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Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring | KAVALRI

Choosing the right Engagement Ring for your partner can be a daunting process, especially when words like clarity, colour and shape are mentioned. KAVALRI Jewellers makes buying your dream ring a streamlined experience with their informative online store and showroom, allowing you to easily find that perfect custom ring or diamond in a seamless way.

We spoke with KAVALRI Jewellers to learn more about how to choose the right ring and to decipher the terminologies of the diamond.

In this guide, we will be talking about engagement ring sizes, lab-grown diamonds versus natural diamonds, ordering custom rings online, popular engagement styles and much more.

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Tell us a little about KAVALRI.

KAVALRI specialises in stunning engagement and wedding rings which are all custom-made to the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.

Transparency is a core feature of our overall experience, allowing our customers to do their own research by viewing our unrivalled collection of diamonds and rings on our website before deciding to come into our showroom.

This combination of price transparency along with exceptional product quality and customer service is why customers increasingly choose KAVALRI to find their perfect custom-made engagement and wedding rings.

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What advice would you give to a partner looking at finding the perfect engagement ring?

  • Do some initial research and determine a realistic budget you would like to allocate.

  • Determine whether you want to do this as a complete surprise or would like input from your partner

  • Understand if you would like to get a natural mined diamond or a lab-grown diamond.

  • Try to get an idea of the ring design that she would love.

Engagement & Wedding Rings - KAVALRI

Tell us a bit about your showroom experience?

We currently have our showroom located in Canterbury, Melbourne and will have a new showroom located in Brisbane that will be opening in February 2021. We have a very customer focussed approach where we take our clients through a tailored experience that is relaxed, friendly and personalised.

Our showrooms are set up to ensure our customers can enjoy a comfortable setting while we sit down with them to create that perfect diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

The customer experience is central to our offering, and key for us to be able to provide a high level of service for each and every client who visits our showroom.

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Do you have any tips for a prospective buyer when choosing a ring size when unsure of actual ring size?

Whilst it is best to try to get the ring size correct, especially if you urgently require it for a wedding date, it is important to note that most rings can be resized post-purchase.

The best advice is to purchase your ring well before the required date so that if it ends up being the incorrect size you will have enough time to have it resized and in time of the big day or occasion.

We offer a flexible ring sizing policy for all of our rings ordered both online and in our showroom. This way our customers can have the peace of mind they will have their perfect fitting ring.

As an extra service, we also send our free ring sizing kits that assist with getting a guide of their ring size.

Wedding & Engagement Rings - Kavalri

What is the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond?

Growing in popularity for many reasons, lab-grown diamonds are now highly sought after as an alternative to natural mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have been around for many years, but only in recent years have they been able to be commercially made into jewellery grade diamonds - competing directly with natural mined diamonds.

A lab-grown diamond is made up of the exact same material as a natural mined diamond, which means its chemical, physical and optical characteristics are the exact same as a natural mined diamond. A lab-grown diamond, however, is about 50% cheaper than a natural diamond, which is why customers can get the bigger and higher-quality (based on the 4Cs) diamond for the same budget.

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What is your turn around on rings ordered online?

All our rings are custom made and take about 4 weeks to make plus domestic postage time. If a customer is in a hurry there are some of our custom rings such as plain wedding bands that can be made a little quicker. However, for urgent orders, it is best to get in contact before placing an order.

We also stock ready to ship jewellery pieces and watches, which are generally posted with 7 business days.

Wedding & Engagement Rings - Kavalri
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The Mens rings available are made of many different metals compared to female rings. What are the main differences between these metals?

We are proud to offer one of Australia's broadest and finest range of mens wedding ring designs. We understand that men also like something different, unique and tailored to them. As a result, we have curated some of the most cutting-edge metals and ring designs, specifically designed for men.

These metals are generally heavier and more scratch-resistant metals such as tantalum, platinum 600, tungsten, Elysium black diamond and titanium amongst others. By offering the most complete mens wedding ring collection, men can be confident knowing they are bound to find their perfect wedding ring with us.

Mens Wedding Band - KAVALRI

What are the purchasing options for customers with KAVALRI?

We offer an omnichannel approach where customers can purchase online or book an appointment in our showroom. By offering a complete shopping experience allows for a greater opportunity to engage with our customers and showcase our products more broadly.

Our full price transparency model also allows us to provide our customers with the ability to their own research from the comfort of their home so they can decide whether they would like to purchase online or come into our showroom.

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What are the 3 top Engagement Ring styles?

Style 1. Helena Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Popular Engagement Rings - KAVALRI
Style 2. Mable Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Style 3. Juliet Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Popular Engagement Rings - KAVALRI

What does colour mean when looking at Diamonds?

Diamond colour is what showcases the stunning beauty of the diamond. All diamonds are graded by a colour scale range starting from D right through to Z.

When getting the center diamond for an engagement ring we recommend going for a diamond that is graded between D-H. This is because beyond H the colour of the diamond becomes visibly yellow and takes away from the white sparkle and shine.

Diamond Grade D-F are considered colourless, which has a pure icy look, while diamonds G-H are near colourless with no noticeable colour and are priced at a better value.

If getting a lab-grown diamonds a customer would be able to get a better colour grade for the same price.

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What does clarity mean when looking at Diamonds?

Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions like colour or imperfections. The grading is done based on 10X magnification to determine the clarity grade.

There are 11 clarity grades ranging from Flawless (FL) the highest grade through to Inclusions 3 (I3) the lowest grade. Based on the average engagement ring purchase price most customers will get a diamond clarity grade that is between Slight Inclusions 2 (SI2) Very Slight Inclusions (VS1).

If getting a lab-grown diamonds a customer would be able to get a better clarity grade for the same price.

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Do you offer any other services?

We offer a range of post-purchase services including ring resizing, ring maintenance, ring cleaning and insurance for all our fine jewellery items.

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