moments of a very important day to you.

Canberra Wedding Videographer - Motion Reel Films

A Wedding Videographer doesnt just hit record.

Professional & experienced Wedding Videographers are really talented in what they do, they don't just press record and voila, here's your fabulous wedding video! If you ever took the time to watch how videographers seamlessly film with their gimbals or drones, or how many hours they dedicate to perfecting their editing, you will seriously be next-level impressed!

Depending on the style of the videographer, your wedding video, is often like a mini movie of your love story.

Its a memento, which shows great moving emotions, from expressions, to voices, to interactions and the natural sounds of your surroundings. The way a seasoned wedding videographer films your special day, has a lot of technical and creative approaches. They film it in such a way to evoke the feelings that you were experiencing in that moment.

It may sound crazy to some, but professional wedding videographers absolutely understand the psychology of capturing, editing, adding complementary music and montaging the right moments.

Sydney Wedding Videographer & Photographer - Captured Frames

Wedding Videographers are pretty relaxed.

As a wedding photographer or videographer, you need to encompass great patience as youre on your feet all day and you're used to editing for really long hours!

So theyve adapted that cool and chill factor which actually adds to the mood of your wedding day.ABIA take great joy in the number of wedding reviews that we have read, where the photographer or videographer adds to the serenity or comes in and saves a hectic moment!

Theyre like another supportive friend with an abundance of wedding knowledge.

Video by Infinity Films (Adelaide)

The cost of a Wedding Videographer.

Depending on the skill, experience, equipment and the number of shooters filming your wedding day, this will affect the total cost of a wedding videographer and production value. Wedding Videographers can start from $2,500 and sometimes an upwards of $10,000. But youre generally looking between the $3,000 to $5,000 mark; with many offering payment plans.

Wedding Video by She Said Yes Wedding Film & Photography

You can always find a cost that is suited to you.

The pricing really depends on what youre looking for, such as the length of your final edit, how long the shooters will be there, the number of shooters you want on the day, whether youd like a drone or specific lighting equipment. Just remember, you always get what you pay for, regardless of what service or industry. So if youre looking for a quality product and service, this could be reflective in the price. But always back that up with your own research, by looking for wedding reviews (that is #1) and watching a few of their wedding films on socials and website.

Also, meet up with the videographer either in person or in a "video" call, to gain an understanding if your personalities are a match.

Melbourne Wedding Videographer - Black Avenue Productions

In summary.

If youre asking yourself whether to hire a wedding videographer, we say, absolutely do it! Make sure that you enquire with your Top 3 wedding videographers if they are available on your date as soon as possible. As you dont want to be left for disappointment with little time to find an alternate videographer.

Questions to ask your Wedding Videographer before booking.

1. What is the turnaround time for your wedding video?

2. Discuss how they choose the music for your wedding video and what your preferences are
As there are a few licensing rules they have to abide by.

3. A link to their wedding-customer reviews. So important.

4. What their packages include.

5. Is travel included?

6. How is the final film provided?

7. Do they have experience in natural & artificial light?

8. Do they have a checklist of what they film and can you personalise it?

9. Ensure there is a contract with terms & conditions, to protect both parties.

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